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Link between NWO, Self Confidence and God

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posted on Jul, 28 2009 @ 05:24 AM
I might have meant psychological link if not metaphysical in nature. I've been paying close attention to my mind lately as it slowly rises above the mediocre state it was in for many many years in terms of awareness to the REAL world. I noticed the very fragile state my mind is in, during those times of reflection. Slightest of negative thought would send me down a bottomless pit from time to time and it was then did I start to see within my mind the true structure of our lives, their purpose and the link between us the NWO and God.

I started to see the bottomless glass funnel of our existence and noticed that many would slip through the sucking hole at the bottom into a red hot pit. This would be hell, and these would be the people who let fear and self destruction give them reason to let go in life in live in the world of obedience and indoctrination.

Then there were cooler souls in this funnel that climbed toward the light of God, these masses would strive for a simple, less sacrificial method of worshiping God, These people only have the conviction of their morals to fight small foes, and would be completely at their slayer's will if he should perhaps have a gun.

These individuals are dying from fear alone. The fear that causes them to stay in their comfort zones, the fear of food poisons, viruses, war, financial hardship, failure.... or anything and everything that could relinquish their control over their own lives.

Anyway, this fear would permeate society to the point where everyone follows the "Jones" or whatever identifiable hero figure they pic out of their dillusions of Grandeur. It would create a glass ceiling higher than the highest CEO or Executive office. This ceiling would be ultimately ran by the these groups of very rich blood lines. After all, you didn't think the blood lines of all the conquerors vanished did you? That all these current presidents and rullers just popped up out of poverty and promise victory over "his people" did you?

Back on point, so you see that it has nothing to do with exterior stature, or posture it has everything to do with one's self confidence. True self confidence is not something that you show when you feel dressed to the "T". It's not something you display when you're being questioned about your God Given abilities and your competence in performing those abilities. It comes from knowing where you truly come from.

And this is where I think you all come from before you are diluted and locked into your everyday cage. You come from the supreme being which you are a part of as well. And your level of pureness is tested by EVERYTHING you see on this good blue planet of ours.

All the gifts and fruits and passions that this world has to offer, sex, drugs, money, cars, temptation, lust, land is the test. The true test. Don't you get it? The test wasn't the hard was the good times. Because it' the love of all this fruit that keeps you from going as high as your able to go. Because you will have fear. and fear is the weapon used by the person above you to keep you where you are.

Achieving news levels within this world is nothing but a hamster wheel. Because the ceiling is higher than the President of the United States Dam$%it!

So where does confidence tie in? and the NWO? and God? Well self confidence is what you achieve when you see your true capabilities, that you CAN truly fly. Where Gravity never existed. You realize things that go against your conventional wisdom and teachings.

That revelation opens your eyes to the pure vision of God. But the problem is that at this moment you are at your most fragile. It is this Fragile moment where the Darkness will enter your mind and veer you off course to keep you from connecting with God.

Which brings a point, in that the Darkness can only control you when you're fragile...I didn't say when your weak..... think about it.

Anyway, the NWO from the Roman Empire to beyond or BEFORE, there has always been the Devil's NWO perfecting fear to control it's subjects. Those that fold under the pressure of this new vision is the Devil's victory, and sent down the chute to hell only to emerge hundreds of years later at the bottom of the super hot funnel we started at.

This time around we either become stronger or weaker. That's the fight between Good and Evil or the Devil and God.

That's the true light of what I've seen in the past few months. I've seen that I actually have wings, that I actually have the ability to disprove the forefathers of all disciplines by simply believing in myself and what I truly am.

Sadly though I think 99% of those who think they have confidence actually mistake it for the false feeling of reward that his peers have granted him despite the fact that they grant him the license to achieve it in the first place....

The second sad thing about this revelation is that, those who use this newfound sense of power and freedom will achieve things in their life that will make them appear to blend with the people who got their podium by deceit, exploitation and murder..

But don't let that confuse you, because if you have this new vision. A vision you can only achieve through a serious sabbatical from everyday life. You will achieve things you've never dreamed of before. And Brother I ain't talkin just about Money.

So what if you end up blending with the false towers. You're finally carrying your blood line ahead.

Catastrophically, the ones sitting on false towers, which most of you are. I think of the saying "a man's house is his castle" . Isn't that sad? His false castle ..his false tower. Where if he should see the true light of things, he would fall and impact the ground exponentially to the height he fell from.

But if you steady......steady your mind..and survive the utter Shock of knowing the true world you live in, and IF you survive the most fragile moment within your mind, ...and IF you start seeing the supreme Gold that is hidden behind the dust cloud, and IF you attribute that vision and your newfangled arms, legs and lungs
to the Creator, then you will finally be brought to Heaven.

For the rest of you victims who chose to live in a world that is beyond their control, you will forever cycle in and out the belly of darkness until your soul sees the light.

Keep thinking of the big picture. That's the picture that shows you the picture you think you see.

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