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Weird dream I keep having - please interpret!

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posted on Aug, 2 2009 @ 09:51 PM
First off I've had this dream many times over the past few weeks. Its very clear when I wake up but its mostly all gone after an hour - except for the end, so please forgive me if its not really clear enough. There's a lot that happens in between what I'll write, but that stuff tends to change a lot, while this remains essentially the same.

So it starts with me in a shopping centre or a mall of some sort. I'm alone at first and I'm just sorting of hanging out there. Eventually a few other people, who I don't know when awake, join me and its clear I'm friendly with them.

We spend some time just hanging out essentially until we get to a large sort of arcade area. There are rooms full of video games, arcade machines and rooms for physical recreation too (squash, tennis courts, football pitches etc... its a big mall). And this is where it usually gets weird.

I walk into an arcade (alone now) and come upon two incredibly fat men bashing away at an arcade machine which is some sort of Terminator game. One of them is black and the other white, but apart from that they are identical. They see me and for some reason advance on me. The white guy has a one of those hand-tazer things (stun gun I think its called) which he tries to jab me with, and I for some reason have a lightsaber. I dodge his attacks and despatch his friend before attacking him but am always shocked that he doesn't seem to react in any way. He advances and jabs...

And then I'm in one of the football pitches (and by that I mean soccer pitches). There is an all-girls game going on and from where I stand I can't tell any teams apart. All the players are just below average height, wearing black kits and have just above shoulder length blonde hair. They see me and the game stops and one of them starts walking towards me. For some reason I find her absolutely terrifying and I back against a wall. She doesn't seem to notice and eventually stands like an inch in front of me. She then tip toes so she's level with me and starts talking. I can never remember (or hear) what she says but I recall her eyes. They are a brilliant blue with small pupils. When I stop paying attention to her eyes and start to listen I wake up.

I mainly want help with finding out what it means because its starting to really bug me. I've had the dream so many times that all I have to do is think of the girl standing so close to me at the end and I start to experience the symptoms of panic; my heart beats faster, my stomach starts to 'jiggle' and I get kinda anxious and fidgety.

Thanks for any help you can offer.

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posted on Aug, 3 2009 @ 12:06 AM
here's where i go to interpret all of my dreams and it helps out alot!

hope that helps ya!


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