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entertaining angels unawares or a "dimension traveler"

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posted on Aug, 4 2009 @ 11:12 PM
i just remembered this. its been years and i was thinking about the "matrix" and this popped up.


I was headed home one night on eastbound Hwy 80 from mesquite to forney. there are 3 possible exits in town. I decided to take the third and get a drink at the Dairy Queen so i passed the first up.

I drove past....

I came to the first one....again. I thought, "hmm. thats weird". and went to take the third again.

I drove past.

I came to the first one....AGAIN! this time i thought, "ok, this isnt right".

I drove past...

I CAME TO THE FIRST EXIT AGAIN!!! that time i took it as a warning and exited. It wasnt that late (10p) and i wasnt in the least bit tired.

That stretch (and the parallel hwy 30 about 15miles north) has had some bizarre experiences. Friends and i have commented to each other over the years. Lost time (you get on 1 mile bridge (over Lake Ray Hubbard)on 30 and you find yourself on the second bridge in a split second).

Hwy 80 (near where i lived) there is a couple of small bridges i fished under when i was a kid. The road was good (texas roads are better than alot of the other states i've been on), nothing but straight going. Over a 3 month span, diesels where wrecking out just at or on the little bridges (jackknifes). No real reason just felt "weird" there for a little while. then it stopped.

the other thing that happened was when i was about 18, it was Friday,summer, about 5:30p and i was going home from work and then to visit an old friend out in the country. This day there was traffic in Mesquite on 80 east bound. Unusual but no big happens!

A lady of about 45-55 years, rather "stout" build, tall, in a rather "frumpy" dress carrying a briefcase was walking on the shoulder. She had a slight limp (this is important!). I knew my dad was fairly close behind me but i knew i had to help this lady. Its my nature. I asked if she needed a ride because it was fairly warm. She agreed and got into my truck. We chatted about strange things (end times, ect.). I asked her if she wanted me to leave her at a truck stop in my (then) town of forney, i told her that she could get a shower there and maybe catch a ride with a trucker.

SHE EMPHATICLY SAID "NO!, I DO NOT WANT TO STOP IN FORNEY!". i said ok and we drove through. I asked her about maybe outside of terrell at a truck stop there. She said, "no, i'll let you know where". Ok i said and we continued our weird conversation about the state of society (20 something years ago) and the govt..

Just outside of forney in a "no mans land" that was unincorporated, she made me pull over. There were no houses but for a couple of old shacks that belonged to some fairly unfriendly folk. I told her, "hey, this is no place to be. Let me take you at least into Terrell proper so you can get a room or something." She said, "no, this where i need to get out. " I pulled the truck over under the overpass. and she got out. I offered her some money to help but she wouldnt take it. said she didnt need it. I tried again to get her to go with me further but nicely (but firmly) told me to go and thanked me. so i did.

I went about 100 yards and looked back and she was gone! I thought she may have fell into the ditch (her bad ankle). I looped back as soon as i could to check on her and she was gone.

1. she couldnt have been picked up because i would have seen it.
2. she was too large and had a bad ankle to have ran up the embankment to the overpass.

It kinda shook me up a bit. Never knew what the hell happened.

I can make up some strange crap but this's beyond me!

edit: forgot to mention the lake on 30. maybe important.

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posted on Aug, 5 2009 @ 12:08 AM
hmmm wierd stuff there man. I wish there was any way to subsantiate stuff like this, I know how that feels.

posted on Aug, 5 2009 @ 12:34 AM
I live in the Dallas metroplex as well have heard many odd stories about the same area you speak of. Definitely not a coincidence.

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posted on Aug, 5 2009 @ 01:55 AM
So strange, haven't been on my computer all day and just sat down to make a thread on "entertaining angels", and yours was the second thread from the top.

I have no idea, maybe some kind of time warp? weird indeed! As for your other story, I absolutely believe this woman was an angel.

I have a similar story, that took place in Nashville. I had driven into the city for a very long doctor apt. At the time, my children were 16 mo. and 2 mo.
The apt. was for my youngest. As you can imagine to travel anywhere with an infant and a toddler was quite a feat in and of itself.

the doctor had been running behind and we didn't leave the office until 5:10pm.

It was the winter and the sun was almost down. I had parked in a parking garage and was a little nervous about getting there before dark. when I arrived in the garage it was almost deserted.

