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George Noory gets sick during interview with Maitreya emissary

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posted on Aug, 3 2009 @ 02:51 PM
Interesting... I'm sure many of you have heard of Benjamin Creme, the "ambassador" of the Maitreya. He's been on Coast to Coast AM quite a few times, talking about the imminent arrival of the Maitreya, the "world teacher," who is allegedly the second coming of Jesus, Buddha, the Imam Mahdi, and the Jewish messiah, all at the same time. Many of you will think of Maitreya as the Antichrist.

I've been listening to Creme shows before and noticed that George Noory said, after these shows he'd always get hundreds of emails from listeners who said they got physically sick and nauseated while listening to Creme on the radio.

A few days ago, when George Noory had him on again, George HIMSELF actually got so sick that he had to cut short the interview and go to Open Lines!

It was interesting... Creme spouted off his usual stuff -- that the Maitreya not really IS Jesus Christ, but that Jesus was or is in fact a disciple of the Maitreya (!)... that the Star of Bethlehem was a configuration of giant motherships, which will return at the time when the Maitreya comes back... and so forth. He also said, remarkably, that the Maitreya will not reveal himself immediately, but will appear as a normal person on TV, as someone who is trying to unite the peoples, economically, socially, spiritually, etc.

Anyway, George Noory said he would take calls for Creme next, but then he went directly to Open Lines. In the break he said something to this effect: "I've done over 5,000 interviews in my life, and I've always gotten through them okay, even when I had the flu or whatever.

But today, I had the feeling I would pass out if I went on with that interview. I really felt I would black out any second... so I had to end this interview and go to Open Lines."

And of course hundreds of listeners again mailed in, saying they had had the same feeling. Now, for those people, I wouldn't be surprised if devout Christians get a knee-jerk reaction like that and feel sick when they hear Creme talk about the Maitreya. But GEORGE, who is NOT a Christian and more, like, open-minded spiritual than religious, to get sick like that, that was trulu amazing to me!

For the record: I didn't really feel anything, even though I have to admit that some of the stuff Creme said sounded exactly like what the Antichrist would be like.

posted on Aug, 3 2009 @ 02:54 PM
I have heard George Noory say, many times that we was a Catholic. Catholics are Christians. Did he change his mind?

posted on Aug, 3 2009 @ 03:03 PM
So who is the Maitreya? Do we have any word on who this person is?

posted on Aug, 3 2009 @ 03:19 PM
It is all a huge hoax. lol.

The goal is to make money, as usual.

I look down on this stuff just like I would look down on some fool running around saying "Im Jesus" or "Im Mohammed" or "Im Profit Yahweh"

It is charlatanism. It is a job. $$$

posted on Aug, 3 2009 @ 03:19 PM
Not exactly the same thread here, but the conversations are about the same.

posted on Aug, 3 2009 @ 03:20 PM
While listening to the interview I also felt extremely sick, I still feel a little sick. Personally I believe he's actually an emissary to the anti-Christ/anti-Maitreya. He does however believe he serves the greater good. Next time hes on coast to coast I'm going to shield my self from what ever is traveling with him.

posted on Aug, 3 2009 @ 06:03 PM
Some of what Creme said actually made sense... but nonetheless I felt very uncomfortable, especially when he was talking about the Maitreya who would try to change the world economically... if he were the Messiah, what of his business would the economy be??

I don't believe if Jesus truly came back, that he would bother gathering politicians and influential people to secret meetings -- like the Maitreya allegedly did in 1990. Those people would probably be the first to rot in hell. At least one can hope.

I have Streamlink, so I can listen to the shows as much as I want. If you guys would like me to, I could do a rush transcript of Creme's appearance, so we're all on the same page.

posted on Aug, 3 2009 @ 06:34 PM
Here it goes:

George Noory: And welcome back to Coast to Coast AM. I'm George Noory. Benjamin Creme -- a British artist, longtime student of the ageless wisdom teachings, has become the principal source of information about the emergence of the Maitreya he calls the "world teacher."

In 1959, Mr. Creme received his first telepathic message from a wisdom master. Not long after, he was informed that Maitreya would return within 20 years and that he would be given the opportunity to play an active role in the event if he so choose. Mr. Creme has written 10 books, gives lectures, and has been on this program numerous times. Here he is -- Benjamin Creme... back.

It's been a while, Benjamin, how are you?

