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Krsna consciouness

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posted on May, 11 2004 @ 02:14 PM
anyone with experience with the Hare Krsnas-taken a critical beating since its initial burst with George Harrison and hundreds of thousands of people chanting Hare Krsna in London and New York-the apostles got fat and drugged and nearly ruined the Movement in the 80's-still alive today and I have friends who help like myself and who are also full-fledged vaisnava monks-they own the Fisher Mansion originally built for Lawrence Fisher Cadillac creator on the Detroit River

my major problem-from my own filtered brainstem-is that this faith is based highly in pro-war anti-sex modes-If this religion was as big as Islam, would there not be people-who are people after all-who could splinter off with gold and honeys and attempt to lead a final Jihad-for the most part covering up the real essence of the faith as happens today Eastern with war-lords claiming Allah for War daring the bombing of the Mecca-Old Testament faiths inherently attract this and are crippled and out-dated

Leads to fear and unless fear is beaten as Don Juan says then the knowledge that is man's birthright is never attained-do we seek possible Tantric Co-Operation or must they do the tougher task and sit beyond sex and drugs-The Sober Head-courage to those who feel outmoded by life and turn to this Movement-by their own character they will be determined-defeating fear clarity and power

the chanting is legitimate-I consider myself more a Pagan Krsna-intentionally ignoring precepts regarding sex drug and "excessive" enjoyment-currently considering the merger of spellcasting with the power of Krsna as foundation in full faith

anyone, good and bad?


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