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water issues

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posted on Aug, 7 2009 @ 12:15 PM
hi every one first ide like to say if i have this thread in the wrong place mods feel free to move it.
ok....water issues
i say water issues because we all need water & their are many issues connected to water, i do not have any way to test water but many people are not very happy with how water is treated & all the various ways to improve water quality.
tap water & the flouride & chlorine
bottled water & the plastic bottle that may cause breast cancer in women
water filters like brita water & how safe is this type of water treatment
reverse osmosis & the removal of toxins as well as good minarals
plastic ice trays may also cause the same effect as bottled water
rain water with polution contaminations
underground water pumped to the safe ?
hard water with high ph
soft water with low ph
boiled water
spring water
then theirs the water delivery systems such as copper pipes/steel pipes/brass pipes/lead pipes/aluminium pipes/iron pipes.
& water containers silver containers/plastic containers/various metal containers/glass containers.
& there are huge issues over shipping bottled water all over the world, the denial of spring water to locals because of the bottled water industry & the billions of plastic bottles that dont get recycled.
& then their are farming issues & water run off with high amounts of nitrates & pesticides.
& the human waste water also very rich in hormones & waste pharmacy often flushed down to toilet.
& industry`s that use large quantitys of water example nuclear power stations/steel industry/dams/land management that uses flood planes to build on & stops flood planes working properly making the impact of hurricane flood surges far worse/canal building.
humanity has without doubt made a huge impact on water & the way water is used & controlled.
i live in a hard water area so calicium build up tends to be the most visible water issue i can see without any scientific equipment but i am aware their are many things in my water i cant see !.
so now ive put this water issue forward for you all to see.
i hope & would encourage people to say what do you think is the most dangerous water issue you face ?
what is the best way to treat water country side & city.
how do you feel about so many plastics being in contact with your drinking water ?
whats the best way to remove heavy metals ?
what is the best way to obtain high quality drinking water without all the above nastys being in it ?
how long do plastic water bottles hold water without beginning to breakdown on a molecular level if at all ?
what is the safest way to contain water for longest ?
does soft water or hard water disolve plastic bottles fastest ?
i am interested in finding out what the good peole at ats think about the water issue as we all need water & from the above list it seems quite likley that people dont get pure untouched water very often.
so wich of the lesser evils do you accept as good enouph to drink,
flouride tap water ?
cancer causing bottled water ?
spring water direct from the spring ?
rain water in a city ?.
i look forwards to your responces & why you choose one over the other.


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