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watching the watchers

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posted on Aug, 4 2009 @ 05:24 AM
watching the watchers

A ‘Watcher’ person or persons engaged in observing – photographing – filming
yourself for no obvious reason…

I am posting this to find out other peoples experiences regarding the ‘watchers’.
I shall now furnish you with my account:

Having worked in a community facing role working alongside the local authorities I have received training to the point of becoming a professional witness. For the purpose going to court and charging persons for a number of crimes evidence gathering played a big part in my role.

This was a few years ago almost ten and I recall my first station and it associated duties very well.

Now entre the ‘Freemasons’, I thought wait this must be fancy-dress ‘right?’ Can you imagine I may have to compile a report of a giant life sized Penguin no wait hundreds of them coming from all angles. So in my public facing role I was acting as an ambassador to the local community and the Masons played a very big part in that community.

After a few weeks on the streets my curiosity was in full alert mode, the Penguins were running on time like clockwork. Every afternoon they came relentlessly wave after wave of Penguins. So when patrolling locally a workmate jokingly made reference to the Grand Lodge, Gt. Queen St London. Out came all the classic anti-mason jokes and I in a heartfelt way felt some sorrow for him because I knew he had just suffered from a bad heart attack and was only just coming right.

After my workmates words of wisdom I had no choice but to investigate the matter further.

It was at that point during the start of my research I got promoted, I went in to hand in my notice and my super sat me down and said ‘I know why you’re here, the job is yours’. I was flabbergasted the point being my opps manger was a… mason.

So I continued to serve and noticed a many strange things happening. Certain old boys starting to hang about watching us watching them. So I decide a visit should help make clear any issues, off to the Grand Lodge… I enter holding my breath then from behind the main reception up pops a well known head. An old workmate from a crappy security outfit, he tried so hard not too remember me but he sure did.

Months later… My computer is constantly being hacked into, because of my research?
I change ISP. Now I am digging deep checking out the Scientology crew and all other ‘secret societies’. I take a break stepping outside to enjoy a beer with a friend, I notice a group of people not standing together and somehow something told me I was being watched. I saw from a distance one of the group pointing a camera in my direction, I live on the fifth floor! So I mention to my friend that I or maybe he is being photographed from a distance. He saw what I mean so I tell him to watch what happens next… I give the guy the ‘finger’. Should have seen how fast that camera got put away, the group then quickly gather round hunched over each other and disperse in different directions.

Just recently I submitted my old hacked PC into the abyss and purchased a laptop. I was informing my own mother at her house what the devise was to be used for. A book on secret societies and the truth regarding human’s history. I left mothers walking home and got rolled, the new toy gone into the distance. I have years of security and law enforcement experience & I just got professional rolled.

To this day I work hard on the quest for the truth regarding those unseen meetings and the outcome of such events, which has an effect on us all. This has not been posted to offend anybody or such organisation and or members of such. I post this because I myself bear witness to being watched and I ask you fellow members why is that? Is the quest for truth and watching the watchers a life sentence in their eye. Why pay such interest to an honest, loyal, hardworking man of integrity?

I would be very interested in anybody else with such a situation, thanks for reading

posted on Aug, 4 2009 @ 05:58 AM
Dude.. this all sounds a bit paranoid and narcissistic. Are you really that important to them? Is the Lodge that worried the you can single handedly destroy their super duper secret society with your 'research'? Really?

Being hounded by CT's is a daily occurance to them. Not being disrespectful or anything but to be honest, I doubt they spare a second thought for you.


posted on Aug, 4 2009 @ 06:17 AM
reply to post by InfaRedMan

Thanks InferRedMan,

To be honest my friend I don't for a second feel I am important to them, I spent so long serving them and working 'currently around them'. At no point did I give any indication that any reasearch I may be doing will have a negative effect to the Lodge.

What is a'CT?'

Paranoid 'not' thats something I gave up many years ago

I just respect my space and if somebody breaches it of course I'd like to know why, wouldant you?

I assume by your tone you have not had such a situation I ask myself is that because your a member and can't yourself understand as to why any lodge, mason or other such society would need to watch those in close contact with the organisation. I for one knows that intelligence works that way like a two way street...

