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Successful Prophecies

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posted on Nov, 1 2009 @ 03:13 PM

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posted on Nov, 7 2009 @ 03:35 PM
it appears the genocide of apocalyptic proportions in Rwanda, in 1994, was prophesied about 12 years before it happened.

At least half a million people in Rwanda were massacred. With most estimates indicating a death toll between 800,000 and 1,000,000...out of a population of less than 8 million merely a three and a half MONTH period.

Many victims were decapitated by machete.

In the Book the "Final Hour" published in 1992, Published before the events took place. On page 253 of this book it is written => "in the mountainous farm region of Rwanda, Africa, the Virgin appeared to six girls and a young man....(page p255 =>) was said the visionaries were shown terrifying glimpses into the future: a tree in flames, a RIVER OF BLOOD, and MANY ABANDONED, DECAPITATED CORPSES."

In a 1994 book by the same author, in a book called "The Trumpet of Gabriel". On page 164 => "the Rwandan seers received indications of coming mayhem. In one vision that lasted eight hours they saw terrifying images of people killing each other, and bodies thrown into rivers. They saw bodies without their heads--decapitated. They were weeping and crying and the witnesses who crowded around the seers were left with an unforgettable impression of fear and sadness. If Rwanda did not come back to God, said the vision, there would be a 'river of blood' "

this orphan of Rwanda speak of her horrid first hand experience of such decapitation that were common during the genocide: (weblink: ) "...At the beginning of the genocide, we all hid together as a family. But while we were on the run, my father and brothers were all killed at the same time - decapitated with a machete. Afterwards, I kept on hiding myself from the killers, who were all over our region. In fact, my mum kept us hiding in the forest in Kibuye until they killed her too. On the fourth day came a militia who found my mum and younger sister. He gave a machete to my mum to kill her daughter. My mum refused. The militia cut my younger sister into pieces and then killed my mum. My younger brother and I saw this happen. My brother couldn't contain himself, and ran towards my mum crying. So the man killed my brother as well. I escaped from his machete because when I saw him coming after me, I fled and hid further into the forest. I was 10 years old."

and from this 1994 article from Time Magazine, the first two paragraphs speak of such "river(s) of blood":
(article => )
""There are no devils left in Hell," the missionary said. "They are all in Rwanda." Actually they brought Hell with them; you have only to watch the rivers for proof. Normally in this season, when the rains come to these lush valleys, the rivers swell with a rich red soil. They are more swollen than ever this year. First come the corpses of men and older boys, slain trying to protect their sisters and mothers. Then come the women and girls, flushed out from their hiding places and cut down. Last are the babies, who may bear no wounds: they are tossed alive into the water, to drown on their way downstream. The bodies, or pieces of them, glide by for half an hour or so, the time it takes to wipe out a community, carry the victims to the banks and dump them in. Then the water runs clear for awhile, until men and older boys drift into view again, then women, then babies, reuniting in the shallows as the river becomes the grave...."

Completely horrifying.

posted on Nov, 14 2009 @ 01:30 AM

Originally posted by gordon31
my tv guide is pretty accurate, tells me whats on weeks in does it know??

I love that! Star for you sir.

Seriously though, I don't believe that any prophesies are real. What I believe is that some of us can look at the past and the present, and then come up with a pretty good idea of what might occur in the future, but there is absolutely no certainty.

If the future is predetermined then all of us can just stop working, or anything else for that matter. If life is already scripted then it is pointless to try to better it as whatever will be will be... I refuse to believe that kind of nonsense.

posted on Jan, 18 2010 @ 01:08 PM
Hi, i remember seeing on television these scrolls that came from the middle-east i believe and that told the future of only a certain number of people. these could be prophecies that came true. i'm sorry i don't know the name of the people that created them and the names of the scrolls. could you help me with the names of them or if you have any information on this could you inform me please?

posted on Jan, 18 2010 @ 01:52 PM

Originally posted by comfortablynumb
Don't mean to offend, only being factitious. I believe we should be able to use more of our brain...maybe it's an evolution thing?

I think it's more DE-evolution than actual evolution.
It 's possible we don't use 85% of our brain because that part has been temporarily disabled and is now inaccessible. We occasionally.catch a glimpe of what this part of the brain is capable of when we hear about idiot savants that can perform super human mind feats.
We all probably had these type of abilities once upon a time, maybe even telepathic mind reading, but since Man will be man, we probably lost it due to abuse.

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