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The Day of Chill

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posted on Aug, 2 2009 @ 05:44 AM
Maybe in the near future nothing will be hectic anymore. For one day I ask the people of this world to take a day off from their negative obligations and attempt to be safe and sound. I hope that we realize that the good is here, how could it be denied? I recall when I was a particularly questioning religious youth that I would always argue against my Grandparents belief that the only way to know God was by going to church. I was convinced that God was actually in our heart and therefore going to church was a waste of time. One of the things I said directly to my Grandparents at one point during these sessions was, "Why does God need church?" My Grandparents response was that without church there was no faith. My Grandparents are firm people and their respect for faith still resonates within me today. I say, embrace yourself and your lust for life! Let your mind make a statement that will last and echo indefinitely! We really are promised and privileged perceivers that can connect with anyone around us almost too easily. Keep the faith and just mellow out, I mean it is Sunday after all. I wish you all well on this day of chill.

Good Day!


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