Thanks for your concern I shall hound you no more

posted on Aug, 4 2009 @ 07:17 AM
reply to post by extramileman

So you worked for the Freemasons and were a professional stalker? Please tell us how you were hired and tell us what your job entailed? This could be the proof some here have been asking for. I would also like to know the lodge you worked out of. I can check with the secretary and find out if they are hiring for the stalker position.

posted on Aug, 4 2009 @ 07:45 AM
reply to post by network dude

Network dude,

Please humor me some more.

I do not work for the mason directly I am sure a man of your stature can understand this. I help a charity out! a masonic charity ok?

I have a lot of respect for the most part, however one bad brother can spoil a whole lodge.

As for stalking it sounds like you and InferRedMan have a situation with intel? I deal with facts and yes the all seeing eye is far and wide reaching so when you say stalking and as mentioned just now 'single handedly destroy' it certainly beggers belief.

In a nut shell the brothers who have been kind to reply have nothing to offer but jokes, so my friends I laugh with you not against you.

Make of me a friend or foe that is the choice you make yourselves so please fear not me but your own actions.

As posted mine is a quest for the truth nothing more nothing less, I don't feel happy being tarnished and pulled between pillar and post. If you can assist me with my OP 'watching the watchers' then thankyou most kindly.

As for your desire regarding the 'stalker position' I know not of any lodge and direct employment for a salery within the community. Maybe if you were to offer your time and expertise for free? Otherwise I'd say try to get in with your local chamber of commerce as most high ranking masons do. That way sure to effect local business but from behind closed doors, sounds familiar?

Back to the question at hand.... Anybody have experience of being watched and your feelings as to maybe why.

posted on Aug, 4 2009 @ 07:56 AM
reply to post by extramileman

I am sure you have read the threads here that speak of Masons gang stalking innocent people. they claim that the masons are behind it and they are all out to get them. Being a mason and knowing exactly what goes on inside the lodge, these claims make me laugh and I will pick a bit on the poster unless I suspect them of being truly deranged. Upon reading your OP, it appeared you were claiming to be a stalker who was hired by the masons. If that is incorrect, I apologize. I must have missed the point. It has been REAL slow in the SS forum for a few weeks, so I was looking for any excitement I could get.

How about we start with a simple question for you? What involvement, if any, do you claim masonry to be involved with "watching"?

posted on Aug, 4 2009 @ 08:32 AM
If you are a "professional witness/watcher of the watchers or plain old stalker" why are you here talking about it?

It makes no sense that you come here asking for others to share their stalking experiences, like some 12 step program, when you would deal with slippery people and tactics every day if in fact you were a professional stalker.

posted on Aug, 4 2009 @ 08:43 AM
reply to post by network dude

Indeed things have been slow!

I can assure you that I am not yet deranged however 'subject to change' and that we are not the best judge of our own mental health

In answer to your question what if any involvement are the masons into regarding 'watching'. I was employed by a business development partnership, to help clear up a slightly run down part of town. My remit envolving street intel, evidence gathering and bringing offenders to justice.

In my OP I mention the fact that at time I was surrounded by the masons falling out for lodge meetings. That is when I started looking into the brotherhood, and I noticed that the brotherhood were looking back at me.

To be honest I only noticed the guy's pointing cameras at me after I started reaserching the Scientologists, which happen to have the London HQ just around the corner from me.

I understand that intel is big business for masons and lots of other societies so why the hardship dealing with the fact people are watched regularly? Lots of brothers happen to have daytime jobs I admit not all of them work for the secret service and intel agencies however quite a few do.

I myself now only have a job because of a kind harted mason! I shall tell you a secret 'nudge nudge'. I worked out of a police station and if you have ever had the pleasure you will understand the 'old school ways'.

You don't tend to leave that sort of environment and find gaining employment an easy issue. I was officaly blacklisted by the company for which I worked! Why maybe because of my security clearance maybe because I would not just nod my head and agree to any orders. Those orders at time were, vote rigging, demanding a percentage of business rates 'demanding money with menace', and of course getting the great unwashed into the care of the system.

The guy who interviewed me 5 times for this job I do now 'also a mason' had seen me at work in the area and knows that people were making it very hard for me to find employment. He even broke protocal to tell me who 'bless him'. So I have no fear of the brothers as I said a lot of respect!

I know that somebody who knows me in my profession has stabbed me in the back a few times. The worse case being it could be a mason who like yourself got the wrong end of the stick to start with?

