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Hints of Cooperation Put Leaders of Pakistan and India on the Defensive at Home

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posted on Aug, 4 2009 @ 09:08 PM

NEW DELHI — When the prime ministers of India and Pakistan met recently on the sidelines of a regional summit meeting in Egypt, they hammered out a joint statement that seemed to point toward greater cooperation between the nuclear-armed neighbors.

After months of tension over the attacks in Mumbai last November, in which gunmen from Pakistan rampaged through India’s financial capital and killed more than 160 people, the two sides seemed open to the possibility of resuming full-blown talks.

Instead, the mere suggestion of a thaw in relations has been met with fierce public and political resistance in India, providing a nagging reminder of the enormous internal obstacles that both countries face in overcoming their decades-old rivalry.


I know that the tense situation between India and Pakistan is nothing new, but thought I would share this story with everyone to let y'all know to keep an eye out on stuff in the area.

First thread I have started in a little bit that isn't about a massive Conspiracy

Hopefully this will be nothing, but lets stay tuned!


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