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Administration looks to rewrite historical economic data!!

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posted on Aug, 3 2009 @ 05:23 AM
There was a snippet on the Drudge Report as recent as Friday. It was right under the link for economy 2x worse than previously thought. It then said, "Administration looks to rewrite historical economic data" Sounds dangerously close to the Obama Administration doesn't want us to know something.
What do you think? Drudge stated this was a developing story, but by Saturday it had disappeared from the website. I have been a long time reader of the Drudge Report, and don't often see an important notice of a developing story get buried so quickly.

posted on Aug, 3 2009 @ 06:54 AM
reply to post by stinger94

Nice find.

They do that all the time. In Canada, these folks are a joke.

I Remember a federal minister, asking statistics Canada to lower the amount a familly should earn yearly, in order to show less poors in the country.

Last year, they did rewritte the datas in Québec, to avoid 2 consecutives quarters with downsize in GDP, witch would have mean a recession.

They remove oil, to show there is no inflation in their calculus.
They add oil in their calculation, when it goes down.

And Obviously, optimism is the motto for the puppets MSM.

Again, misrepresentation and funny quotes by officials; the recession is over.....recovery ahead.....less worse than expected....etc...

I don't know what recovery they are talking about, but if there is any yet to be seen; I find, personnaly, that it is all built on sand.

For the US economy, ''specialists'' rejoice over, a less worse second quater than expected.

But it is still a fourth quarter in a row with a GDP contraction. Never seen in the US history.

All these stock exchange boosts, look inflated to me.

What we saw, is the US currency loosing about 5 % of it's value in less than a month.

Treasury auctions have problems on their own.

When the boat sinks, or the building is about to collapse, the recording is always the same.


Then the recording stamms or breaks : ))))

posted on Aug, 4 2009 @ 12:55 AM
Man, that blew me away, I am as someone else said, and average user, I don't BS but I'm not that great at the research yet. I just can't find all the facts that you guys can, so I like to give my opinion on things as I see them. No filter, no bs, like it or not here is my thoughts.

I too believe the stock market is being artificially inflated to give the illusion that everything is coming back to normal, or at least it isn't as bad as it was. We have found the bottom yada yada yada. Now, MSM was all coming out saying we have the latest reports, the recession is over. Then the very next day, reports coming out showing the exact opposite, and Obama calls out the media on it. This looks very suspect to me.

Most of the MSM is on the white house payroll in some way shape or form. It would be great to give the media this fake report, then come out and say the media was wrong, that way we think "oh, the media got it wrong again, can't believe everything you see on tv"! Then when reports come in on some shenanigans, the President can turn around and say yeah, just like when they said the recession is over right? I don't know like I said extremely suspect. And notice how none of the government officials are going to be on this health care plan? It is so great, they aren't on it. They are all sticking to their own plans. Which by the way is a better health care plan than Tricare, which is what the military uses. Alot better than Champus, which is what we used to use, and now I see Tricare ain't so bad.

Obama during the campaign said, and please forgive me I can't think of the direct quote, but he said something along the lines that he didn't agree with the way that President Bush didn't give them enough time to read the bills before pushing them through, (The first stimulis package) now, look at him. We even have our representatives ADMITTING they don't read the bills. Other reports say the bill isn't even finished being written. Obama himself hasn't read the bill, because if he did he could do more than give analogies of what the difference is between his plan and the current private insurers.

So now they rewrite economical data. You would think this would be illegal. This smells of fraud. If Wall Street did this, they would get nailed to the wall. If I did this on my taxes, I would be arrested. If loan companies did this, they would be driven out of business. Didn't Enron do stuff like this?

I see a whole lot of bad stuff coming in the near future...

posted on Aug, 4 2009 @ 01:01 AM
I watched the Enron documentary "The smartest men in the room" and it was striking when the Enron ship was sinking people like Lay and Skilling were saying the same things about their economy that these "experts" are saying now. After wathcing it, I thought that Enron was a microcosm of the US Economy or a "proving ground" if you will.

Anyways back on topic though, I do think the stock market is being artifically inflated. How can you have a "recovery" when you base rallies on "the bad news wasn't as bad as it could have been"? Jobs aren't being created, the country's manufactuing base is not being revived and we keep on spending money we don't have. I think Obama and his team are definately trying to hide something big.

posted on Aug, 4 2009 @ 01:45 AM
Me thinks the ship is sinking! The American public is now starting to catch on to alot of the government bs. It is interesting that this headline was on drudge for a very short amount of time. No one in the MSM is talking about it.
Are there others here in the ATS world that can help in figuring out what this might mean? Are they going to do like New York and ship our homeless out so they can fudge numbers and say we're doing a lot better, homeless are finding homes and jobs at an alarming rate, or fudge some numbers in the agricultural department, we exported more than we really did so here's the numbers on that, jobless rate wasn't really going down because of x reason, our debt isn't really this much so we don't owe China billions. Whoops now we go to war with China. OR, We created 10,000,000 jobs in a quarter, unprecedented job growth due to Obamas Civilian Peace Corps!, And the homeless rate has dropped by 10%!

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