Having been out of employment for some time I had pleanty of time to stew over the situation. Not only was I watched I was also delt a bad hand and the fact a mason could have well been involved is more than reason for me to step up my effort in digging for the truth.

On a personal note I also wish to better myself as a man, to better the world in which I live and serve. If in the course of my duty I found that a person was being downtrodden by a brother be it my own blood brother or that of a lodge, then it becomes my civic duty to act upon the situation.

I hope that has made things somewhat clearer my friend? This is no witch hunt I just don't like bad brothers... if you know any just U2U me I have an offer they can't refuse

posted on Aug, 4 2009 @ 12:26 PM
reply to post by extramileman

Being that you are in the UK, I have no first had experience with masonry over there. But I would assume it is not far from US masonry. If that is the way it really is, then I would suspect that the people watching you are either Scientologits, or if they are masons, they are acting on their primary occupation and not on behalf of masonry. The only time we check someone out, is when they are a perspective candidate who had petitioned the lodge. the steps to check them out vary, but they are mostly an interview and a background check. I can't see them putting days of surveillance into anything. From what I have heard about Scientologists, they are a bit more involved with their cause. Having no first hand experience, I can only guess at that.

Without trying to hurt your feelings, it sounds like you had a job as a paid thug. Did the guys you worked for eat a lot of pasta?

posted on Aug, 5 2009 @ 03:35 AM
reply to post by network dude

Thank you kindly for your input Network Dude, the way in which you mention perspective candidate rings a few bells. I feel that could be part of my issue with the watchers.

My workmate the joker I made reference to worked for the same outfit as me and our boss was the mason who offered me a promotion. Now looking back at things it would almost seem as if I were being guided towards the lodge? Not saying hey why not join us never the less planting a seed in my mind.

In fact my whole outfit with the exception of the serving boys on the beat were all masons. When I visited the lodge on community business and noticed the guy behind reception I was with my workmate the joker, they also seemed to know one another.

My mistake may have been applying for a post to manage the security of the Grand Lodge, I was sunbathing half naked one lunch time and received a call to formaly invite me in for interview. Fantastic 'WOW' such a fantastic building to manage! I get home that evening only to find an e-mail which was sent 2 hours after the call I received. Thankyou for your interest but better luck next time?

Madness what a strange game so I left it at that, I felt if they can't manage an appointment and interview then I don't think we will be getting along so well. Two weeks later I receive a letter from the GL thanking me for my time and that "all who saw me that day were impressed" however on this occasion I had not been selected and to try again later.

On a side note I had been asked around about the same time if I were interested in joining the buffalos, by a family member. He mentioned that joining the masons could be expensive and that the buffalos were the lower sort of chaste, a working mans masons for the poorer folk. Odd thing being I at no time made any reference to the brotherhood? To this day I am not sure if he was fishing or not we do now share the odd joke about membership issues.

Regarding the Scientologists I was more intrested in that wee family because of daddy L Huboard and his love of A Crowley, Hitler and aliens. I was also taken in by the clearing methods used by Scientologists which seem to work for them. Until that is the brain washing takes over 'poor sods'.

My reasearch lead me looking into what aspects of truth both your orders share, historical facts. For a Pope and the RC Church to accept both orders with his blessing and have them looked upon as charity status, that gets me.

Not to say that anyone is pulling the wool over the church's eyes more in a sense thats what the church has been doing all along with us. So I feel both orders are now an internal part of the dis-information used to keep us all second guessing.

We are all becoming awakened and the age of Aquarius is upon us I wonder to myself, will the secrets your brothers hold so dear finaly be revealed to all though there own eyes? I ask you Network Dude and brothers here on ATS how do you feel about brotherly disclosure? Do you not feel that by universal enlightenment and the truth being free not so secretive that the dogma which some fear mongers attach to the lodge could be overcome?

I would like to see masonary flourish into the future my friends alas that we all have to deal with change 'adapt or die'. Where do you feel the movement sits with recent global changes that effect us all? Will the brotherhood be doing any spring cleaning?

Network Dude no hurt feelings here my friend and I have never been a thug 'some would disagree'. I am into peace love unity forgiveness and anything possitive. If my backs against the wall and I am being attacked well we all have a right to defend ourself. We did eat well thanks and a good pasta went down well but I prefer a proper English breakfast followed later by loads of beer.

posted on Aug, 5 2009 @ 06:51 AM
reply to post by extramileman

To address your last statement first, we would get along quite well at the pub. And am I to assume you were discussing the Grand Lodge of England? That is quite a big deal.

