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So I have chosen the life of the nomad

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posted on Aug, 3 2009 @ 07:35 AM
My wife and I decided to say to heck with living the 9-5 day after day, so we bought a used van and converted it to a "motor home" We haven't been out all that long but we are finally living life, not just existing. I really wonder how many ATSers and Americans are living the same kind of lifestyle. If you are a nomad or know of [a] nomadic person(s) u2u me. If you have any place in Kansas you want checked out I would love to visit some weird places here. Well anyway, you all have a good day and I will keep everyone updated. I have a website but I'm not sure I can put it here (or should) if you want it u2u me and I will give you our website addy.

PS...not sure if this is where this thread should go so if its in the wrong place please move it... Thanks mods

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