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Bing Search Tainted by Pro-Microsoft Results

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posted on Aug, 7 2009 @ 09:32 AM

Just as Bing is gaining popularity, some disturbingly pro-Microsoft and anti-Apple search results rear their ugly heads.

CIO Insider

Oh Microsoft, just when we were starting to believe in this thing called Bing, you go messing with the search results.
Case in point: a search on Bing for the phrase, "Why is Windows so expensive?" returned this as the top link....
"Why are Macs so expensive."
That's right. You're not hallucinating. That was the top response on Bing to a question about the price of Windows.

If Microsoft is going to resort to blocking and self-protection with their search engine, they could at least be subtle. This is about as subtle as a machine gun.

Don't know that I expected anything else from them. So, in your opinion, is this alright? Does M$ have the right to skew results in their favor if you make the choice to use their search engine?

Is Bing evil? Not yet. So far, I like its organized interface, but I'm finding its search results to be sloppy. Sloppy is one thing, but sloppy and censored? That's when evil starts lurking. Keep it fair, Microsoft.

Check the results of Bing vs. Google searches on anything you want, side by side, here: Link to BlackDog

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