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Report: Ex-Marine, employee link Blackwater founder Erik Prince to murders

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posted on Aug, 4 2009 @ 05:02 PM

Mere hours after the story went online, The Nation’s Web site appeared to be experiencing severe bandwidth problems, though the report was still available through Google’s caching service.

In sworn statements filed with a Virginia court last night, a former Marine and former Blackwater employee claim that the company’s founder and former CEO, Erik Prince, “may have murdered or facilitated the murder” of people who were aiding a federal investigation into a Baghdad massacre that left 17 dead, according to Nation reporter Jeremy Scahill.

“The former employee also alleges that Prince ‘views himself as a Christian crusader tasked with eliminating Muslims and the Islamic faith from the globe,’ and that Prince’s companies ‘encouraged and rewarded the destruction of Iraqi life,” the magazine reported.

Source Link:

These are the same Mercenaries that are securing our streets, training our local police departments and contracted by our Government to open fire on us if we doen't go long with any or all law changes that take away our rights. I know this much, if he isn't prosicuted and their contracts torn up it will simply be another clear case of Government Curruption.

posted on Aug, 4 2009 @ 05:14 PM
reply to post by Rams59lb

There is SO MUCH to the story -
The fact is - here is the link to The Nation:

These guys are Explosive Whistleblowers

They have this Christian Crusade thing going on!!

This is who the U.S. govt. trusted in a Muslim country?


To that end, Mr. Prince intentionally deployed to Iraq certain men who shared his vision of Christian supremacy, knowing and wanting these men to take every available opportunity to murder Iraqis. Many of these men used call signs based on the Knights of the Templar, the warriors who fought the Crusades.

Mr. Prince operated his companies in a manner that encouraged and rewarded the destruction of Iraqi life. For example, Mr. Prince's executives would openly speak about going over to Iraq to "lay Hajiis out on cardboard." Going to Iraq to shoot and kill Iraqis was viewed as a sport or game. Mr. Prince's employees openly and consistently used racist and derogatory terms for Iraqis and other Arabs, such as "ragheads" or "hajiis."

The guys are remained as "John Does" and are being protected by the govt.

There is so much more in the article.

Blackwater's name is now XE.

[edit on 4-8-2009 by questioningall]

posted on Aug, 4 2009 @ 05:23 PM
Nice find!

Starred and flagged.

I have to say, this doesn't surprise me in the least, although I am surprised someone actually went public with it.

If I was this Marine I'd be sleeping with a M1911 under my pillow from now on...

posted on Aug, 4 2009 @ 05:27 PM
reply to post by questioningall

No doubt, they are nothing but trouble not only for the countries that they are contract to be at and here at home as our Government plans on using them against us when our soldiers wont and our few police wont. There have been reports that some of soldiers that have returned home dead by suicide were actually killed by Blackwater Security agents on military bases. Female soldiers are frightened of them as they get sexually harassed by them often in other reports I've read and seen on Youtube.

posted on Aug, 4 2009 @ 05:57 PM
nice find indeed. i also heard that the us government wont use them anymore due to there "renagade" activities. they want a peacefull way of handeling thing. they dont want vigilanties runing around masicaring everyone lol

posted on Aug, 4 2009 @ 07:30 PM
It doesn't matter if they don't use Blackwater/Xe.

There are plenty of other modern day mercenaries ready to pick up right where they left off.

War never changes, mercenaries will always be needed and used to their full extent.

Afterall, they are cheaper, death totals not counted and expendable to the government.

posted on Aug, 4 2009 @ 09:18 PM
I worked for Eric, those who know me on here know I contracted with Blackwater for 18 months. I met Eric twice and both times he seemed to be a pretty down to earth guy. Now while working for BW I also met some real aholes that were hired and who would lie and make up stuff to start rumors, make money off of BS stories, etc... so who knows.

Obviously I have no facts yet to what is really going on, but if there are guys telling the truth and whistleblowing on this, then Eric is going to have to be brought to justice.

And yes, it is now Xe

...there now I posted on both

posted on Aug, 5 2009 @ 12:36 AM
I wonder what this Ex-Marine and ex employee were busted for.

This is a common trick used by the feds to bust someone they don't like.

The feds have pressured many people to roll over on some they knew by promising long jail sentences to people if they did not roll over and testify on someone the government wanted more.

There is also a number of people that when they get busted will roll over on someone else just to keep from going to prison. Many times they are just creating a story that the feds believe and most is a lie but the feds will use any story just to bust someone they want.

posted on Aug, 5 2009 @ 01:25 AM
So finally, after years of hearing this kind of thing about BW/XE, it starts to come to court. It's not as if you can't find YouTube stuff confirming what's in the John Does' statements.

Using Knights Templar call signs, though... that's one for the Conspiracy Theorists. I'm sure if someone draws David Icke's attention to it he'd have something to say on the matter.

Anned. are you saying this stuff didn't happen? Or just that in order to expose it, they had to lean on some ex-employees? It's interesting that according to John Doe #2,

Roy Mettinger resigned as Chief Financial Officer, saying he was not willing to go to jail for Erik Prince.

Everything they say connects with other stuff that's already known about the company.

Do you think it's right that he's turned what's supposed to be a defensive, protective operation into an aggressive, religiously motivated killing spree? Do you think it's correct that he ensured that personnel whom either their line managers or mental health professionals had indicated shoud not be used, actually were used?

Or are you swimming in Egypt's longest river?

It will be interesting to see if either of the John Does survive to their day in court, or much after that. And yes, I can see them being leant on... but that would mean they've done wrong in the past, and it does mean that someone, somewhere, is serious about stopping at least this one aspect of the horrifying slaughter in Iraq. And that's no bad thing.

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