Benjamin Creme: Indeed, yes, I'm fine, thank you.

GN: Still speaking around the world?

BC: I am, yes.

GN: For people who don't know who the Maitreya is, would you describe him? And then you do know, of course, he's controversial, so I'll ask a few of those.

BC: Maitreya is the name of the head and leader of a group of, from our point of view, totally perfected beings, the masters of wisdom. A group of men, men like us, that are ahead of us in evolution, and evolved to a point where they no longer need to be on this planet. But a large number of them remain on the planet to oversee the plan of evolution for the rest of us.

The head and leader of that group is the Lord Maitreya, and he holds the office of world teacher and is expected by all the major religions under one name or another.

Christians await the return of the Christ. Maitreya embodies what we call the Christ principle, the energy of love. He's awaited by Muslims as the Imam Mahdi. Several of them, the Shiite groups, believe that he is either in the world or expected to be in the world within the next 3 or so years.

Hindus await the coming of Krishna. Buddhists await the coming of Maitreya Buddha. They have his name right. 2,600 years ago, the Buddha made a prophecy, that at this time would come into the world a new teacher, Buddha-like himself, by the name Maitreya, who, by his extraordinary spiritual stature, could galvanize and inspire humanity into a brilliant, golden civilization.

(to be continued in a while)

posted on Aug, 3 2009 @ 06:56 PM
It is interesting about these people complaining about these symptoms. It made me think about psychic vampires. Some sites go overboard and some not enough in their descriptions, but I think many could feel there's a connection anyway.

It is interesting that some illnesses are similar attacks and it was thought many years ago that viruses and infections, were demons. In some ways, they are.

It does seem to fit what people are feeling.

[edit on 3-8-2009 by aleon1018]

posted on Aug, 3 2009 @ 07:34 PM
OK, just had to get some dinner. I continue:

BC: ... based, as he put it, on righteousness and truth. And this is, I believe, the Maitreya Buddha that is expected by Buddhists. Although I know Japan very well; I go there every year. And the Buddhists in Japan expect Maitreya Buddha, but they see him coming in something like 650 million years from now. Well, to my mind, they got it totally wrong.

Maitreya is in the world, came into the everyday world from the Himalayas where he had slept for thousands and thousands of years, and took up his position in the Asian community of London on the 19th of July, 1977. He has now reached a point where he can come openly into the world, and we expect this to take place very, very soon.

GN: How soon, Benjamin?

BC: Very, very soon. I can't give you a date; it might be tomorrow, a week's time, three weeks from now, two months... any time in the immeditate future.

GN: I know when we talked four years ago -- it's been a long time -- four years ago, the word of the Maitreya was starting to get out. Is he well known in Europe?

BC: I don't think he's more well known in Europe than in America. I've had more media coverage in America than anywhere else in the world. So I would say the people in America are probably more informed about Maitreya than anyone.

Although the Japanese -- although I don't get.. because of the language problem, I don't get the same media coverage -- the Japanese are tremendously involved. If I hold a lecture in Tokyo, while I was there in May this year, there were 2000 people at the lecture.

GN: Wow, that's a lot of people. Now, I got to ask you this, Benjamin, while we chat this hour, and then I'll keep you for phone calls for an hour after that [my comment: remember, he never did any phone calls, because he felt too sick!].

There are a lot of people who do study the Maitreya. They truly believe that he, it, whatever you want to call this, is the Antichrist. And I know you don't get offended when you get those questions... you're gonna get a lot of those tonight. But I do need you to address that. People believe he is the Antichrist. Why?

(to be continued)

posted on Aug, 3 2009 @ 07:40 PM
BC: Well, people are completely wrong, because they don't know what the Antichrist is. The usual idea of the Antichrist is that it is some kind of a man who will appear before the Christ, and this is the expectation of Christians, that the Christ will return and they don't know when or the manner, and they posit the idea that before he comes will come into the world a man who could be mistaken for the Christ, but he is in fact evil incarnate. He is the devil; he is all the worst possible evil they can imagine.

It's their own fears that they project onto Maitreya. The Antichrist is something completely different from that; it's not a man, it is an energy, deliberately released into the world to break down the old order. It's in Revelations of St. John, as you probably know.

(to be continued)

posted on Aug, 3 2009 @ 08:18 PM
This is what I think about all of this:

If the Maitreya does indeed exist like Creme says he wouldn't need Creme to talk about him. If the Maitreya wanted attention like that he would do it by himself without the need of a "stranger".

