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General Theories Discussions

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posted on Aug, 1 2009 @ 05:14 PM
Hi just thought it would be fun to have a general discussion on theories, such as Evolution, Intelligent Design, Ghosts, Obama is president, just kidding there.

Any who, I have been reading some great novels and recently sawa great mini series and they bring up some great discussion material.

Author is James Rollins and the mini series is Torchwood:Children of Earth.

so join in share your brain think and all geeks, nerds and intelligencia are welcome.

So ok I will start, in the last Rollins book they are talking about experiments done by the nazis and their connections to the esoteric and such, but they of course are focused on the primordial soup and on character in the book is saying that at the subatomic level things change because of some one observing.

Ok I am Readers Digest- ing this but IF we are just a random bunch of cells, who was the one observing that got the whole thing going? And where did the stuff that went bang come from?

Before the stars and planets got here, what was here? a big empty white space?

As we can not wrap our minds around the whole universe and all that is in it, mainly because we can't really see it or go there, then..........well you get the picture.

So much is lost in translation, prefer verbal communication meself.
I have a thought about how to find some answers but well no one here and not enough green paper.

posted on Aug, 1 2009 @ 06:14 PM
It's my opinion that the observing of sub atomic levels reacting due to being observed is an absurd cop out. They have no idea what they're looking at. The same feeling I got in high school studying Axioms, or certain rules of the English language.
It's just factual nonsense, with no real application.

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posted on Aug, 5 2009 @ 04:15 PM
So right there. And now for a few random thoughts maybe they will spark conversation.

So here I sit on this great round blob thing we call earth. I think it needs a new name, just because, I bet no one really got to vote on a name, someone just decided.

Maybe it was random or maybe a committee, no that would still be in session.

Why am I here? Now for most people that is a normal question, but I was here one day and the next………, gone…… why was I sent back? I think it might have been the dress code. I didn’t have a dress.

So I am here in a world that seems, logically speaking, to be completely insane.
Definition of insanity: trying to do the same things and expecting different outcomes.

We want prosperity, but complain about those who have it. And claim that the simple life is better, while we spend countless hours prostituting ourselves to get some anyway.

We want to be healthy, but we fight for and sponsor a dis-ease care system that keeps us from good health. We promote a drug monopoly that lets us be dependent on keeping our hard earned ill health, while trouncing on those who can really make us well.

We want Truth, but support a system that lies to us, manipulates us and deceives us daily. And we crucify anyone who brings us truth. We complain about the lies, but deny truth in favor of the comfort the lies give us.

We want freedom, but, not for everyone equally, just a few chosen ones. We want to have the law protect us, but to protect some more then others.

Overall the psychology of the human race gives me great pause, up is down, good is bad, I am lost.

IS our psychology manipulated by the media, holly weird, schools, religion, or are we just that stupid?

We see our freedoms being manipulated and squashed, but we go to court, no deal. We go to protest, tear gas. We write letters, not delivered or not read.

We do town meetings, but we want real answers and so they stop coming.

Religion says, Armageddon, but is the Bible to be read from a Spiritual perspective and the words are only clues to a higher meaning we are missing?

Theorists tell us about Aliens, most of us have yet to see one. A pandemic that will get us inoculated and most of us will die. Camps where most of us will die. Control of our food supplies to bring about starvation. Where most of us will die.
Kind of makes me think of the movie about the end of the world and they are going to survive, then its not the end, and I have a weird question: On that Life after humans, who survived to film it all?

Ok back to my internal dialogue. So we are up against insurmountable odds. We have little or no contact with each other, we have a few guns, maybe some ammo, if not the guns are only good for hammers. But hey, every little bit helps.

Half of the populace does not believe in God, the other half wants to but has not seen a Biblical miracle in so long they are a little unsure.

Ok there are a few who have faith in God, but what kind of God?

So, if the US is falling and all other countries are already there, then there is no place to really go. So maybe we should just lay down and die? Or maybe join the club. Or maybe God will save us all. Or maybe the aliens will have a go at us.

So I have a thought, actually I have many every day, but some are not on topic.

Lets get together and have a big party and then kick some butt. Or we can build a place of safety, and, I know, where? So has anyone polled the Governors of the several states to see where they stand and to ask them which one would like to be ground zero for the new revolution?

Bet no one thought of that? Wow just realized I haven’t eaten all day, must be the fact my blood sugar is dropping. So I will return to my inner dialogue in a public setting, after I stop shaking.

I am so cabin fevered. I sold my business a year ago to help my sis and I and, my 9yo, moved in with her, as I was no longer able to handle a place of my own. I live in this single bedroom and we have a bath to use, but in subtle and sometimes, not so subtle ways, we are reminded this is not our home.

I would love to live in a fifth wheel with solar panels and a portable wind generator for back up. Sat TV and Web and be mobile. Do something that requires us to travel around America and get paid to do it.

I sit here in the middle of nowhere, with a car that is more like an unruly mule. It is a homebody and complains vigorously if I try to take it to town. We have tried to reach out and meet people but I have never lived in a more inhospitable place.

“Please release me let me go” I was just singing that, but you can’t hear me. The song police however ruled me unfit to sing in public.

My blood sugar is low again. No food, no job, but I have my sanity. They can’t take that away from me. And don’t post some vile answer that says they can, I am enjoying my temporary illusion.

But seriously folks where is the silver lining? The End of the Rainbow and the pot of Gold? With my present luck its in Alaska.

This thread is called Randomness……………….. And its green thread. I have tried chat rooms, but intelligent conversation is not spoken there. Forums are ok, but the feedback is so…..delayed.

I mean what if I posed a question such as, “ is hanging a good way to die?” and I did not get an answer for like a week, I would have to start over. I have many examples, but I think you get the drift.

This was an example do not call 911. But you could stop by with a good Carl’s Jr. Burger, they look so good on tv.

Ok I will take a brief break from my public inner dialogue and let some of you random folks bait me for future postings.

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