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Barney Frank - More proof the dems want to wipe out private insurance!

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posted on Jul, 31 2009 @ 02:29 PM
The Liberal Democrats keep saying we can keep our own healthcare, but when you really start listening to what they say you will soon realize that their ultimate goal is to wipe out private insurance and to take away your choices.

I created this thread yesterday about Nancy Pelosi and her hate for private insurance.
PROOF that Pelosi and the Dems want to wipe out Private Insurance!

Now today I found this video of Barney Frank admitting that Health Care Reform is just a means to an end to the true goal...A SINGLE PAYER SYSTEM.

Transparency my ass! These are the biggest bunch of two faced liars I have ever seen. They obviously dont have the sense to realize that this will bankrupt the country or maybe that is their goal.

Video of Barney Frank's one moment of truth.


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