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Best explanation of why amnesty of illegal immigration doesn't help.

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posted on Aug, 2 2009 @ 03:33 PM
Messege to "MOD", if this is not the right "Cat" please move for me. ty.

I feel I need to first say that my wife is from another country, my child with her is of a mixed race due to our separate races, I love them both dearly but it was she that explained this theory to me along time ago when we first met and it made perfect sense then and when I saw this video it makes perfect sense now.

Please know that I don't see in colors, for me it's not about not wanting any other cultures in the US, my political opinions are not at work here but instead my concern is the attempt by the TPTB to wash away any and all countries from keeping it's sovereignty. Keeping us divided in our differences while continuing to distroy our rights to gain more power.

Please remember, it is our governments that is allowing immigration to exist while tryin to make us believe that there is a problem. They want us to continue arguing over sides that they keep creating but do nothing to truly help those countries in need of improvements, education, health problems and economic devastations.

posting note, please discard the title of the video as I'm sure it was a way of making it pull up on most searches. I probably didn't term that correctly lol.

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