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China allows rare glimpse inside PLA base

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posted on Jul, 28 2009 @ 08:42 AM
I would love to think like a non-conspiracy theorist on most issues, but I'm just so cynical and skeptical about most stories.

The Chinese government rarely allows foreign journalists into their bases, let alone allow them to have friendly tours and show pictures.

What's the real angle here? Are they hiding something? Are they purposely wanting to look nice? Something else at hand?

China allowed foreign reporters a rare glimpse inside an army base on Tuesday, part of a charm offensive apparently aimed at countering foreign fears over the nation's military build-up.

The People's Liberation Army's Third Guard Division gave journalists a tour of their living and dining quarters and a display of marksmanship and artillery firepower at their base, about an hour's drive north of Beijing.

"I am confident this will give you more exposure to China, the PLA, and our men and women in uniform and a good understanding of our sincerity, hospitality, openness and friendship," said Senior Colonel Leng Jiesong.


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