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Mass Murderer at large in Sydney, Australia. Was hate crime the reason?

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posted on Aug, 5 2009 @ 02:38 AM
Hi Atsers,
approx. 3 weeks ago. the grizzly discovery was made in Epping NSW, of a whole family murdered. The Lin family, were brutally murdered in their beds whilst they slept.
Father Min Lin was murdered next to his wife Yun Li Lin in the master bedroom.
Ms Lins sister Yun Bin was killed in the same manner in another room.
Also the youngest members Henry 12, and Terry 9 were slain.
All sustained head trauma, and their deaths were a result of heavy blunt-force injury.
It is a mystery as to whether there were one or more assailants, or whether the murderer(s) were known to the family.
The adults where beaten so harshly, they were almost unrecognisable.

Police are still colating evidence as to the nature of the murder weapon and a motive for the attack.

I have heard that when loss of face etc occurs, causing dishonour in Asian culture, that this can be balanced with taking revenge on not only the party that caused the dishonour, but his/her family also. Does anyone know if that is true???
Or is it simply an "old-wives-tale"?

Mr Min Lin was a witness to a $1million heist that took place in Epping across the road from his newspaper outlet approx. 2 months before his murder. Mr Lin was quite vocal through the media, expressing what he had witnessed.

Does anyone think that is enough motive to kill an entire family?
Does anyone think it is simply an un-related, racially motivated attack?
Does it speak of 'Gang-land" overtones ???

Brenda Lin (the only surviving member), has returned from China and is in Police protection.

RIP the Lin family.


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