I hurriedly searched my purse for my keys while holding a car seat and a stroller. I had a briefcase, large diaper bag and my purse. After struggling to find my keys I placed the infant carrier on the ground. I dumped my purse, the diaper bag and the brief case one by one, and continued to search, to no avail. Just to be certain of my surroundings I looked around and saw no one.

Trying to keep my toddler in her stroller was quite a chore. It was getting late, by this time the baby was starting to cry and full panic was setting in.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw this very old man approaching me slowly. He was dressed in a very nice over coat and was wearing a hat. He asked me if everything was alright. I was extremely frightened and replied fine, I never said any more than that.

Then to my surprise , he asked if I was looking for my keys I just nodded...
He then pointed to my briefcase and said "have you looked in there"?

At that point I told him "yes, I have, I've looked everywhere and cant find my keys." He smiled sweetly and said, "it will be alright, your keys are in there. Go on have a look."....again he pointed to my briefcase.

To appease him I decided to look one last time. I reached my hand in my briefcase to feel for my keys and was completely astonished when my fingers immediately touched them. I glanced down and saw them. I was so excited I looked up to thank him and.....He was GONE!!!!! no noise, nothing! Vanished into thin air!!! The parking garage lit but empty.

He was truly an angel watching over me and my children. I'll never forget him!

Thanks for allowing me to share!

posted on Aug, 5 2009 @ 03:49 AM
Its said that virtual reality is slowing down. The past, and future is being crowded into the present. More and more strange events will continue to happen. Learn to over come FEAR. And remember you are not alone.

posted on Aug, 5 2009 @ 03:55 AM
reply to post by felonius

I think you were kind to an angel - megapoints, my friend.

I think that angels visit us a lot, but most of the time we are not aware.

posted on Aug, 5 2009 @ 08:20 AM
Years ago, I was running late to get to work. I was on my final warning (it was a crap job) and cut it fine as I got to the bus stop. The bus was there already, I ran down the side of the bus, waving my arm. The driver looked in his wing mirror and pulled away. Well? I took a deep breath and summoned a barrage of F-words and raised my arm to flip him the finger...and didn't. I just stood there.

A car pulled over and an old couple said, "We saw what happened, would you like a lift?"

In this day and age people don't offer kindness to strangers like this. In this day and age people don't accept lifts from strangers. They could be weirdos or worse...I said, "Thanks a lot!" and jumped in the back.

On the way to work we had a quick chat. I was clear in my thanks. It turned out they were from an area I'd lived in as a little kid. It was miles from there. They'd even known an old guy I'd remembered from then. Small world sometimes...

They dropped me off across from the place. As they pulled away, they both said, "Jesus loves you!" I groaned inside and thought, "Oh no...God Squad!!" As the car pulled away, I saw the fish sticker on the back and their hands waving through the back window.

I walked into work, secure in the knowledge that I wouldn't be fired that day. I was and remain very happy that they took the time to be Samaritans. I'm very grateful too....for personal reasons.

The abiding memory of this incident is a sense of the unusual. These things just don't happen. I doubt they're around now, but I wish them all the best wherever they are

posted on Aug, 5 2009 @ 08:24 PM
Thanks folks for the comments. I dont feel QUITE as crazy anymore LOL!

posted on Aug, 5 2009 @ 08:25 PM
reply to post by Mr. Toodles

Care to share? We've always laughed about this area having "warp zones".

posted on Aug, 6 2009 @ 01:34 PM
reply to post by felonius

I have never experienced it personally. Although I have heard of time lost. Deja Vue like you described. Going to the same exit more than once. A friend of mine reported seeing what looked like a person walking on the side of the road out of the corner of his eye, but when he looked at the person directly, he/she was no longer there.

That area could be some sort of dimensional barrier or something. Who knows.

posted on Aug, 10 2009 @ 11:25 AM
When I was a child I was hurt and my mother was worried about me. While she was crying a man approached her, dressed like the Fonz or Heavenly Kid or something. Greased Hair, thick black leather jacket, etc. The man told my mother that everything would be okay and put his hand on her shoulder. She smiled and said thanks and she looked down at her purse to get a tissue to wipe her eyes the man was gone. It was also in the middle of summer and over 100 degrees that day.

Who knows.

posted on Aug, 11 2010 @ 12:08 AM
Angels, hmm I don't really know about that. Maybe out of time people, ghosts, or tests. I have both types of stories, a time warp and "Angel".

