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How will we communicate?

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posted on Aug, 6 2009 @ 11:49 AM
The S is going to HTF. Some on here think that it has already done so and we are on the downward slide.

The son of a HAM operator, we used to go on what they called 'turkey hunts.' They used directional antennae to track down the 'turkey' who would get on and broadcast a little bit across the radio.

In the nineties, my brother had a CB base station that he had ..erm.. 'modified' to exceed the manufacturer's recommended, and the FCCs allowable wattage. The tuckers used to get so mad, hilarious, but I digress. The FCC had little difficulty finding him.

All of our cell phones are trackable. If they aren't just sporting a fancy GPS device internally, then triangulation through cell towers is required, though not difficult.

Computers, we all know about those. We can use Tor, or something to that effect to TRY and conceal our location, but it's useless.

Landlines, will probably not work, but are already all monitored anyway.

I realize that if an entity was to try an assume control of our nation, they would need to disable our communications.

I also realize that mankind is a social animal. Whether we want to pretend we are John Wayne or not, we need each other. We NEED other people, or we just stop being human.

My question to you, is how are we going to communicate? How will we coordinate? How will we know that someone else is out there? How will we be able to get together?

Do you think it matters? Are you ready to 'go it' all alone? Do you think after a while, we can start using hams and cb's again?

How are you folks going to communicate with your families that are in different places? Different states, or countries.

posted on Aug, 6 2009 @ 11:58 AM
reply to post by KSPigpen could be just somethingg ' funny going on' with the website a moment ago...

I just asked myself that question when I was constantly being redirected to a DIFFERENT ATS site...then I noticed my thread was gone last night...

Anybody else experiencing this 'mishap?'

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posted on Aug, 6 2009 @ 12:04 PM
Reply to post by ButterCookie

Sorry BC. I think you replied to the wrong post.

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posted on Aug, 6 2009 @ 12:07 PM
reply to post by KSPigpen

No I read your thread KSPigpen....I was just mentioning that the site was weird this morning....and your thread question came to mind ( how will we communicate)

I starred and Flagged your thread, by the way....

posted on Aug, 6 2009 @ 12:09 PM
I have no answer to communications. It is something that I have been trying to find a solution to. Its tough. If the PTB want to find us, well, they will be able to track us through the CB and the fires we create to warm ourselves. Those are the two major problems that I see with living in a Post-SHTF world.

I look forward to other peoples responses.

posted on Aug, 6 2009 @ 12:11 PM
reply to post by KSPigpen

My question to you, is how are we going to communicate? How will we coordinate? How will we know that someone else is out there? How will we be able to get together?

Do you think it matters? Are you ready to 'go it' all alone? Do you think after a while, we can start using hams and cb's again?

How will we communicate, a good question, that needs attention. I personally think that thier will be groups of people just wandering after the REAL SHTF. You wil coordinate with others, by working and building a community after the event. But first thing is first find shelter or a safe haven. How will you know if someone else is out there? Simple, look at yourself and you will know that if your alive that their is someone else alive out their as well. You will be able to get together by searching or using radio frequecnies to try and pick up a signal. It does matter, going at it alone is better because then you only have to worry about yourself, but if your not the loner type you will find others. And uyes after a while everything will start to be rebuilt and functional again. Well not everything, but siomethings

posted on Aug, 6 2009 @ 12:13 PM
Well hopefully, you and all around you are much safer now that you have installed the cheapiest form of security against the New World Order.
If you are in need of extra protection against the fabled enemy of America, then follow these simple instructions...
next trip to WallyWorld, purchase as many Boat Horns as you can afford.
go door to door and tell them you are setting up a neighborhood alert system should anyone be trying to break into their home, like home invasions etc... give them a horn and say, if you hear my horn come a running... video tape everything, do not approach the scene... if possible, block all exits and entrances to your neighborhood, once that is accoplished then observe the Justice of what is taking place and take correction action if needed. lord forbid, if shots are fired, you have a right to self protection. and awake neighbors is your best defense.

there is a thread... on ATS: search Boat Horn.... neighborhood alert system

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posted on Aug, 6 2009 @ 12:28 PM
Disclaimer: I'm a theist but not of the Abrahamic faiths. I have minor biblical scholar and scriptural skills. Also I am not a scientific/legal or medical expert in any field. Beware of my Contagious Memes! & watch out that you don't get cut on my Occams razor.All of this is my personal conjecture and should not be considered the absolute or most definitive state of things as they really are. Use this information at your own risk! I accept no liability if your ideology comes crashing down around you with accompanying consequences!

Explanation: Direct site to site visual over short distances between sites but multiple sites over a larger area. Think low tech laser and maser equivilents such as flags, bonfires, shuttered electric/gas/oil lamps/lights. Think of a web of manned Light house with flagpoles!

Personal Disclosure: After THSF I suppose telegraph could be implimented by those brave enough to build a line. Until then its back to the pony express or hand delivered for snail mail. And I suppose contacting overseas will require good old homing pigeons/migrating birds or some form of message in a bottle!