Unless the Maitreya that Creme talks about is indeed the so-called Anti-Christ then I would say that Creme is just a charlatan. If not a charlatan just trying to make money and get famous he is truly a worshiper of the "devil".

Either way he shouldn't be heard and should be ignored.

posted on Aug, 3 2009 @ 08:31 PM
BC: It refers to the release of the Antichrist through the Emperor Nero, who saw that the Roman dispensation could be finished and destroyed to prepare the way for Christendom. It was released again in our time through Hitler, a group around Hitler in Nazi-Germany, together with a group around Mussolini in Italy, and a further group of militarists in Japan. And these 3 forces, the Nazis and the fascists in Italy, and the Japanese militarists embodied the energy we call the Antichrist.

It has been [...] and has done its destructive work and prepared the way for the coming of the Christ today. Maitreya, as far as Christians are concerned, is the Christ... and they await him without knowing that he's called Maitreya. They are looking for Jesus Christ.

Well, Jesus is a disciple of Maitreya [!!!], and 2,000 years ago Maitreya used a vehicle, the body of the disciple Jesus, to manifest for three years, from the baptism to the crucifixion. Jesus made two enormous sacrifices: one was the giving up of his body for the use of Maitreya for these 3 years; and the other to be literally crucified on the cross -- which is a symbolic enactment of a great initiation, which in the West is called the crucifixion. In the East, it's known as the Great Renunciation, in which all is renounced, even death, life itself, for the higher life of the resurrected masters.

GN: If this return, Benjamin, of the Maitreya, could come at any time, why? Why now?

BC: He comes now, at this particular time, because the masters as a group, quite apart from humanity, have come to the end of a cycle in their evolution, which requires them to return to the everyday world where once they lived as ordinary men and women in the world. To show their ability to work on all planes, they have consciousness on all planes on Earth.

But to show their ability to work consciously and with control on all planes in group formation... they have done this individually, but they must show their ability to do it in a group formation. As their teacher, as their leader, Maitreya comes as one of them. That's the reason for coming at this moment.

The other reason is, humanity is going through a tremendous cosmic event; the change from one cosmic cycle to another.

GN: A huge change.

BC: A huge change. From the Piscean experience to the Aquarian experience. And this goes on over years and years and years; the energies of Pisces began to recede in 1625. The energies of Aquarius began to come in in 1675. And by now, they're more or less equal. Not quite, but very near.

And the world is divided into two lots of people: those -- not because they're evil but because they love them -- who are holding on to the old ways, the old ways of Pisces. The greedy, selfish, self-interested ways of Pisces, and old structures -- political, economic, religious, social, scientific, educational, and so on, are all created under the energies of Pisces.

But we are now in the early stages of the age of Aquarius. And the new energies are coming in and are quite different from those of Pisces.

GN: But you know, Benjamin, with this entire world upside down right now, it is ironic that the Maitreya would arise at this same time.

BC: No, I think it's very pertinent that just at such a time he does come to show us how to handle the situation; how to safely move from the experience of Pisces to the experience of Aquarius. The energies of Pisces have given us a tremendous sense of individuality; a sense of idealism, devotion to an ideal. But that ideal, because of the marked individuality at the same time, has always been our own ideal.

Whatever had to with ourselves, our family, our group, our nation, our country, is right... whatever it does. It does no wrong, and we do no wrong. So we have built in a kind of one-sided view of life, a fundamentalist view of life and have left ourselves no longer open to other points of view. And it takes all points of view to make a world.

We're not all thinking the same things, and we're not all at the same point in evolution. And so the world is really an aggregate of ideas and forces, and that has to be given an expression... whereas holding on to one dogmatic viewpoint, whether that be religious, you know, Christian, or Buddhist, or Muslim, or Hindu, or Jewish, or whatever, is not of benefit to humanity. [my comment: and there we have it -- isn't that exactly the "sensible" viewpoint the devil would take?]

(to be continued)

posted on Aug, 3 2009 @ 09:24 PM
BC: Neither is holding on to an ideological idea, like socialism, or communism, or democracy, or fascism, or Naziism. These are mental ideas, and they only confuse. They block the view of life and reality to humanity. So we are all working through a fault [?] of glamor; we don't see life as it really is. And that glamor has to be removed.

