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Project Camelot Interview Dr Steven Greer

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posted on Feb, 26 2010 @ 12:40 AM
reply to post by Unity_99

That being said, I agreed with Steven Greer for the most part on what he had said.

Dr. Steven Greer has the right approach on how humanity should approach a situation if ever confronted with one.

Those living Non-Fear based lives understanding the "Infinite Nature" found within all things know that regardless of whatever happens they will live on forever being "Infinite" "Eternal" in nature.

There is nothing to worry about or fear.

Laying your life down or just passing on is not a difficult task for those with "Infinite" understanding.

Leaving Earth through Death is as simple as 123 and walking through a new door and the Death part is "Illusion". Nobody really dies and they suddenly realize "Hey I'm not dead, I feel really good-Super "LIGHT"
wow I feel better than ever before-This is way cool, wish I could go back and show this to all of my family/friends. No way-so this is how it was all this time. *LAUGHTER*
Why was I ever afraid in the first place. If I ever go back I will never be afraid of anything or fear Death again knowing what I know now."

With that being said: Whatever happens happens and one should face it with Love and a Greater Understanding.

Are the more technologically advanced ET's less spiritual in understanding than humans on Earth?

Technology does go hand in hand with responsibility and a greater understanding/spirituality in order for it to work out before a species blows themselves to smithereens in the process of trial and error/advancement/greed/corruption/warmongering/progression.

Dark & Light go hand in hand.
Truth & Lies- found within all things.
Opposition- found within all things.
Duality contains both Negative & Positive
and YES there is a difference between
ONE and the OTHER.

No If's or But's about it.




LOVE & LIGHT to the World.


[edit on 26-2-2010 by ET_MAN]

posted on Feb, 26 2010 @ 10:11 AM
Considering that the scenario that they plan on bringing down:
will kill most of the world before the cycle ends, and the catastrophe happens, so that they can emerge and rule a mainly white world, and keep the oyster, eliminating any chance of an eastern domination, Steven Greer is pointing the way to end this.

Basically, I will not allow Majestic or this black op NWO group to take any more steps against the people, or leave us without necessities, food and water, when there are tons of hidden technology and safe places and they have no right to even be alive themselves when they are so insideously evil and ugly, let alone go into their underground bases.

This is NOT happening.

So what I saw in Greer's presentations was the next step, we have to:

1)form ufo clubs in our towns, get teenagers involved and have people meditate and contact crafts and bring this in....

then spread this town to town like wild fire until disclosure comes in and the second timeline I saw, which was not the wars, disease, murder and catastrophes these cretins are planning.


2) we the people have to form online letters, blogs, and even newsletters to hand out, with some of the nwo order info and leak their plans, then write up letters, and point by point notes, on a variety of these topics, and numbers/addresses/emails, so people can write, phone, email, their representatives along with all teh editors of all the media and let them know THEY KNOW, and that we the people will not allow this BS.

Then we need to write, the alternative, Steven Greer's idea, and Benjamin Fulford, to bring the future era in with a release of the technology, food distribution to everyone, and a peaceful new era, that is peace and advancement for one and all.

posted on Mar, 1 2010 @ 12:04 PM
Well Unity, I can't say this idea is no good.

I have felt people are asleep as well. My thinking is that it is hardly possible to wake ourselves, plus acting on these feelings are not what most people do.

The times are getting almost too far gone.

It is ultimately up to us to do it. That is why we chose to be here and when faced with the option of leaving, we chose to remain in order to finish the work we came here for.

I also had a choice to go or stay in 2005. I chose to stay and finish my work, which seems to be other's choices as well. It seems we are in this together and it is up to us to bring about the ending we want.

posted on Mar, 1 2010 @ 04:34 PM
It has to be in every town. Need a certain number to get ready, get articles, groups, going, for free, or very cheap, free advertiser, linked to message board, linked to all the alternative news and forums and...

meditation/ufo group.

Fund raising for infared dobson telescopes or to turn old digital to infared, bring teens in and adults, and really push for attention. Some public events and activites, education, education, education.

If several of these start at once, and more come out, if there is a grass roots swell, they wont be able to stop the momentum.
Sky Floatings Tuning into Extraterrestrials is a nice approach, good to get a multi discipline, free approach to vectoring in ufos.

posted on Mar, 1 2010 @ 06:12 PM
BTW speaking of PRoject Camelot..

Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassady are parting ways...But saying Camelot will remains.

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