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BBC now admits al qaeda never existed

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posted on Aug, 13 2009 @ 04:01 AM

Originally posted by Vinciguerra

Your own source of information backs up my position rather than yours. If you have an ounce of sense or self-respect you'd apologise for your patronising remarks and your bull# opinions and for citing a source which contradicts your position. You've assumed I'm just another conspiracy theorist. This is a tremendous mistake on your part. Almost as bad as citing a source which contradicts your position.

Now, apologise or face my mother#ing wrath.

Quite happy to face you wrath - any variety. Liked the shinbone remark.

But I do apologize for unjustifiably insulting you. I read a lot of unthought out conspiracy BS and it all blends after a while. No excuse rally. Sorry.

I don't agree with everything on History Commons, but they do attempt to lay out things in a logical order with citations.

Useful to read the commentaries as well. There are often severe critiques on what is on the timelines.

Hamas I'm still of two minds on. There's the original organization and the one that's been hijacked the past couple years. How much their paymaster Iran is calling the shots is hard to say.

Meshaal, who was running the show from Damascus, rumoured to be in Sudan now, is the real problem as far as I can see. He doesn't give a damn about the Palestinians in Gaza - they really are pawns to him in a bigger game.

The ugly dynamics is the more suffering there is the more leverage these guys obtain.

And where are Egypt and Jordan in all this? The folks that supposedly lost their Occupied Territories in their failed attempt to annihilate to those Evil Zionists back when. Kind of silent. Egypt is particularly afraid of the extremism coming from Gaza.

As the American and European primary focus in the Middle East has shifted almost completely to proposed pipelines further East, I think we'll be seeing a lot less international concern for the eternal struggle in the Sinai peninsula region.

Meanwhile both Egypt and Jordan are political powder kegs. Will this be the staging ground for the Sunni/Shiite confrontation that's been building up?


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posted on Aug, 16 2009 @ 02:03 PM
How much evidence does 1 person need to show them 911 was an inside job? I cannot believe there are still people out there that blame BL and the middle Out of all the evidence building 7 screams inside.... anyways.. here's how al Q came to be...

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posted on Aug, 16 2009 @ 04:19 PM

Originally posted by tracehd1
How much evidence does 1 person need to show them 911 was an inside job? I cannot believe there are still people out there that blame BL and the middle Out of all the evidence building 7 screams inside.... anyways.. here's how al Q came to be...

So a 2005 Wayne Madsden article on a Muslim apologist Conspiracy site saying Al Qaida was once a database name nullifies the existence of bin Laden AQ operative network?

How about a Muslim source? Al Ahram Weekly, Jan 2-8 2003, edition outlined how in April 2002, the group assumed the name Qa'idat al-Jihad, which means

"the base of Jihad" "...apparently as a result of the merger of the overseas branch of Egypt's al-Jihad (EIJ) group, led by Ayman El-Zawahiri, with the groups Bin Laden brought under his control after his return to Afghanistan in the mid-1990s."

Millions of Muslims seem to think the organization Zawahiri now leads after assuming leadership from bin Laden actually exists.

Your source websites offer a lot of pseudo-evidence 9/11 was an inside job. Unfortunatley countering them are independently gathered millions of pages of documentation, intelligence analysis from maybe 100 counties (half Muslim), testimony, witnesses, confessions, that indicate otherwise.

Conspiracy sites are often, to put it mildly, misinformed and carry an awful lot of agenda driven disinformation.

Because somebody typed something doesn't make it true.


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posted on Aug, 27 2009 @ 08:18 AM
The British amateur terror trackers: A case study in dubious politics

26 August 2009

Investigations by Spinwatch reveal that a group of freelance terror trackers who promote stories about the threat from violent Islamists have been involved in exaggerating and even fabricating such stories, which they then comment on in the national press and on network television and radio. The group – which has now fallen apart – was centred on freelance spy Glen Jenvey and Conservative Party member Dominic Wightman, who uses the pseudonym 'Whiteman'.
The barrage of stories from official sources and from terror 'experts' suggesting that Britain is under serious and extensive threat from Islamists and that Islam as a religion is particularly prone to extremism has been boosted by some stories that have little basis in fact. These have included:
An alleged attempt to plant a story about terrorist grannies planning to blow themselves up in British supermarkets
An attempt to suggest – quite falsely - that campaigners against the Israeli attack on Gaza were actually planning to target British Jews
The creation of a fake allegedly Islamist website in a bid to entrap suspects.
Spying on Tamil activists in the UK.
A fraudulent fundraising effort in the 1980s which was claimed to be to aid the African National Congress
The group behind these stories – Vigil – is a convenient label for a number of people who are linked on the one hand to elements of the British far right and on the other to networks of neoconservative ideologues in the US and UK seeking to exploit the genuine threat faced by UK citizens - Muslim and non Muslim alike. In this case behind the anodyne label of 'terror expert' there is a story including alleged spying, deception, fraud, assault, and a falling out over money.
The case also highlights:

The controversial newsgathering techniques of The Sun newspaper, currently facing legal questions over its reporting of the alleged terror experts' testimony

the ease with which alleged terror experts can gains access to the most prestigious British broadcasting outlets such as Radio Four and BBC Newsnight

The use of the internet for employing the traditional arts of the agent provocateur including surveillance and virtual stings

The role of the blogosphere in investigating and revealing the use of fake identities - 'sockpuppets' in internet jargon

posted on May, 2 2011 @ 02:31 PM
Thought I would give this OLD thread a bump as it seems quite appropriate. The video in the OP exposes many of the myths about Al Queda. I revisited the thread today. I recommend people have a look at the video. May just help clear up some questions.

posted on May, 2 2011 @ 05:04 PM
It depends on your idea of alquaeda. As an organisation, under the control of America, sponsored by money in part funnled through the ISI, Alqaeda does exist indeed. The alqaeda presented in the media does not exist.

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