The masters are people who have in themselves removed in themselves all hints of glamor from their emotional makeup, all hints of illusion from their mental makeup, and are perfected. And they are there to show us how to do the same thing, how to become like them, perfect.

And then the [?] through the work of hierarchy is how to show us, how to safely move out of the restraints and exaggerations of Pisces into the unity of Aquarius. The energies of Aquarius are about oneness, unity, but with total diversity, so that they are a unity in diversity. It's the utmost individuality, the utmost diversity, but all brought together and put to the service of unity.

GN: Are you still in telepathic communication with the Maitreya?

BC: Not with Maitreya, no, but with my own master.

GN: Okay. How about Maitreya, are you in contact with him at all?

BC: I'm in contact with him, yes, but not in a sort of like 40 amp sort of way, you know. He overshadows me at all my meetings; he directs the energies through me in our meditation... transmission meditation, which our master has introduced to the world. But I can't ring him up and call him anytime. But I can sort of ring him up and say, "Look, would you do this or that."

GN: Does he have the ability to manifest himself wherever he wants to go?

BC: Yes, wherever. Anywhere in the world at any moment. He is omniscient; he has full consciousness of omniscience; he is also omnipresent. It says in the Bible, "A little sparrow could not fall to earth but the Lord would know about it." It's like that with Maitreya; nothing can happen that he doesn't know about.

GN: There are some that say that he is a proponent of a one-world government, so I chat with you about that, Benjamin, when we come right back.


BC: No, it is not the plan of hierarchy. When I say hierarchy, I mean a spiritual hierarchy of which Maitreya is the head and leader. It is not the plan of hierarchy that this world should have one form of government. In fact, they see a multiplicity of different viewpoints, different ways to organize what we call governments -- the manifestation of all the disciplines and the ways of living, and relating, which make up our own present world.

And they see a refining of all these ways, and they will have some things in common, but they will be quite different depending on the individual destiny, the type of background, how old they are as nations -- older ones and newer ones will be different in style.

Some nations are very old, Britain is old, Japan is old, France is old, America is very new, Russia is very new. And the differences in outlook are a result of this, whether you're old looking or new looking, you know, whether you have all the exuberance of youth that America has, but also maybe some of the naivety of youth.

And maybe Britain and Japan and France have a wider outlook, a deeper outlook, but maybe not the outer physical exuberance to make a big noise about it. And they certainly don't have the size and wealth and resources of America. But America is very important and has a very big influence in the world. But it is an influence coming out of a very new nation, and that new nation cannot always be right.

One of the problems, up until now, for America is that it always believes it's right, and it believes that its way is the only way for the world. This is not hierarchical view; they don't see one world government -- call it American style, or Russian style, or Chinese style, or any other style. they see a world full of differences, all categories, all individual types of nations with different talents, all woven into a great tapestry, which together makes humanity.

And that humanity they see as a brotherhood, sisterhood, that we are all one. Basically, fundamentally, behind all the differences in religion, in age, in talents, in outward appearances, we are all one -- brothers and sisters of one world. This is the essence of the hierarchical view of the world. In fact, as far as humanity is concerned, unless we come to the realization of that oneness and put behind us war forever, then there will be no world... we will destroy the world.

GN: We seem to be in the midst of an economic collapse, even though we're holding on by a thread right now. What would the Maitreya or the other masters of wisdom recommend?

BC: They recommend, very simply, a complete change in our way of relating economically.

GN: How so?

BC: They see, as I just said, the world as one. And basically all the people of the world, of whatever color, class, background, and teaching, and so on, they all have the same basic needs. We all need food, enough food to live, no creature can live without food. So, food is the first thing. We all need shelter; we all need work; we all need health care; and we all need education.

These are the basic requirements and should be natural to all people, given as our right. And you know the United Nation's Bill of Rights; fundamental to the Bill of Rights is the right of food, of livelihood, of shelter, of health care, and of education.

GN: That sounds like our new agenda here in this country.

BC: Yes, well, go ahead and do it. I mean, lead the world if you must. America always has to lead the world, but sometimes it will find itself following the rest of the world and I wish it would do so a little oftener.

GN: On the face of it, all those things seem very gallant...

BC: They are, they are necessary for life.It would result in a world without the kind of crisis that we are going through today. There is nothing more distorted than our economic structure, and Maitreya comes as a teacher to show us how to live together in peace.