The time warp one was we were comming back Rock Island and we desided to drive on the Illinois side all the way back down to Muscatine. We ended up getting lost, and don't know how the road we were on should of pretty much taken us straight there. I also remember we were heading south of course because theres where Muscatine was from Rock Island but we ended up in a small town Up by the Minnisota boarder. We don't remember crossing the river, we don't know how we headed north going south but my friend had an off feeling even though I told him it was late and there was a cheap motel here 10 bucks for the night. He said no we shouldn't stay almost to the point of him freaking. So we left about 15 minutes later there was the bridge to cross back into Muscatine. We didn't say anything the rest of the night and went to bed just shaking it off. Well our other friend looked into it and it was a town that got decimated from the flu epidemic. So those that didnt die moved away and the town pretty much fell apart. We wanted to take a trip up there to see the ghost town but never did.

As for the "angel" I got stuck working 4pm-1am at wal-mart and I effectivly lost my ride because he left at 10pm so I walked home that night taking the bypass about maybe a quarter way into my walk a couple pulled up and asked if I wanted a ride it was to cold and dangerous out here on the hiway, I took it gladly I was freezing. They just came from an Iowa game and they talked about it and also the guy gave me tips on how to fix my car. I claim "angel" because after I got home and went to go look up the scores the game they were talking about happened and they just got back from seeing happend 3 years prior.

posted on Aug, 11 2010 @ 11:46 PM
My story has to do with a moving truck and tow dolly. We were at a busy intersection in a Chicago suburb. The tow dolly came off the truck that my husband was driving and I was following behind him in our car. Out of almost nowhere, three Hispanic men came over (people are now honking horns and going around us as we are stuck right before the light) and they helped hubby get the trailer hooked up again. I was relieved, looked to the right where I thought they had come from (near a bus stop) and they were gone! I always said they were angels .... the way they suddenly appeared then disappeared.

posted on Aug, 12 2010 @ 12:24 AM
Wow! I haven't posted a reply on here in months but your story hit a nerve. When I was a kid, around ten maybe, my family and I were traveling from Tulsa, OK to Dallas, Tx. We began driving very late so the entire trip was done after nightfall. My father was driving and I was in the passenger seat, my little brother and mother were asleep in the backseat. My dad and I were having a deep conversation concerning whatever I thought was cool at the time. Anyway, my mom woke up and asked us to pull over because she needed to use the restroom. My dad who grew up in the very northern part of Texas mentioned we would be passing through the towns of Denison and Sherman soon. So, we kept driving awaiting an exit from hwy 75, but there were none. In fact it wasn't long before my dad realized we were several miles past those towns. We turned the car around and sure enough after driving a few minutes we arrived in the town of Sherman. The hwy is lit up like a beacon in that area, lined with large streetlights for miles and the town has dozens of gas stations and restaurants adjacent to the hwy which are lit up as well. How is it late at night, on a dark road, looking for an exit, did we manage to drive through a well lit several mile stretch with many exits?

The only problem is I have so many strange thing like this that have happened to me over the years I could write dozens of accounts like this...many of which are much more in your face. Maybe I'll go to BTS and post some of them.

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posted on Aug, 12 2010 @ 09:41 PM
reply to post by felonius

I have a couple of similar stories. I am 26 now but when I was about 10(ish) I went to church one Sunday morning (I stopped attending when I was 13) and we a a sermon on angels and how they disguise themselves. The Sunday school teacher told us about a story ('fictional') how a man who was really angel (disguised as a homeless person)tried to get help from another person. Well the angel kept being denied helped and and long story short the person being asked to help ended up feeling foolish.
Well later that afternoon after church a woman came knocking on our door. My grandma (I lived with her) answered the door. Being a curious child I peeked around the corner to see who it was. Well it was an elderly woman (50-60ish) told my grandma she was homeless and asked for money. Well my grandma refused to give her money but told her she would give her something to eat. Well for the next 5 minutes they argued about 'gods word' and the homeless woman begged for money. Well my grandma finally told her to leave.
As soon as my grandma closed the door, I ran out the door to see if i could talk to this woman and give her money. She was nowhere. I ran to the end of the street and she was no where. Its possible she could of really been a junkie homeless person or something. But the woman did not look sick or a typical junkie. I have always thought of this incident as strange.

There was also another incident where I had dreamed that an elderly pudgy man ( I was about 12-13) was waiting by the magazine aisle in the winn-dixie that was down the street from where I lived. Well as soon as I walked past this man he grabbed my hair and kinda of caressed it. Three days later this really happened and it was the same pudgy old man that had been in my dream. Don't know if he was an angel, but it was still very strange and I have never forgotten it and it still bothers me.

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