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Chinese 'trusts prostitutes more' than politicians...

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posted on Aug, 4 2009 @ 11:47 PM

Originally posted by XTexan

Originally posted by St Vaast
Well, do you drive on public highways, access free medical care, have running water, access to power/energy ? Have you ever collected welfare ? Do you or have you ever collected extraordiary-circumstances financial assistance ? Are your streets patrolled by law-enforcement ? Do you rely on the government to keep foreign-troops from your front door or do you battle with them every time you want to leave the house? Do your kids attend government schools ? Can you take your neighbour to court if he shoots your windows out or rams your car or robs your business ?

Public highways: Yes, but in disrepair
Free Medical Care: No
Running water: Sure, with plenty of additives
Access to power/energy: Ya we got that, nice and expensive
Collected Welfare: No, I know plenty who have done it their entire lives...
Collected financial assistance: No, not elligible in my case
Streets Patrolled: Yes, constantly and they harrass everyone they see
Government Defense: Yes, but foreign gangs run rampant
Govenment Schools: Yes, plenty are indoctrinated everyday and lose the ability to perform critical thinking.
Take your neighbour to court: Ya, but they'll probably win, especially if they're here illegally

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But you choose to live in a government-regulated society nonetheless, obviously. Is that because it's more convenient for you to do so ?

Would you agree that government is necessary for the convenience of yourself and millions like you and would you therefore agree that politicians are a necessary element in government, despite that considerable power (as possessed by politicians) often leads to abuse of that power ?

Or would you prefer to live in a non-Western nation, where (for example) people conduct rudimentary cremations all along the river-bank before tossing barely-singed corpses into the river in which you're compelled to bathe and draw your water -- and where penniless villagers are compelled to combine their meagre resources to dig a well, the failure of which may lead to death from thirst, death of crops and valuable animals ?

Would you sacrifice all the benefits of western-living for a few minutes with a possibly diseased prostitute. At the end of those few minutes, would you start wishing you could return to the bathroom you'd sacrificed, in order to wash yourself clean and maybe go see the doctor for some anti-biotics ? Or are you serious about choosing a prostitute over the admittedly flawed political system under which you currently live ?

posted on Aug, 5 2009 @ 12:03 AM
reply to post by St Vaast


Look man, no one's saying we don't need politicians. We're saying that the one's we currently have aren't very trustworthy. Some are just appalling...

The system has worked in the past, there's no reason we can't get some honest folk up there now.

Originally posted by St Vaast
Would you sacrifice all the benefits of western-living for a few minutes with a possibly diseased prostitute.?

I wouldn't go to a "possibly diseased prostitute". I'd use one with a clean bill of health, and current paperwork to back that up. And of course one should always practice safe sex.

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posted on Aug, 5 2009 @ 02:06 AM
reply to post by St Vaast

Dear St Vaast

As someone earlier said one of these ladies is if you have any sense at all are only going to steal your wallet one time.

Where as our wonderful leaders steal it legally time and time again. Plus they send our young men out to die time and time again mostly as far as I can see for there own gain.

They are the terrorists of this world and it is people like you who give them the power.

No one who wants power should ever be aloud to have it.

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