GN: How will the Maitreya show up, Benjamin?

posted on Aug, 3 2009 @ 10:06 PM
BC: He will come first of all on television in this country, and then in Japan, and then throughout the world. And he will not be called Maitreya. He will not declare himself as Maitreya, so that people can relate to him for his ideas -- that they believe in the things he is talking about.

GN: What will he be referrred to as?

BC: Well, Mr. So-and-so, just one of us. He wishes to be seen in the beginning as one of us [!!!], and then gradually, as people respond, more and more people will see the truth of what he says.

And one of the extraordinary things is, you will find it to be very simple. He will talk as I am talking to you now, about the need for sharing as the only way to produce trust, the need for trust as the only way to get justice in the world, and peace in the world. Because if there's no justice, there will never be peace. And if there's no peace, there is no future for humanity, because now we can destroy all life, human and subhuman alike.

GN: Is the Maitreya right now in a physical body?

BC: Yes, he's in a physical body which is self-created. He has a body of light in the Himalayas, but in the few years before 1977, when he came down into the everyday world, he had been creating a body which allows him to live at our level -- resistant enough to our vibration and the vibration of the modern world -- and at the same time sensitive enough to his higher vibration as the world teacher, the Christ to Christians, Maitreya Buddha to Buddhists, and so on, that allows him to bring in that consciousness, so that we can recognize him as the Christ or the Maitreya Buddha, or whatever is our own particular view of him... and respond to him.

GN: There will be some that will not welcome him, you know that.

BC: Indeed, indeed, there are people today who don't welcome the IDEA of him; they never met him, they've never seen him, they've never felt his energy, they never experienced the love which is his being... and yet they say he's the Antichrist. I mean it is, to me, so bizarre.

GN: Does it offend you?

BC: No, it doesn't offend me, but it is sad, because they are blocking themselves from the greatest experience they could have in this world.

GN: You know when you were on with me four years ago, I got emails from people -- and I gotta tell you, Benjamin, you're a very pleasant person -- but people emailed me, by the hundreds, saying that they were feeling ill, physically sick, when you were on. Remember, we talked about that.

BC: Yes, and they called me the man of the Antichrist.

GN: They did. Tell me about this star that we're hearing so much about.

BC: As he approaches the time when he's coming right out into the physical plane, speaking in an everyday sense of the world, he is here. He has come down from the Himalayas in July 1977, but has not come out into the everyday world. Now in the arena of the world, he will present his ideas and it's up to us to respond or otherwise.

But to prepare the way for humanity to recognize that this is true, that this is happening, he has presented the world with a whole series of extraordinary signs, miracles happening by the score, for years and years and years.

And the latest of them all is not exactly a star, but what looks like a star... a star-like luminary of tremendous brilliance, which can be seen in daylight or in the night all over the world. There are actually four of them, so that everywhere, north, south, east and west, can see one of these stars.

And of course they are not stars, but they are gigantic spacecraft, each of them about the size of five football fields put together. And they charged from the sun and become incredibly brilliant, like a star or a very bright planet like Venus or Jupiter.

And yet, they don't behave like Venus and Jupiter; they change color all the time. They move about, they are not on one trajectory as the planets are, and are of course infinitely nearer to us than the stars. Yet they look like a star, but brilliant in the extreme.

And this is a repitition and relates to the Star of Bethlehem; you know when Jesus was born. There were 3 wise men from the East led by a star to the point where Jesus was born in Bethlehem. They followed the star, and over the weeks of their travel, the star went ahead of them and then stood still over... THAT was a spacecraft. It wasn't a star but a spacecraft. And four alike spacecrafts, like that star, have been created and are in place now as heralds of the event of Maitreya's physical outward appearance in the world... though he won't, as I said, be called the Maitreya.

GN: I've never heard you talk about this before.

BC: No, this is the latest sign, the latest event.

GN: So it IS close.

BC: It is very, very close indeed. It could be any time, it could be tomorrow night, or last night, or a week or a month or two months from now.

GN: How will we know, Benjamin, if this individual, let's say, goes on television or goes on radio... how will we know he is who he is?

BC: Welll, he wouldn't say who he is, until the Day of Declaration, when he will reveal his true status and appeal to the world, call on the world...

GN: Are we seeing him now?

BC: No, you're not seeing him now. He hasn't actually gone on television yet. But he has appeared to many people in the world, many, many people know the Christ.

