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The 9/11 Chronicles and Cancer Deaths.

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posted on Aug, 7 2009 @ 07:57 AM
Here is an 1 hour 50 minutes 9/11 movie which is very interesting.
Sadly, the ones doing the clean-up and rescuing are dying of cancer illnesses many years after the horrible incident it self..

Thruth movement or skeptics alike, both should look at all evidence with open minds.
'' Gill Grisom , CSI : If the evidence change , so must the Theory. ''

Seven years after the attacks of September the Eleventh, a global awakening has taken place, the likes of which the world has never seen. As the corporate-controlled media dwindles into extinction, a new breed of journalists and activists has emerged.

Jevon Thomas sermviced the portable toilets used by rescue and recovery workers at Ground Zero for over a year. As a result of his toxic exposures, he has developed sarcomas in his hand and arm requiring chemotherapy and radiation, as well as nodules in his lungs. Mr. Thomas urges Congress to pass the James Zadroga bill which will provide medical help to ailing first responders, recovery workers, and downtown residents.

Cancer Hits 283 Rescuers of 9-11
June 11, 2006 -- Since 9/11, 283 World Trade Center rescue and recovery workers have been diagnosed with cancer, and 33 of them have died of cancer, says a lawyer for the ailing responders.

David Worby, a lawyer for 8,000 World Trade Center responders, including cops, firefighters and construction workers, said the cases blood-cell cancers such as leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin's and myeloma.

Doctors say the cancers can strike three to five years after exposure to toxins such as benzene, a cancer-causing chemical that permeated the WTC site from burning jet fuel.

"One in 150,000 white males under 40 would normally get the type of acute white blood-cell cancer that strikes a healthy detective," said Worby, whose first client was NYPD narcotics cop John Walcott, now 41. Walcott spent months at Ground Zero and the Fresh Kills landfill. The father of three is fighting leukemia.

"We have nearly 35 of these cancers in the family of 50,000 Ground Zero workers. The odds of that occurring are one in hundreds of millions," Worby said.

Others suffer tumors of the tongue, throat, testicles, breast, bladder, kidney, colon, intestines, and lung, said Worby, of Worby, Groner, Edelman, & Napoli, Bern, which filed the class-action suit.

NYC adds man's cancer death to 9/11 victims' toll
A man who died of lymphoma and lung disease more than seven years after he was exposed to toxic dust from the World Trade Center collapse was added to the Sept. 11 death toll, the New York City medical examiner said Friday.

This site below, have some information on toxicity levels of Planes and Asbestos and Radioation etc...

General Air Quality/Toxin Information

posted on Aug, 7 2009 @ 09:45 AM
You have probably aware of the free-fall speed of all 3 towers by now, and even though tower 7 was not even hit by any thing, it went down in free fall speed too..

The World Trade Center:
The South Tower collapse 10+ seconds and North TOwer collapse 8+ seconds

posted on Aug, 11 2009 @ 09:20 AM
More information on the collapse. I know there are 100ds of sites with this.

Free-Falling Bodies

Simple Physics Reveals The Big Lie
Collapse Theory Fails Reality Check

On September 11, 2001, most of the world watched in horror as the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center (WTC) collapsed. People did not have to be tuned in at the time in order to have seen it; it was repeated ad nauseam on television for days.

In June 2005, in an apparent response to an article by Morgan Reynolds, Robert Gates, the former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and current Secretary of Defense stated (cached), "The American people know what they saw with their own eyes on September 11, 2001. To suggest any kind of government conspiracy in the events of that day goes beyond the pale."

Well, first of all, the American people saw things not with their own eyes but on television, which is comprised nowadays of digital information, which can be manipulated by computers. So, right off the top, Gates' premise is flawed. And while the towers are gone, people have, both with their own eyes and on TV, seen magic performed before; eyes can be deceived. So let's just examine his other premise: whether or not it is true that people know what they saw.

(The following must be said before we can get to the physics.)

The government and the media told us what we saw. The government told us that we had witnessed a "gravitational" collapse; what is now referred to as a "pancake collapse". According to the government's, and PBS's, and Popular Mechanics', and Scientific American's theory, airplane crashes and subsequent kerosene (like lamp oil; jet fuel is NOT exotic) fires heated UL-certified structural steel to the point where it was significantly weakened, which is already very difficult to believe, nevermind repeat in an experiment. According to their "pancake theory", this imagined purported (all the evidence was subsequently illegally destroyed) weakening supposedly caused part of the tower to collapse downward onto the rest of the tower, which, we've been repeatedly told, somehow resulted in a chain reaction of lower floors, sequentially, one at a time, yielding to and becoming incorporated into a growing stack of floors falling from above.

There are some problems with that theory; it does not fit the observed facts: It cannot account for the total failure of the immense core columns, nor the too-rapid-to-blame-it-all-on-gravity collapse times, nor the huge energy surplus, nor the nanosizes of the 'dust' particles. This article focuses on the second of these mentioned discrepancies, and just scratches the surface of the third.

The scientists who've concocted the popularized "pancake theory" made a fatal error: they forgot to check their work! Which is an easy thing to do, even without any physical evidence to forensically examine. Anyone, at any time, can check the work of the scientists -- that incredible pancake theory of theirs -- using simple, high-school physics!

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