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ROCK BOTTOM (Life in a homeless shelter)

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posted on Sep, 3 2009 @ 12:07 PM
reply to post by Big Oil

And to you... All you can do is keep on trying. Something will come, count on it.

posted on Sep, 3 2009 @ 12:22 PM
reply to post by seagull

Thanks bud

Two lines

posted on Sep, 6 2009 @ 06:30 AM
AccessDenied I wish you all the luck. Wish I could help but I am across the pond as it seems.

My grandfathers ended up losing everything. Their generation were driven out of their homes, ended up losing their property and forced to relocate hundreds even thousands of miles elsewhere ending up in shacks and in extreme poverty with no relatives around to help or something solid in terms to make a new start.
My parents struggled to stay alive at one time just eating peels to survive. Both generations went through war and hunger. I came somewhat at their elder age by which they had almost lost hope of having another child. A healthy child. My turn came and events turned my own life upside down. I decided to move forward this time making a plan and sticking to it. It took me some time to train myself to be able to make better choices and making solid plans but eventually things are becoming better. Against all odds not just me but my people from three generations behind me each one at his own time survived. Their struggle has not been in vain and now here I am one of their offspring's fighting my own battles and wining and this is all that matters. I do not feel that I walk alone. I have all these generations of people behind me and now I am advancing their goal. My own children wherever they will be born will make it. Don't be afraid of the future and your kids. Things will turn out ok because you have a definite say on this and after all you are only after your well being of your offspring's.

I haven't really thought these things until now and this post by AccessDenied made me think. Thank you

Never thought that life might just be THESE ups and downs. They are more common than we would like to believe. Maybe someone would say that this could is the norm.

It is only brief periods of time where we can feel safe and don't have to worry about anything. At times like these we tend to forget that we must be prepared for the worst even when we feel that nothing can possible go wrong in our lives.

Well, $hit always happen. It is the nature of this world. But if we keep our moral standards, let nothing bring us down, devise a plan and stick to it no matter what, adopt strategy, having a positive attitude no matter what has happened or is happening around us, at anyone around us, just sticking with the plan, figuring out alternatives and putting our mind to work with new solutions, new alternatives, we eventually overcome the obstacles life has to throw at us and we even become better persons.
When anyone of us is thinking about making a wrong turn, selling himself/herself out, going on the wrong side of the law, doing something that does not feel good of doing, think what would have happened if our own parents and grandparents and all the generations behind them have made a similar wrong turn, where would we be now, where would the whole world be.

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I often hear other people talking about resumes

Nobody should solely rely on resumes. People should be also making social connections. Resumes are a modern thing. Social connections were here since the dawn of time.
Sometimes we feel like we are doing enough from our part since we might be doing whatever we used to do but in a more frequent way. Well if what we are doing or the way we are doing it is not really effective, we probably are not doing enough from our part. We have to figure out new ways or slightly change our understanding or focus a bit more on some things in order for whatever we do to be successful.

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posted on Sep, 6 2009 @ 08:30 AM
reply to post by spacebot

wow..very deep insight. Thank you for that.

posted on Sep, 15 2009 @ 01:05 PM
reply to post by AccessDenied

Oh my dear... I didnt realize this went on such a downward sloop for you this year.. I do hope your okay!! And I offer you any type of support that you might need! Honestly you have alot of friends here who are willing to help you get on your feet.. And its not hand outs, or just given freely.. You have earned a place in my heart as such a good friend on here.. I hate to hear things that happen like this.. However I am steadfast in all things happen for a reason...

It wasnt to long ago you where in love, and now this? Well thats our lives for you.. The ups and downs of the rollercoster of life..
But you know you have friends here who send you help if need be!!!

I can think back when I was 14 years old, and I lived with my mom in Ohio, we lived in a Van, for 4 months in the dead of winter, with me, my sister, mother and her 4 dogs!! Then we ended up in a homeless shelter too.. And I must say, thats no way to live.. But it made us kids stronger, and made us cherish the simple things in life.. Like a roof over our head..

I know things are going to upturn for you.. they always do!! And also Im sorry I neglected keeping up on so many things BTS/ATS related..
But I will be keeping my heart open for you and sending you much more than just light if need be..

I really see you standing on your own two feet again shorty.. its just the things we must do can lead us down these paths..
Most guys are rotten to the core, and will just leave you hanging... Thats one of the reason Im not like most guys..
But the same can be said for women too.. its about 50/50.. Yet thats not the subject matter.. I just feel you where left out in the cold if you will by another person who made empty promises..
And for that Im angry...
But for you I would hope to see you get back on your feet and start doing what you love to do.. And being who you are.. And standing in your own power..
Your a powerful female.. And you know what you want.. Just not quite sure how to get there...

I will write this for you on the fly to hopefully brighten your day..

A woman who passes through the pages of one lifes past.
A person with a burning desire to walk her path.
She knows what she wants, but not quite sure how to get there..
We all walk in these shoes, and its not easy...
Most of us walk this lonely path, the path is set before our eyes.
When we know we must walk this stretch alone.
Always know in your heart your not alone.
You have many friends, and you have much support.
All you have to do is ask.. You will find that part..
It will flow to you like the water from a stream.
And I really mean what I say, when I say..
You will stand in your power very soon..
You will hit that peak, and you will be in your glory.
And it will be your story!!

Much love and light..
Tyson AKA zysin5

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