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The PUCKER FACTOR...then servival....

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posted on Aug, 3 2009 @ 04:47 PM
Say you were taking a trip to a low land enviornment with a large mountain. you find that a mojor storm had came in and the water has risen so high the water has cut you off between land, people and comunication for hundreds of miles and the water may not go down for a long long time.

after 1 week of non stop rain you decide to walk around on the mountain that is now your own personal island and find that you lost all your gear in the flood. all you have on you is a gerber, pair of shoes with laces, black pants, a grey shirt, a worn out baseball cap, and a commb.

after walking around for half a day you have found a single barbed hook, a cd, a small 3"x3" green pice of velcrow. you also find yourself in a heavely wooded area by a streem. what would you do in order to service this situation.

posted on Aug, 3 2009 @ 04:50 PM
reply to post by texasoutlaw

Is this a desert island?



posted on Aug, 3 2009 @ 04:52 PM
it is a wooded area with no sand but near the stream, the ground is made of dirt. verry tropical enviornment.

posted on Aug, 3 2009 @ 05:05 PM
OK, is it too much to ask to proof-read a post before hitting the submit button?

Just asking.


posted on Aug, 3 2009 @ 05:06 PM
Well first things first, i'd make a shelter. If it's raining a lot i'm not going to want to get soaked all the time and risk hypothermia.

The cd would make a good signalling mirror, you can use the hole for sighting a specific target i'd imagine. Failing that, hang it somewhere so it dangles permanently and saves you holding it...someone may spot it. I wouldn't hang it with the laces though, save them, use thread from your clothing or something.

With a lace and the hook, make a fishing line, crude but might work. Plenty of worms for bait in the woods.

You could try a few traps with the wood in the forest, might bag yourself a few small critters.

Get a fire going, providing you've learnt how to make fire from bugger all.

The baseball cap.....hmmm, what to do with that? Maybe use it as a bit of filter for your drinking water?

Not sure about the velcro, and i guess the comb could be used to make yourself look presentable for the rescue services.


posted on Aug, 3 2009 @ 05:10 PM
First order of business is food and water. I'd locate the cleanest stream I could and camp out close to it. Since it is a tropical environment, there should be plenty of edible plants around for starters.

I'd begin cutting vines next (I never go anywhere without my pocketknife). The vines can be strung between some trees to make a net, and foliage can be cut and draped over the vines to provide some form of dry shelter.

Next order of business is to better my food supply. I have a shoelace and a barbed hook. Fishing time!
For bait all I need do is dig up some wet ground with my hands for grubs or worms. For a float I can use a small piece of dead wood, and a longer piece from a young sapling makes a great pole.

Next I need to cook the fish. I use the other shoelace and a fresh stick to make a bow configuration, and use that to rub another stouter stick against an old piece of partially rotten wood. It'll take some time (especially if I need to dry everything out in the sun first), but I can make a fire this way.

Of course, if I'm alive, it means I have (had?) smokes and a lighter handy.
Even after the smokes are gone, I'd still have a lighter, so I'd use it if it still worked.

Fish are easy to clean, and all you need to cook them with is a stick. Spear the fillets and hold 'em over that little fire... wha-la! Fish dinner!

Now it's time to go scouting. There has to be some tobacco plants on this mountain!


posted on Aug, 3 2009 @ 05:15 PM
reply to post by TheRedneck

Good thing I checked before I posted.


posted on Jan, 7 2018 @ 12:14 PM
A knife and a way to start a fire . Vines striped can be made into crude string ( a strip of cloth would work even better shirts are longer then needed the bottom fold makes darn good string for a drill bow ( i know for a fact it works fine .

Lacking a knife betting a glass soda bottle wont take long to find a pice of metal what every is or can be made sharp .
that is it. This is not naked and afraid this is real life .
Nearest river build leanto cut 50 poles from 1 inch round tree branches about 3 feet long will do .
go to river place two lines of poles in the river bottom in a v shape leaving a inch of space between them and a 5 inch ( eye balling is fine ) opening at the center of the V then using the rest of the poles make a box behind the v .
Now go up rive 50 feet take two of the poles along and make as much racket in the water as you can drive any fish towards the v wall they end up the in box wale breakfast lunch dinner and once in the box use a few poles to close it and keep the fish alive .

It is called a fish trap and yes I have built them works good usaly end up with 4 or 5 good size fish minim some times non but just repeat .
Now for something that is more satisfying say a nice deer stake .

Dig hole on game trails the more trails and holes the better. 4 foot deep will do cut poles 2 feet long sharpen ends place in bottom leave what ever space- cover with the weakest twigs and leaves you can find .
check in the morning . VERY nasty very in humanin way to kill animals but its them or you . deer or coons any larger animal .

What no animal in any hole ? Bummer well take some fish guts place in center of leaf covered twigs I promise in the morning you will have a coon or possum or dilla .

Ok so your to lazy to build a fish trap or dig a hole find a nice heavy log clime a tree next to a game trail hold log wate till animal passes under drop log .
Even a chimp can do that .

I am 52 and was a kid during the duck and cover days ( nuk war drills ) Get under the desk children that will save you from a bomb that can blow up the whole city LOLOL .
But in real life outside the classroom a 1000 survival camps opened up many ran by retired Rangers and Green brays
2 weeks every summer I was sent to one and had to learn to USE every thing and when I say every thing Thats every thing .

You and your OO i have 100 guns lolol Blend in being as quite as possible ( smokeless fire ) heating rocks for cold area at night .
fish traps- dead falls- pit falls - (snares which I sucked at ) ( Coffee can traps ) Really nasty

Heck a rotted log is dinner those huge white larva cooked once you get past eating a bug are darn good and ten will fill you ( even good for you lol . Why wast worms on a fish ? you can eat them you know .

Seeing your doing tropics don't expect much sleep skitos will be eating as well and unless you can find wild onions or catnip or a few other plants its dinner time for them .
You will be surprised how fast you just iggy them .
also if you even put sides on your lean to it helps tons and if you can even create a small brezz it helps more .
But if its a nice night and you just want a brake find the tallest tree and clime once above the canopy you will find relief from bugs .

anyway non if this applys to city people you can expect to be very hungry very miserable and better hope your found soon .
Knowing it and doing it are very very different things .

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