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Did Jesus tell us who satan was? Name is Baraq O Bam-maw..if wrong prove it.

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posted on Sep, 2 2009 @ 04:39 PM
reply to post by TheAmused

Thats it... I knew it...

Dang it all!

posted on Apr, 14 2011 @ 02:23 AM
reply to post by helen670
It is interesting when the comment regarding Bush and 666 ,that you were ridiculing people who placed this anti christ theory on Bush jr.This comment was posted on 7.31.2009. Well,it is now April 2011.Some interesting things are found in relation to the number 666 and Rev 13.18 and rev 9.11 .Bush jr and Bush sr
birthdates added together are 7.06 +6.12=13.18 or 7+6=13 and 6+12 =18 .If you take 13.18 into 9.11=
1.44676180021 .Look at this # closely .decoded
1946.7.6(18=6+6+6)0021 =2001 so we have 1946.7.6 Bush jr birthdate then 666 then the yr 2001.When Bush jr
is 66.6 on feb 11,2013,that same day Bush sr will be 88.666,the only day that they both have 3 sixes in their ages,intersting.But even more interesting is the fact when Bush jr is exactly 66.66 years old,the exact date on that day in decimal form will be 2013.18,which is mar 6,2013...The bible gives a linnear time frame with four verses starting with Daniel 8.14(2300 days) Begin at Iraq war st date 3.20.2003,add 2300 days,goes to july 6,2009 Bush jr 63rd bday.Then Rev 11.3(1260days)from 7.6.2009 ,to 12.17.2012.Then rev 11.9(3.5 days)goes
from 12.17.2012 to 12.21.2012 !!! and next is Daniel 12.12(1335 days which goes from 7.6.2009 to 3.5.2013,
the 1335 th day ,the very next day Bush jr is 66.66yrs old on 2013.18 .I'm sure many of you would argue the
info about verse meanings.I just simply did the math in terms of addition.My ,what a grand coincidence.I
believe tribulation began on july 6,2009.I believe the middle of tribulation is Mar 2,2013.I believe rev 5;1 thru 12
is the exact description of the star platt map ,at 5.58 am over Jerusalem .These versus describe scripturally,
the positions of the stars and constellations ,at that moment ,on that morning of Mar 2,2013 at 5.58
Jerusalem in the sky ,directly above.

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