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Another Key to Solving Cancer?

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posted on Aug, 6 2009 @ 10:37 PM
I am just a messenger here, most of this article is at the researcher level but I wanted to share it with the members.

Researchers have identified some genes in yeast that prevents genetic rearrangements.

The findings are to be published in the August issue of Nature magazine but have been posted online today.

Researchers Uncover Potential Mechanisms to Protect Against Genetic Alterations, Diseases

Peering into the DNA of tiny yeast, researchers at the Moores Cancer Center at the University of California, San Diego and the San Diego Branch of the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research have pinpointed a large number of genes that can prevent a type of genetic rearrangement that may lead to cancer and other diseases.

The presence of these genes and their accompanying pathways, many of which are involved in repairing mistakes in DNA replication, may help explain how the body fends off so many potentially damaging genetic alterations while maintaining its stability.

“We’ve begun to identify the pathways that are very specific for preventing those types of rearrangements that involve DNA with duplications,” said Richard Kolodner, PhD, professor of medicine and cellular and molecular medicine at the UC San Diego School of Medicine and the Moores UCSD Cancer Center, and a member of the San Diego Branch of the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research (LICR).

Any scientific savvy members able to put the possible impact of this discovery in laymans terms?

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