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posted on Jul, 30 2009 @ 07:30 AM
If this thread is the first one you have seen by me, let me inform you that this is merely a continuation of my last thread, "So its been a few years since ive been on here." If you want to hear my complete rant, i suggest you read that one first. If not, its whatev.

To start off, i would like for you to read a small passage out of the book The Gunslinger by Stephen King. It tells of things i have thought over previously, only in a way in which my communication skills will not let me thorough enough.

Now, is that a mind blowing passage or what? Think of atoms. Now think of Solar systems. and galaxies. what do these things have in common? orbit, circular movement. maybe our galaxy is viewed as an atom-like object to a very large race of beings. Indeed, we may be just a speck on a blade of grass on some alien planet. And their galaxy is the same to another race, and so on. But if you think this goes on in a neverending line, that is where you may be mistaken. Maybe this just goes in a circle, infinitely. It may be all a matter of perception, as the 'largest' of the expanding universes may be percieved as the smallest universe to what we percieve as the smallest. (Horton may not be so far off with his Who hearing lol)

I know i lost 99% of you there, so im gonna move on. haha

Time travel. now theres a flawed concept if ive heard one. Much like the previous theory on circular universes, this may be circular as well, only with time. For simplicitys sake, we will think of time in a line though. supposing there are different times to be traveled to, going in chronological order there has to be a start time, where everything happening has never happened before. or does there? can this be infinite? if so, then time travel isnt possible, because there would be no one to travel back *first* causing that same person in every other time to do the same, naturally.

another hairy subject, i apologize. next is more factual, the speed of light.

i will first explain to you why traveling at the speed of light isnt possible for us. See, Einstein came up with this really famous equation: E=MC(squared), or the theory of relativity. C is the speed of light, m is mass of the object, and e is the energy it takes. As you speed up, your mass actually increases, causing more energy to be dealt to maintain that speed. This is why it takes more gas to go fast in a car than it does going slow. But to get to the speed of light, anything with any mass would have to have infinite energy, because its mass would be infinite as well. That is why only light can travel at lightspeed, because it has 0 mass.

Because of relativity, someone on a motorcycle with a headlight traveling at any speed including 99.99% the speed of light will notice that the light coming from the headlights moves forward at the speed of light compared to their vehicle; it does not ooze out like a tube of toothpaste because of their speed.

Now, black holes are very different. They have such powerful suction that not even light can escape it, hence its blackness. These holes have an event horizon, or a point at which once something passes, it can no longer be seen by an outside observer. It wont disappear though, it will just seem to slow down until it stops. This isnt really what happens, though, its just an imprint of light left from an object before light vanished altogether. Inside the black hole, an object would be stretched as gravitational pull from closer to the center becomes stronger. Finally, it reaches the point of singularity at the absolute center, where its mass is crushed into a region with 0 volume, becoming nothing.

Its amazing how this stuff works, just mind boggling. That last bit came through a bunch of research, but the first part was just me shootin the pooch for awhile. I could go on, but no more characters left. comment

posted on Aug, 6 2009 @ 08:25 PM
Hi Swango,

The dark tower series was one of the best stories I have ever read, but it probably had one of the worst endings as well. I found it funny that Stephen King included some pages in the last book comparing a good book to sex. You dont have to have a orgasm for the sex to be good, he said. He mentioned he recieved alot of abusive mail about the ending. lol.
When you talk about not being able to travel faster than the speed of light and black holes, you have to keep in mind that all these principles and laws you read about that govern our world are all just theories still. I have read many stories about how the government has broke the speed of light barrier some years ago. If you look hard enough you can find video of UFO's over Iraq disappearing, which would suggest light speed.

posted on Aug, 6 2009 @ 08:37 PM
Where have you been friend? Don't answer that.

I'm happy to see you posting again. Please, don't let it be so long between posts again.

You have an interesting mind and we do need more of that. Not to mean we don't already have interesting members but we can benefit from your input.

I have a weird quirk when reading a magazine. I start at the back.

Well, anyway I'm going to now read your first tread.

posted on Aug, 6 2009 @ 08:58 PM
OK read your other threads.

It reminds me of a theory I was stuck on for many years. I think maybe even the Germans during WW2 had close to the same ideas.

Life, reality or whatever name you give it is like a river.

If we could go backwards far enough and with the proper speed would we be traveling back in time?

What about going forward to the future? That's a good question that I think about all the time.

I believe it is possible and may have already been done. The outcome of time travel may be so devastating that it has hidden from us.

Hope you respond.

[edit on 6-8-2009 by dizziedame]

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