He held a conference in London in 1990, with some 250 people of tremendous stature and personal achievement in the world were invited, and many of them came. There were kings, there were heads of governments, there were people in the diplomatic service, there were about 40 major journalists...

GN: They kept that pretty quiet...

BC: Yes, indeed. This is a tragedy, because these journalists know as well as I do that the one we... that the Christians know as the Christ... and whom I call the world teacher, the Lord Maitreya, is in the world. And he was at that conference -- he appeared and disappeared before them many times, and he... I could give you the names of two people who were there, because they're dead and I'm not infringing on their free will.

GN: All right, who were they?

BC: One was the king of Jordan, King Hussein. And Maitreya asked him if he would give up the sovereignty to the West Bank in Palestine to provide a homeland for the Palestinian people.

(to be continued)

posted on Aug, 3 2009 @ 10:13 PM
BC: And the good King Hussein said yes, he would. And Maitreya put in charge of that the other man who was in that group, who was called Machete by the Israeli government and finally died of broken heart... the terrific initiate and wise Mr. Arafat.

Arafat was put in charge of the Palestinian cause, and was told that he should try to make peace with the Israeli government. But it had to be fair. And every effort to make peace he took part in and sometimes was very, very tempted to agree to some of the proposals. But the Israeli government annexed the West Bank and offered at the highest point -- it's even less now -- at the very highest point offered the Palestinians 41% of the land. Now they're offering even less.

GN: Why wasn't a deal finally struck years ago, when everyone had this opportunity?

BC: Because the Maitreya said again and again to Mr. Arafat: "Do not accept it. It is unjust, and because it's unjust it will not hold."

(to be continued tomorrow -- I'm dead tired)

posted on Aug, 3 2009 @ 10:20 PM

Originally posted by sad_eyed_lady
I have heard George Noory say, many times that we was a Catholic. Catholics are Christians. Did he change his mind?

He's a Catholic by heritage (like myself). It's kinda like saying you're Jewish because you grew up Jewish, even if you're an atheist.

He is an agnostic I believe (though it's hard to know exactly what Noory believes because he claims to believe almost everything, lol).

posted on Aug, 4 2009 @ 12:07 AM
All that I care to say is that was the last time I listen to GN. I stepped away from the show for a few minutes and come back to GN saying he got sick. Now come on, do you really believe that? If he had 100 emails saying people got sick, so what. He has what, near ten million listeners on any given night. That is not a very big ratio. In my honest opinion, he cut the interview off, quite frankly, cuz it was boring as Hell and he probably had to take a piss. The C2C audience is made up by a majority of dumbarse's these days and the insuing phone calls after Cremejob left only proves this point. I don't buy for a minute he got sick. In fact, I don't believe anything he says or does. PsyOp

posted on Aug, 4 2009 @ 08:26 AM
reply to post by Marrr

I didn't think the interview was that boring... and I bet there are lots of people raptly listening to Creme interviews to figure out IF the Maitreya is the Antichrist or not (if he exists). And it's usually not Noory's style to cut guests off -- ESPECIALLY when they are "esteemed" guests that have been on the show numerous times before. He would never be that rude... plus, that would probably deter those guests (and maybe others) from ever coming back.

So, no, I don't think he did that for the show effect. If he had, that would be pretty stupid, from a business standpoint.

(As an aside, just because YOU thought it was boring doesn't mean other people think so too. I myself have listened to certain C2C AM shows and thought, God, what a yawner. Wasn't even sure if I wanted to listen to the whole thing. But then they take phone calls and people are saying, "What a fantastic show tonight, George!", "Interesting topic, George!" -- and I go, "Huh???" Happens to me all the time. Different strokes for different folks, I guess.

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posted on Aug, 4 2009 @ 08:40 AM
reply to post by sylvie

You want to hear something really funny? Anyway, here it is...Everytime I try to find out what Maitreya means I can't concentrate. I lose focus.

I've tried many times to read threads, websites or links that someone else brings up about it because I'm curious about everything. But, I can't get myself to pay attention.

Just like this thread. I'm trying to tell you what happens and suddenly my mind just wanders away.

Basically, maitreya is an entity having something to do with both spirituality and other beings (the list of possibilities is long). Something to do with end-time prophesies, predictions of doom and man's ascention (to something higher?).

Can the power of suggestion be at play here? Making people sick or not able to pay attention?

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