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Misdirection = Swine Flu......................The truth about all the commotion!

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posted on Aug, 6 2009 @ 01:16 PM
Nobody I know or they know have what is CALLED the Swine Flu, because what is Called the Swine Flu is actually the common flu.

Wars and rumours of wars, plagues and rumors of plagues.

It's called misdirection my friend... Why? It is a strategy to weaken the minds of the american people. Keep them in the state of fear and for people are vulnerable in the state of fearing the unknown. Why do this. Misdirection..

they are testing the American people to see where they ARE mentaly... to see how many gullable sheeple there are and also to see which are the smart ones and also to see how well people react to the bad news of a plague hitting the country possibly wiping out large populations. which it will not! but some people are scared and gullable and think it's the end. Panic, urgency, patriotism, fear, blah blah etc...

50,000 people a year actually die from the common flu... and it states it on there death certificate.

a tiny handful of people die from the same common flu and they give it a different name just for a moment on a small amount of cases... so the F.D.A. can test there drugs on some and on others take out threats, possible threats, or future threats etc!

Let me tell you something... In the medication that is injected or injested to cure common flu's there is a cure and also contained in the same shot or pill there is something else that can be time released when crossed with another shot or pill. The chemical can actually stay dormant for years until crossed with a different persciption.

You go in for a shot! You get better! within the same shot you are given a present to hold on to... You are now a carrier... It's like having a bomb in your veins. Untill there is a detonator it lays dormant and then for whatever reason or motive or whatever the objective is BOOM!!!!!

Watch your peas and cues, don't pose a threat to anyone unless you are powerfull in numbers big enough to start a revolutions...

you are a number and anytime you have visited any doctor for anything and taken medication its all on file and accessible by the "F.D.A." the combination of two specific chemicals can actually trigger a disease held dormant in your body from a previous shot, pill, or perscription and may or may not affect you. You might just be a carrier and in return for carrying their present you have an immunity.

Me and a small group of people very close for many many years since a young age, we decided not to associate with Western Medicine about 9 years ago and have had no pills or shots in these nine years of anykind. I give you my word when I say that we are not only very healthy anyways but none of us have even had a slight cold or gotton sick in anyway what so ever at all in 9 years.

Infact I myself have grown immune to any colds or flu's... I could live in one room for a year with 20 sick people and not be affected. we are also immune to TB among other things.

If we could only step out of the belly of the beast and see ourselves as the rest of the world does....

[edit on 6-8-2009 by InTheBellyofTheBeast]

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