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Security worry over China's 'hacking schools'

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posted on Aug, 7 2009 @ 01:33 PM

Hacking schools flourish in China
Chinese hackers have been on the forefront of sustained hacking and disruption campaign against Western business and government networks -- some do it for fun, other for profit, but many do so on behalf of the Chinese government and its many intelligence and military agencies; ever wondered where all these hackers come from? "Hacker schools" are big business in China, generating $34.8 million last year

I just got that in on the Homeland Security Newswire. But the link attached to it went nowhere. So I found this one as well.

Radio Australia News

Last Updated: Wed, 5 Aug 2009 23:08:00 +1000
Computer hacking schools are becoming increasingly popular in China - posing a threat to information security within the country and internationally.
According to Chinese media reports, schools set up to teach the craft are earning $US50 million from aspiring hackers every year.
"In China you do have an awful lot of young men with a lot of time on their hands, who are very competent with computer code, and I think that's key," says Jeremy Goldkorn, who runs, an online magazine in China.
"I think with the number of users in China it's inevitable that the methods of how to hack will be shared."

Here's a quote from an older Popular Science:

One thhird of Chinese elementary school students claim they aspire to be hackers.

I think we are set for complete Chinese domination of the Internet. In a matter of years, they will OWN every system attached it. Without a massive overhaul and equal zealousness for security on our systems, it's inevitable.

Americans want to be baseball players, musicians, successful entrepreneurs. Apparently, a good deal of Chinese want to be hackers.

It's romantic, lucrative and gives someone the opportunity to be of great service to their country. Our outdated 'American Dream' is hard pressed to compete with that.

Nationalism, coupled with intellect and persistence, has always resulted in the US taking a back seat to many other nations in education.

If you own the systems, you own the money and the banks. If you own the money, you own the world.

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