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a little poem about the NWO

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posted on Aug, 4 2009 @ 05:52 PM
Hello all. Just found an old poem I typed up a while back, It goes:

Now entering a time without Gov't limits,
a population controlled by the Power Elite.

Soon all will find they should have woken up
earlier, but now it is too late, The land of the
Free has been annihilated. A New World Order
has been unleashed... a Dark Age is Occurring.

Some call it Conspiracy, while others deeply
understand its a fight for Knowledge and Truth.
Freedom was lost in the hands of the powerful
and few, Insane intentions spew out of their minds,
while the sleeping populous goes throughout life Blind.

No strong connection to Mother Nature, no understanding
of our bond to our home planet. No Spirituality or Intuition
is used. Following the rules once again causes the people
to be manipulated and abused. Forceful Tactics are enforced.

Forceful Tactics are enforced! A man-made Virus Is created,
Fear Mongering is spread through the Lives of the dead. A False
pretense created from scratch, To Enslave a World of People,
and reduce 8 Billion to a mere 500 million. You see, it doesn't
matter any more. Our time was lost long ago. Wave goodbye,
as your the next one through that door. You've got the Swine Flu!!!

Now your taken To a FEMA Camp. Obama as a Neo Nazi but dressed
in Black, History repeats itself once again.. The Power Hungry
Fight fiercely to Obtain more Power and Growth. The Love of Power
has long been the Disease, hopefully our intergalactic Family & Friends
will come help us save the day? You see once more, We are not alone
in this multi-verse, we all are connected, we all are Loved, but some choose
The Love of Power, Over The Mightiest Power of Love. Some get lost in the
struggle and some simply cant take it any more and say f**k to this world and
Give in and Give up. Will Humanity evolve & mature from its adolescence, who knows?

So f**k it for just another day, I will tolerate your useless Lives and wasteful
actions, alrighty, o.k... I will try to enjoy whats left of the Goodness and Love,
before it is too late. 'o Where for art tho Love, Has thyn left us in the dust? ...
or is it ok for us to all suffer and die, for such useless causes of these crazed
individuals who's only understanding is for more, and more for themselves? Why
cant people just see we are all ONE? There is no other but 'Me' and there is no
other but ONE. So when you go out and kill another, you are only killing a part of
yourselves. I condemn you cowards of Greed. In a world full of soo much Potential
and Hope, all may be lost if we do not eradicate, and try to save ourselves, from ourselves... .. .

*I think it has a much deeper meaning than just words on a screen, I was at the time just venting a little frustration with the world I guess. Finding an outlet to release some negitive energy and transform it into something more constructive and creative...

[edit on 5-8-2009 by Sk8rDude7]

posted on Aug, 5 2009 @ 04:20 PM
Well I like it! I write alot of poems myself. So star and flag for you!

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