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Hawaii again declares Obama birth certificate real

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posted on Jul, 28 2009 @ 03:53 PM

Originally posted by AshleyD

Originally posted by Animal
There is a big difference between this type of criticizing Obama and the criticisms of Bush CO. Comparing them makes little sense.

This is a propaganda attack on Obama's legitimacy and citizenship and has nothing to do with policy.

I'm ranting in general here. Time after time criticism of Obama (policy-based or conspiracy-based) comes down to accusations of racism and partisanship. Yes, this particular issue is about the origins of birth.

But check out threads on his policies and proposals and you will see the race and partisan card played constantly. It's tiring.

It's tiring yes but then so are a host of arguments used across a variety of topics on these forums. I'm sure you've looked over some threads regarding Gay issues, personally I'm tired of the "Jesus said" card being played as proof of anything.

So that being said when someone plays the partisan or race card you just can't simply dismiss it as "tiring", you have to listen and ask yourself "If Obama wore a different face or was in a different party would I feel differently?", if the answer is-yes- then it should never be posted. I think the number of posts that would disappear from these forums if that question was answered honestly would be shocking.

So let the race/partisan card be the mirror that reveals an ugly face. Sometimes we need to see the truth for what it is.

posted on Jul, 28 2009 @ 03:58 PM

Originally posted by Blue_Jay33

I thought people came here to deny ignorance?
Not perpetuate it on pure emotion.

Factcheck confirmed that's a real document. But they didn't check the facts in question, specifically, where was Obama born? Nobody but a handful of people know and factcheck doesn't say, apparently factcheck doesn't know either.

posted on Jul, 28 2009 @ 03:58 PM

Originally posted by grover
reply to post by xmotex


And we all know that if the shoe were on the other foot...that McCain had won and there was some question about his status as a natural born citizen the ones who call themselves blither's now....would be screaming bloody murder and demanding the left stop defaming the president.

Oh ya got to love the arrogance of ignorant liberals with their doublespeak out both sides of their forked tongued mouths.

What short memories they have when it was they INSISTING John McCain man up and show his vaulted BC while Obama was blaming McCain for the economy when it was Obama that shut down McCains 2005 bill to put the stops on fannie and freddie and Obama was given hundreds of thousands of dollars from franklin raines whom he hired as his campaign tres.

None of us were calling you birther while Obama was telling his zombies to get in the faces of McCain supporters and intimidating republicans with black panthers working for acorn.

If any of you really were honest enough to get a look at this guy, there is NOTHING virtuous about Obama. N-O-T-H-I-N-G.

He never worked a hard day in his life, he never earned a damn thing and even the office he hold now, in spite of his terrorist friends, his BS theology, his spurious realstate dealings with tony the racketeer rezko, his tranny looking white hating wife and his commie mentors and role models, you all defend him and you have not one good reason for it.

In that whole race, McCain was the only one that ever really fought for you and he did what Obama didn't have cahonies for and why he can't fill McCains jock strap even if his wife can, Barry couldn't man up the way McCain did so get off your sanctimonious horse saying what we would have done because we have already proven the only ones who bitch are those who have had a reason to bitch and the only ones who talk smack and call them names are those like barry who must rob,. cheat and steal and lie their way through life calling eveybody names while they do it.

You say we would be mad about defaming McCain?

HA HA HA He is the only one of the two that could even be posible.

Barry got nothing to defame, he's a scumbag crook and everyone knows it. they just don't care because he is THER CROOK and no one is gonna take that away from them!


posted on Jul, 28 2009 @ 04:02 PM
I think Republicans are just bitter there's a black Democrat in office.


posted on Jul, 28 2009 @ 04:05 PM
reply to post by Helmkat

I would be really interested in seeing all of the references regarding Obama's race as a reason to be against his policies, backhandedness, etc.

The only thread I would ask to be omitted from your list is the one concerning the arrest of the Harvard Professor since it was Obama that played the race card himself.

I could care less that he's black.

But I refuse to pretend that everything he does is OK just because he's black.

I was serious in my request, as I had not noticed race being all that much of an issue.

Feel free to U2U me.

posted on Jul, 28 2009 @ 04:07 PM
reply to post by whatukno

Isn't this about the point where you should reintroduce your tiresome "time machine" statement, wuk? I don't believe I've heard that in a while.

I have no hatred for the President. I don't wish him ill, I don't even want him gone. I want him to do what everyone else has to do -- substantiate their credentials as a condition of holding a position of power. Simple. REAL simple. Of course, you know that.

Still, you're on a run -- a redundant run -- but a good run nonetheless. Time to get out that broad brush of yours and paint me as a right-wing nutcase, birther, and whatever else catchphrase of badibadiness you've stowed away. By the way, I don't object to "nutcase"; I wear that proudly
Just dont' call me a republican, neocon and I will continue to not insult you with labels.

posted on Jul, 28 2009 @ 04:08 PM

Originally posted by maybereal11
Just curious...what would prove his point? Providing facts and links and appealing to logic doesn't seem to work. Clearly disproving and Debunking outright lies doesn't seem to work

Maybereal don't give us that ridiculous theme of yours about you debunking lies when Obama is so full of lies and deceit. You want to talk about being on a mission to debunk liars, you can start with that phony POS sitting in the oval office, that ought to keep you real busy


posted on Jul, 28 2009 @ 04:11 PM
In case anyone was interested, here are only some of the threads regarding whether or not McCain is a natural born citizen. (He's as white as Wonder bread -- is it still an issue about race?) Of course, there are more concerning Obama, but that's because:

1. he was elected
2. McCain showed his

Edit to add: nothing
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posted on Jul, 28 2009 @ 04:14 PM

Originally posted by GorehoundLarry
I think Republicans are just bitter there's a black Democrat in office.


