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July 24th 1998 UFO

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posted on Jul, 28 2009 @ 07:01 PM
i never posted anything about this and there were many witnesses, it was actual pointed out by a Navajo Indian at the Utah State Capital Building on the Hill.

the 24th of July is the Utah Statehood Aniversary, if you live there you know there are way better fireworks than the 4th of July on that day.

We went up to the Capital Building cause its up on the bench a good 500 ft above the valley and you can se multiple fireworks displays, the place we found on that property where there was room to sit was the Navajo memorial.

I sat down it was still daylight, was eating with my Girlfriend and her Kid. this older Indian guy said "Excuse me, i want to ask you some thing?", i said "sure". he said, look straight up",pointing to a opening in the clouds., "Do you see any thing there?"
I said "No". thinking this wasnt going to be important i still paid attention. he then said look again but cover one of your eyes, i did and there was a Black orb way up in the sky stationary. like 50,000 ft or in the realm just above commercial airliners...

he asked "you see it now?" i was like " Holy ****, yea, what a trip."

he said he was laying on his back, waiting for the fireworks and closed one eye , thats how he noticed it. he said it was there all day, it remained there for over a hour, then it got dark so i didnt see it anymore.

my girlfriend could see it also alot of other people saw it that he showed..

somehow the orb was doing something simular to a mirage you would see on a hot road, like a cloaking device, pulsating heat, but if you looked with one eye the pulsation didnt work...

my first impression it was from Dugway Proving Grounds and not a UFO. years later i saw a simular object above Big Cottonwood Canyon in Salt Lake City, could see that one right from my bedroom, and it was there every time i looked, very hard to spot, but once you saw it you could find it again...


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