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Waiting for us to EVOLVE

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posted on Jul, 30 2009 @ 12:48 PM
This book is so incredible; I really have no words to justify how I feel reading it. Check it out. Here is an interesting section about life from other worlds or dimensions:

Things such as black holes, quanta mechanics, worm holes, other dimensions, string theory, dark matter and energy, time warps, UFOs, and other mysterious phenomena may or may not ever be understood, but it doesn’t matter, because it will always be just a manifestation of the balance in one way or another.

Even if highly advanced aliens from another planet show up, it will not make a real difference, because they live in the same universe as us and are controlled by the same force. The ultimate truth is the same for everything in the universe.

UFO: If we are being visited by life from other worlds or dimensions, they would have to be much more evolved than us. These highly advanced life forms from outer space, inner space, other dimensions, no doubt know the truth and the life, and are just waiting for us to learn it and live it before they make direct contact.

They are probably just waiting for us to become spiritual beings before they make their presence known. Their advanced technology will be a reward for us when we rise above the animal realm. Their advanced technology is probably given to all life forms that rise above the animal level, like a graduation present. They will show us how to stop aging, cure all disease etc.

They cannot give us this advanced technology before we change, because we would use it to kill ourselves and try to kill them. They cannot help us make the change, because we have to change ourselves.

They could show us the way and probably were the angels that appeared to the prophets in the past. They could be responsible for the mass hypnosis that hid the truth until now and that has hid their presence from us. They may be using me to write this book. Something has been using me, and it could be them.

People are always waiting for someone to come and save them, be it messiah or ET, and the truth is, we have to save ourselves. It is the only way it can work.

From page 310 of the free book, The Present (with religion), at The Truth Contest

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