Unfortunately, there are no big earth shattering, world saving secrets in masonry that could be disclosed. Nobody will believe that and I must be spreading disinfo or something, but it is the truth. Our teachings are that of Brotherly love, charity, and faith. I would however say that if everyone followed the direction Masonry teaches, the world would be a better place. We teach things like don't cheat other people, don't sleep with their wifes, help people in need out if you can. Not the amazing secrets we are supposed to have, no location of the Holy Grail, no hidden scroll containing the meaning of life, just an extension of the golden rule.

As to the friend directing you to the lodge, we aren't supposed to ask people to be masons, but a friendly nudge is ok. I think your friend feels that you would make a good mason and tried to push you in that direction. If you have respect for your friend, I would consider that a compliment.
Have a great day.

posted on Aug, 5 2009 @ 07:26 AM
reply to post by network dude

Your rather quick on the draw old boy! "we are a secret society not a society with secrets"

I can't help but admire your caviler attitude towards nothing to see hear but the car park lighting. Maybe I can be of assistance to the Lodge but only as an illumination engineer. I find the fact almost amusing that thy dear brothers need lighting in the car park - the only thing your watching is making sure nobody nicks the company sunshine bus.

Thus the problem watching the watchers the flow of information can at times become a one way street.

Off topic sorry but do consider motion sensor LED lighting in the car park powered from a PV 'Solar cell'. No big bills for you to vote on and a clean supply of free flowing energy. When the power is out the Lodge will be a place of awe inspiring wonder.

Thanks for the input Network Dude

posted on Aug, 5 2009 @ 07:43 AM
reply to post by extramileman

See, I told you nobody would believe me. There is one of two thing happening here.
1. there is a magnificent secret being held by the Freemasons and the diverse crowd that joins masonry is somehow able to keep this amazing secret no matter who asks.

2. there are just the things all the masons you have ever talked to going on and there really is no secret except for the handshakes, and passwords. (which aren't really secret, we just won't tell you them.)

So you are free to pick one of those and run with it. I didn't think about the obvious humor in "illumination issues" with the lodge, since we are supposed to be Illuminati and all.

On a side note, you mentioned an awe inspiring sight when power is out, we had a hurricane come through here in 1996 and power was out for about a week. Just after a hurricane the sky is usually very clear. We had some of the best star gazing I have ever seen during that time. I would probably get sacked if anyone heard me say this, but I would welcome a week without power for that reason.

posted on Aug, 5 2009 @ 08:06 AM
reply to post by network dude

At last we hear you, stargazing! ok gotcha

I would like to know what kind of telescope you brothers are using or is the all seeing eye so strong that un-aided observations can be made.

I miss stargazing and spent most of my nights as a kid living in Linconshire which is very flat and clear watching the sky's.

I rest my case Network Dude maybe we are all 'watching the watchers' but I have not meet a mason yet willing to admit it, not without a power cut anyway.

posted on Aug, 5 2009 @ 08:49 AM

Originally posted by extramileman
reply to post by network dude

At last we hear you, stargazing! ok gotcha

I would like to know what kind of telescope you brothers are using or is the all seeing eye so strong that un-aided observations can be made.

They issue us a special one so we can see the mother ship in orbit. From the other thread where someone thinks our secret is that we know all about the alien agenda and that is the "secret". The lecture for the second degree does mention the celestial globe and speak of the heavens. If I can find a link to that lecture I will post it. It is in my opinion one of the most beautiful lectures in all the degrees. Reading it will be ok, but the only way to really enjoy it is to be the candidate receiving the degree.

posted on Aug, 6 2009 @ 03:37 AM
reply to post by network dude

Network Dude

Many thanks kind brother!

I have found the second degree 'the passing'

I notice your celestial globes happen to be bass balls cast on the river Jordan betwenn Succoth and Zaradatha with one globe having the celestial charts of the heavens and the other showing the terrestrial lands of Earth. I wonder now to this day just how accurate the celestial globes are? After all your original maps of 1717 were changes made or are your celestial globes formed from 1717 data.

As for the preperation room and having all clothing removed except your shirt and 'furnished with a pair of drawers' I am to understand your talking about pants or are we refering to a chest of drawers in which you would keep your pants?