P.S. Starred and Flagged!

posted on Aug, 6 2009 @ 12:35 PM
Excellent question. I think this was one of the few decent ideas that I saw in the series "Jericho" -- the psychological study of people who don't know what is happening.

This is something my foilhead friend and I have pondered quite a bit -- we live in different countries, and about 1000 miles apart. Both of us have hand-crank radios that can receive SW, MW & FM, so that's a small hedge against absolute isolation, but no way to directly communicate with each other if/when TSHTF.

Say, a huge CME or solar magnetic pulse takes out basic communications -- satellites, etc. ....... unless your equipment is Faraday shielded, and you have power backup, then zip.

I wish I'd have gotten into HAM radio a few years ago...... then, at least a person could've had time to make acquire some equipment inexpensively, to be used only in case of emergency. It kinda feels to late for that, to me. There are two HAM operators here, who I guess would become the focal point for unvetted news, if it comes to that.

Very interested in hearing what you come up with; we just bought a few more solar panels, and not much money in the kitty right now.

Edit to add: We have a Baygen Freeplay. Good little unit........ tough -- it's been through several hurricanes with us. Always an entertaining thing to be sheltered in a cave during a hurricane and tune in someone talking in a different language
Comforting, somehow, just to hear human voices besides our own.

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posted on Aug, 6 2009 @ 01:19 PM
Here is the boat horn thread . It offers some good points of view for communication on a communal level.

Long range comm would probably have to be done by couriers on horseback; like in the old days. Slow but pretty reliable if the couriers know what they do. And not dependant on gas or electricity.

It might be possible to rig something with ham radios so they use directional antennae instead of 360° 3d broadcasting. This would help with detection / interference by outsiders. This deserves to be looked at further.

posted on Aug, 6 2009 @ 01:46 PM
Thought-provoking replies, friends.

It seems to me that the FCC is strangely, still allowing low power radio stations to exist in the midst of all the technological wonders of the world.

They've even won a pretty recent case to PROTECT low power, community-based stations from encroachment by the larger, more highly powered stations. Low Power Radio Stations Saved by D.C. Circuit Court Ruling

I seem to remember something about a citizen being able to run a radio station and broadcast FM, provided his power was not over 1 watt. I'm wondering if this wouldn't be a a viable option. I found this link that might be a good place to start.

A low powered FM radio station is not going to reach out very far and as stated before, the equipment would probably be useless if not Faraday shielded in the case of a large CME or EMP situation. But if those don't happen, it might be an option.

Another thought I just had it wireless networking. Out here in rural areas, there are a lot of microwave towers used to traverse very substantial distances with data. The power consumption of these devices will certainly be an issue, but most are backed up with generators.

We've talked a lot about what we need to have in the way of supplies and skills, but it seems to me that it almost always focuses on immediate family and self. Though these are of tantamount importance, I don't feel there can be any real hope of long-term survival without the contact and assistance of our fellow man, provided they are like-minded.

This seems to me to make a really strong case for the need to have people in your groups that are versed in methods of cumminication, both voice and data, so that information can be exchanged between surviving enclaves. Strength in numbers.

Although a stationary broadcast facility, however small, will certainly be a target of opportunity, or oppression, we'll need to figure something out.

What is you opinion? Hide out for a good while, until something like radio chatter makes you think it's safe?

I don't know a lot about history, but recent events have underscored the need for and the importance of communication. We've watched as one oppressive government tried, unsuccessfully, in my opinion to limit access to communications media. It's a given that to successfully oppress, you must eliminate the opportunity of the people to collaborate.

I would be really, really interested in hearing fro anyone that is currently running underground or pirate radio, or even just a low-powered or high-powered FM broadcast system. What type of investment was required?

Any hacks in the common knowledge base here for modifying something like a small FM transmitter for your Ipod to increase its range? Hacks for the small FRS? Like this one to increase the range of FRS by adding a repeater element.

posted on Aug, 6 2009 @ 11:01 PM
The rise of cell phones really worried me when it started happening. I live in Maine, so we are a little behind from the tech world. And there are still landline phones. But, cell phones are slowing making their way north and taking out the landlines. But I have lived in NY, where businesses did not even have landline. And then the rise of satellite radio to try to wipe out am/fm. And more recently with the digital tv conversion... All of these three (cell phones, satellite radio, non-analog tv) things can be shut off with the turn of a switch. And there will be no returning, because the old systems are being destroyed. It is all a two-fold mission. One, so it can be shut off when the time is right. And two, cell phones can be traced and listened in on so much better than landline. Satellite radio is so much easier to police and control content. And tossing out all analog tvs, so that people buy new sets, with spy chips in them. Ohh yes, the tv is watching you as well.

It has been in the works for so long. And that is why people do not understand. They have been eased into it, to make them think it is all for the better. The average person does not understand who controls what. Like buying a tomato from the gorcery store, and not realizing that it didn't just apper on the shelf. But no one puts thought into where it came from.

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