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AARP officials walk out of meeting, refuse questions concerning ObamaCare from angry seniors

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posted on Aug, 7 2009 @ 03:03 PM
I received this in an email from American Family Association. I receive alot of emails, from different sources for and against any issue, just so I can see the propragana going on...

That being said, I believe It is important for ALL members of AARP to watch this video and take the appropriate action - whatever that may be. I believe, being a member over the last few years, that I will not be renewing my membership for any reason. The AARP offical's behavior, in this video, IMHO is insane considering they are suppose to be representing their members.

Senior citizens who went to a meeting sponsored by AARP were left to themselves after the AARP hostess walked out. The seniors were trying to get answers concerning ObamaCare and why AARP would support a government controlled health system that many believe would lead to euthanasia and rationing of health care.

Why would AARP, the nation's largest seniors group, supposedly working for the elderly, support an ObamaCare bill? Here is what Dick Morris, former advisor to President Clinton, said: "The interest groups that usually speak up for the elderly, particularly AARP, are in Obama's pocket, hoping to profit from his program by becoming one of its vendors. Just as they backed Bush's prescription drug plan because they anticipated profiting from it, so they are now helping Obama gut the medical care of their constituents."


posted on Aug, 7 2009 @ 03:12 PM
My email, snet to AARP, is below. I encourage any member to cancel membership immediately and let them know why!!

I have learned that AARP is supporting government controlled health care, which would limit our choices and raise our taxes. Why would you do this?

IMHO, the behavior of this AARP rep is unacceptable!! Having been a member last year, I can assure you I will NOT be renewing any membership in an Organization that states they work for the people they serve....then acts like this!!

My hope is that ALL member see this video - where your rep just walked out - and cancel their membership immediately!!

Thank you for your time and, now, I will be sending this info to all my friends, co-workers, and Patriots who are tired of being manipulated by those such as yourself.....

posted on Aug, 7 2009 @ 06:49 PM
I joined AARP 5 years ago and left very soon after. The organization does not represent me or any of my views. You write to them or call them and you receive canned answers to questions you didn't ask. Seeing this only solidifies my outlook of this group!


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