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Omega admit Beijing Olympics fraud

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posted on Aug, 7 2009 @ 03:31 PM
For those of you who watched the Beijing Games last year and questioned the results of the epic 100-meter butterfly race between Serbian swimmer Milorad Cavic and Michael Phelps, well, it seems your suspicions were correct. After a year of lies and having the authoritative body FINA "confirm" that Phelps won to quell the controversy, Omega has finally come clean. Omega, for those of you who don't remember, was the official timekeeper for the race and one of Phelp's main sponsors.

A year ago when the cheating scandals were a big deal, many people were outraged when the Olympics committee "cleared" the Chinese gymnasts of being underaged. Most Americans believed they could spot a lie when they saw one, and that one was obvious. However, when suspicions of Phelps' victory came forth, most brushed it aside and the common response was "get a life" and "there are some conspiracy theories that are just too nutty."

But here it is, the ugly truth, almost a year later. Omega says that Cavic touched first but that Phelps touched harder, thus winning. They've known this from the beginning. Makes you wonder why it's called a "touch pad" and not a "push pad", huh? The story hasn't been picked up by the media, which is no surprise, and I suspect no one cares anymore since Phelps and Cavic raced again at the recently concluded World Swimming Championships, although this time Phelps won a clear and genuine victory.

Omega admit Čavić Olympic injustice


Omegas says Cavic touched first

With this post I am not taking any shots at Michael Phelps, the world's greatest swimmer. But I hope it illustrates once again that there's no lie big enough for these people.

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