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no concpiricy move along please / nothing to see here .. and so on

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posted on Jul, 28 2009 @ 07:13 AM
good monring bts, be prepared for my first bts rant.

my rant, is about these clowns who go into threads and post crap like "nothing to see here move along please" or "no concpiricy here , move along ppl", as oh my freeking god i hate the people that post these! Theirs absolutely no susbtance to any reply with one of those phrases in them, it shows a complete lack of knowlage or effort to actualy join in the post, and is simply a way for a few people to feel important by making thems selfs into the unofficial thead closer... like after they say "nothing to see" we are all going to stop and say "oh dam, he is right, he is always right, i better to post about cryptobeasts"

who made anyone the conspiricy police with the right that a post "is not a conspiricy" or that theirs "nothing to see here" .

i dont think theirs anything more arrogant or smart arsed that can be actualy be posted in a thread on ats ... every time i see it, i have a mental picture of the person posting it sitting behind their keyboard with the biggest sh#t eating grin slapped on their face.

it really, REALLY annoys me, and ats being what it is with rules and decorum (which i love and abide by), so ive finaly had to get this out of my system.

anyone that says one of the types of quotes i have just mentioned deserve a dead arm every time they post it.

they shouls be banned.. or at least anyone caught posting one should have points docked!

phew... rant over.. although i deffo have not got all of this out my system, i just had to post a rant about it here before i totaly lose the rag and end up textualy assulting someone who says it in a normal post.

posted on Jul, 28 2009 @ 07:16 AM
I think that most of the time that is posted, it is meant to be satirical. I may have even done it myself.


There, I just dead armed myself for it. Just in case.


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