Lord only knows the reasons and methods these degrees have been organised. I admit that most brothers would only be to happy to receive the apron after such an event.

I have noticed something of interest:

"Furthermore, do I promise and swear that I will be aiding and assisting all poor and Penniless brethren Fellow Crafts, their widows and orphans, wheresoever disposed round the globe"

I find that of interest because I can see that disposed around the globe could refer to both of your celestial globes.

Not so much of a mention of our rarley spotted mother ship! Never the less King Solomon was an amazing gent how he performed the musical chair trick with Queen Sheba still amazes me. If he moved such a throne over such a distance then teleportation is very possible, so no need for the mother ship after all.

Network Dude I appreciate your statement "Reading it will be ok, but the only way to really enjoy it is to be the candidate receiving the degree". I admit defeat as they say if you can't beat them join them. I can say that I am trying to understand the mysteries of the world in which we live, and I can not think of a better way to mingle with like minded people than to present myself for application.

I aim to be moving far far away into the sunshine with my wife withing the next few years. So I can only hope that once I settle in South Africa I can find a nice local Lodge at which to submit myself for consideration.

I shall in the mean time try to learn as much as I can regarding the order to better my understanding regarding the work I hope to achive. Some of that work will be trying to extend the work and service delivery in the local communities of South Africa.

Like the black and white on a chess board living next to each other in harmony, my aim of eradicating racism so we can all live in unity. I know it's a task many would run a mile from I however know that anything is possible and maybe with a local Lodge actioning the same agender peace will prevail?

So it seems my friend if all is in order I shall join the brothers 'watching the watchers' soon.

posted on Aug, 6 2009 @ 06:03 AM

Originally posted by extramileman
reply to post by network dude

I wonder now to this day just how accurate the celestial globes are? After all your original maps of 1717 were changes made or are your celestial globes formed from 1717 data.

What you do not realize is that everything in Freemasonry is symbolic. Accuracy was never important.

Lord only knows the reasons and methods these degrees have been organised. I admit that most brothers would only be to happy to receive the apron after such an event.

The reason becomes quite clear when you do the ceremony. Even the way you are dressed teaches important lessons.

I can say that I am trying to understand the mysteries of the world in which we live, and I can not think of a better way to mingle with like minded people than to present myself for application.

I aim to be moving far far away into the sunshine with my wife withing the next few years. So I can only hope that once I settle in South Africa I can find a nice local Lodge at which to submit myself for consideration.

I am a South African Mason, and would be glad to assist.

posted on Aug, 6 2009 @ 07:04 AM
reply to post by Saurus

Thankyou brother Saurus

Your reply is most appreciated.

I can understand why the symbolisim is more important than the details, just had to ask.

Talking of the motherland I shall be passing out by Bethlehem soon on my way to Mossel Bay for some scuba. You have such a fantastic country and it is always a joy to visit. I have been going over since 1997 and I feel things have improved 'somewhat'. I used to stay around the corner of Rocky Street in '97 and I see now things are no more.

I / we hope to move to the Western Cape area maybe around Strand/Gordons Bay but will consider most places with a bit of land so I can run some 'self catering lodges'.

I wonder would you say that your local Lodge reflects the local demographic population, and if not what if anything is felt about the issue?

Thanks again my friend and lets hope we can enjoy a castle or some soon.

posted on Aug, 6 2009 @ 07:28 AM
reply to post by extramileman

During the ceremony the globes are there and referred to, but nobody checks them out. It's just a prop with meaning. The pillars are there, as are the illusion to the steps and the building. Symbolism and allegory are how we receive this message. The clothing is important and explained to you. And there is no embarrassment on the candidates part. At no time in any of the degrees is the candidate humiliated, degraded, or picked on. Quite the contrary, the entire night is dedicated to the individual. When you think about all the people who have spent time to practice their work and took time out of their schedule just for you. It makes you feel good.

posted on Aug, 6 2009 @ 07:45 AM
reply to post by network dude

I concur Network Dude

As always your information is most appreciated and I can of course understand the allogy's in the learning process.

One thing that was of interest in a thread a while back being as how degree are earned. As I understand the theater plays a big role 'no pun intended' that plays are observed and memorised, the brother then at a later stage reacts the show to other brotherly applicants.

Again 'watching' plays a big part in the process.

life is a stage and the show must go on...

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