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Why I never spoke up before...

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posted on Jul, 30 2009 @ 08:46 PM
I posted this on my facebook page last night and thought I'd share...If it belongs in another forum, my apologies....

"...was blind, but now I see..."

People have asked me, and other conservatives, why we never spoke up under Bush, or why we are all spouting off about the constitutional values of our founding fathers now under Obama, rather than under Bush?
There is a simple answer...we were blind. Just as current Obama lovers get a tingle up their leg every time they hear dear leaders name, despite the failed campaign promises and hypocrisies.....Obama! OOOooooohhh!.....we were blinded by having our own party in power.

I admit I thought the Patriot Act was a good idea, nay, a GREAT idea...the chance to really take down terrorists operating in our own country! Although somehow we still have these Islamic compounds in which neighbors say they hear gunfire and explosions from? Weird....After Obama was been elected, and I researched Marxism, Socialism, and finally Fascism, I have seen the errors of Bush. The Patriot Act was one of the worst, and most unconstitutional acts Bush approved, and he pushed it through congress and the senate without debate! Obama is on record criticizing Bush for ramming budgets through without debate, and that is exactly what Obama is doing with, well, everything so far. The amazing thing is that this Agent of Change, was expected to make it all better...guess what folks, Obama has allowed the Patriot Act to continue, bulked up the war in Afghanistan, and has even approved the unmanned aircraft bombings of homes in Pakistan.

Bush was a Neo-Con...aside from being a Con in general, he was a fascist. As a "conservative republican" he spent more and increased the size of government more than most other presidents, except of course for OBama, who will bankrupt this country with Cap and Trade and free healthcare...but then again maybe that is what he wants. Obama has constantly shown that he hangs out with people who are socialist and Marxist, people who are racist and hate whites, people who want Americorps and citizen troops to patrol the streets. Many socialists believe that the current economy needs to collapse, before it can be rebuilt in their eyes. Birds of a feather...

Seeing the horrors of Obama has opened my eyes to the horrors of those within my own party. Ultimately both sides don't give a damn about us, and only care about their own butts in office. Do you think the billionaires and trillionaires will have their wealth shared? Or pay more taxes? Pay no attention to the elites behind the curtain...pulling the strings of their latest puppet...Bush got the ball rolling, Obama is pushing it downhill...


Where do we go from here?


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