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My Alien Encounter (Dream?)

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posted on Jul, 29 2009 @ 06:29 PM
This has happened a few times since around late last year. I've been hesitant to post, because I'm pretty sure people will just tell me I was dreaming. Well, it didn't feel like a dream.

It starts with me laying in bed watching TV or reading. All of a sudden I'll get this rushing feeling and everything will go black. What happens next varies, but I'll describe the first time.

After everything goes black I was immediately back in bed laying on my back, but unable to move. Some time passes, then something grabbed my feet and pulled me to the end of the bed, with my legs hanging off. With great effort I managed to scoot back to where I was. I was afraid to open my eyes. Some more time passes, then two sets of hands lift me off the bed and put me on the floor. There are bony fingers digging into my shoulders as if trying to rub them in a comforting manner, but it's really just creepy. Some time passes. A gravelly voice says "Get Up" and I find myself back in my bed, alone in the room as if nothing happened.

As I've said, it's happened a two or three times since that first time. Once I got up the courage to open my eyes during the last encounter, I saw that the creatures were typical Grays. I don't remember much about the last encounter, but I do remember reaching back and touching the eye of one who was sitting behind me, and finding that it felt like glass.

So, that's my story. Dream, OBE, or what? I have no idea, but it seemed real and I was completely lucid during the events that I remember.

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posted on Jul, 29 2009 @ 06:41 PM
HI i cant really tell if it was a dream or not...ive obe and lucid dreams, i kno the difference between the to...but i had a simliar experience when i didnt know if it was a real experience or a dream...Basically i woke up in a all white room,confused and a door opens up vertically and a orange/brownish grey type et comes out holding somthing like a big silver plate kinda thing..i was horrifyed beause ive seen greys during sleep paralysis and i have a deep fear of them to begin with but then all of a sudden the fear went away and it walked up to me and i shoved it back (shurged)...for sum reason it annoyed me a lot and it kept trying to do somthing but i kept bo-guarding it like get off me! lol i remember how rugged its skin felt....almost like cold wet bark or somthing

posted on Jul, 29 2009 @ 06:45 PM
I'll reply by quoting myself from a thread just the other day

quoted thread

"in the past few months as I am falling asleep, I frequently undergo a light sleep paralysis, with closed eyes I see a star field and impressions will appear in my line of "sight". These impressions might be of faces I do not recognize or people I do not know. On a few occasions, I have seen a demonic face with glowing eyes. I was raised agnostic by my parents and so have no prior religious imagery lurking in my unconscious. A few days after seeing the demonic impression I recognised this same image in a video about the illuminati (a topic which I had never seen a video about prior). On one occasion, I felt that there was a "presence" in my apartment, nothing that was visible, but a presence nonetheless.

Last night I closed my eyes, felt my body weigh down and began to see the 'starfield" that has become very very common for me. An image of a seemingly compassionate grey alien appeared to me. I asked it "what do they want", a moment later, an image of a snake slowly appeared, reared back and sprung at me, biting my shoulder without letting go. I felt as if I was being pinned by the shoulder and held down. I felt that I was being attacked. I told it to let go once, and then again more forcibly until it did. I had to force myself to open my eyes"

Have you heard about the ICAR research?
this thread may strike you as over the top but I very much encourage you to listen to the radio broadcast that is found in the links. 60 minutes or so that had chills running down my spine.


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