And back to race again

posted on Jul, 28 2009 @ 04:15 PM

Originally posted by GorehoundLarry
I think Republicans are just bitter there's a black Democrat in office.


Why would you say it was republicans that are against him for his race.

It was the Republican party and a Republican President that ended slavery perhaps you remember, his name was Abe Lincoln.

Only a liberal could be so nearsighted and silly calling the party that set the slaves free racist because they forgot which ones were the real bigots

Truth never was important to them.

Hence the reason Obama got away with it

posted on Jul, 28 2009 @ 04:17 PM
Regardless of the case at hand, I'd like to comment on this new phenomena of demonizing a certain belief by generalizing the people who believe it.

First we had Truthers, Troofers, then Birthers and now Blithers.... sigh...
Left wing, right wing... it's so pathetic to generalize people into two camps and then sling insults at each other.

And yes Grover, you assumption is false:

I'm by no means a republican or right wing, but this issue has interested me to some degree in the previous weeks, merely because I do not trust Obama after he declared his allegiance with big corp, big pharma, big banks etc... etc... and NOT with the people in his inaugural address.

So, I don't trust his slippery tongue, to the same degree I didn't trust Bush, but perhaps even more so since he's way more popular.

But then this here is pretty convincing, and Obama traveling the country with his birth certificate to show it around IRL isn't a good idea imo.

BUT regardless of all of this, I must admit I'm disappointed with the generalizations being thrown around.

'Birther'.... sigh... pretty soon the masses will make the connection and they'll generalize that truthers also believe Obama is a Kenyan Muslim.

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posted on Jul, 28 2009 @ 04:18 PM

Originally posted by maybereal11

They are going on his CoLB, which does not equate to a Birth Certificate.

Originally posted by djusdjus

the bogus intel used to launch the pre-emptive strike against Iraq.


I could go on, but it's clear what your position is. You don't want to hear the negatives about your hero I guess.

Bush was scum of the earth.

I was not talking about Bush. Try again

And I see that no one has tried to answer my questions yet.

Still waiting.

posted on Jul, 28 2009 @ 04:18 PM
Bill O'Reilly came out yesterday...
...against the birther movement.

Betcha dollars to donuts Lou Dobbs changes his position tonite or tomorrow.

This is the escape hatch for the Rethugs they'd better use it now!!

posted on Jul, 28 2009 @ 04:21 PM
reply to post by Psynarchist

From your link that you posted:

We beg to differ. staffers have now seen, touched, examined and photographed the original birth certificate.

Fukino said she has “personally seen and verified that the Hawaii State Department of Health has Sen. Obama’s original birth certificate on record in accordance with state policies and procedures."

How could they have done this if it was destroyed in 2001?

posted on Jul, 28 2009 @ 04:26 PM
reply to post by grover

I honestly don't spend much time thinking about Obama's citizenship status. I sincerely believe that if he were not a citizen that Hillary would have ripped him a new orifice over the issue, unless of course she was just satisfied to shut up and settle for the State Department.

Anyway, while I can't really be counted among the "birthers," I can't for the life of me figure out why Obama won't just produce the document for all to see, instead of having the state issue a "certificate of authenticity" for his birth certificate or having some bureaucrat make a statement that the birth cirtificate exists, like some member of the priesthood who has the power to tell us about the word of God, but will not let us just read it for ourselves.

That doesn't seem so hard, does it?

Just sayin'.

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posted on Jul, 28 2009 @ 04:27 PM
reply to post by grover

then just show the birth certificate,and stop spending our monet on hiding it.



posted on Jul, 28 2009 @ 04:29 PM
reply to post by grover

FINally, something we agree upon, thank you. No, there is no "movement", at least not by people who identify themselves as "birthers". That is a smear term created by the.......hmmmm...... what shall we call you that's equally insulting?

See, that's part of the point Grover. I could come up with at least a half dozen witty terms, but what would be the point? All I would be doing is stooping to the same low standard of insulting instead of debating.

Go ahead........ call me a racist. Make a fool of yourself.

I'm glad we could find some common ground. That makes me hopeful. Maybe through baby-steps, more of this can come about, and we can stop treating each other as the enemy.

posted on Jul, 28 2009 @ 04:32 PM
reply to post by Southern Guardian

Well done thread Grover.

S & F

I flagged the thread too, as well as your own O. BC thread. Not because I agreed with the OP, but because I believe it to be important.

posted on Jul, 28 2009 @ 04:33 PM
Won't read through the thread, already know the gist.

It's the small minded people that are killing us. First the Clinton blowjob investigation, now "birther gate".

I'm getting really tired of stupid people.

Thank god that I'm a healthly, athletic, strong and "liberal". I will beat the shat out of any stupid person on any given day(Sundays are the best).

posted on Jul, 28 2009 @ 04:35 PM
reply to post by GorehoundLarry

you don't know much about politics,do you?

you don't get to use the race card anymore,we have a black and white president.

for the last time, it is what he;s doing. it is not his skin.
its the empty space in his chest where his heart should be,and the empty pocket where the constitution should be....WAKE UP

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