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If 4th Beast=America then that supposes USA would trample Israel, which is unlikely?

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posted on Jul, 28 2009 @ 10:16 AM
reply to post by cosmicpixie

Your problem is that you are trying to intermix two different schools of Eschatology together and come up with a time line, which will not work. Only Futurism follows the stuff about Israel, the rebuilding of the Temple, and the 7 year tribulation. Historicism is the one that teaches that the final world superpower/empire (the USA) is one of the two beasts in Revelations. Personally I follow Historicism, but I used to be a Futurist, so I would be willing to try to straighten this out for you. Your fist step is to forget about all the tenets you have learned in Futurism, or at least file them away under that heading, and learn the other schools from scratch. If you do not do this you will end up endlessly lost and confused on what is going on. You should start here:
Catholic Origins of Preterism and Futurism
Which will teach you the basics of the three schools and where each came from. Two of the three, including Futurism (which you have most likely been taught in church), come from the counter-reformation and the Jesuit Order. Protestants should all be following Historicism, though most are following Futurism, and do not even realize their error.

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posted on Jul, 28 2009 @ 11:38 AM
reply to post by defcon5

Thanks, much appreciated. I will definately read through it all but not tonight, my partner has put up with me researching day and night for about a week solid so I've promised him a night off !
Humour me a moment and consider this- if the PTB are following what they view as a plan laid out for them in the Bible so they can play their part in ushering in the "kingdom of god" then what school of the 3 are they following do you think?

posted on Jul, 28 2009 @ 11:51 AM
reply to post by ProtoplasmicTraveler

Who do you think will be the cavalry riding in to save the day then...I cannot myself believe they would be ETs as why wait thousands of years to save us ? Plus I doubt a genuinly benign ET race would interfere anyway unless things went nuclear perhaps...if any ET race ride in at the end then I just cannot buy that they are here for anything other than their own agenda

I do understand about the Bible being a Roman invention but the OT came along before Rome and the "prophecies"/plan were laid out there way before Rome invented the NT. What I mean by this is that there is a heap of evidence to suggest many of the NT books were deliberately forged simply to create a new religion based around a person who many people (myself included) think never even existed. Still, many "prophecies" in both old and New testaments have definately come true...personally I think these have been deliberately made manifest by the PTB throughout the generations and it is all focused on an end game . I just feel the real controllers of the game are NOT human and that the humans involved know this fact.

Many of us believe it was an ET race who created man - I really doubt that they would have permanently left us to it somehow, it's perfectly conceivable they have a plan underway and so it isn't then much of a stretch to believe the bunch we call the Illuminati to be in on the agenda and helping it my mind these bloodlines are descended from the original line of Kings that were granted temporary custody over Earth when their "masters" left.

But hey, we all have our own take on it !

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posted on Jul, 28 2009 @ 11:56 AM
reply to post by cosmicpixie

Futurism and Historicism are the two I see playing out. The PTB want things to look like they are following futurism, but Gods plan is following Historicism. At least IMHO.

Why do you think that futurism has become the leading school of thought? Its because it follows the Zionist agenda to rebuild Israel, which is not part of the school of Historicism. Who controls the media? The Zionists have for a long time, that is not even a secret. So which school gets all the movies and books written about it? Futurism! I won't even go into the fact that both the Roman Catholic Church and their militant anti-protestant Jesuit Order are helping push this version into the limelight.

According to Historicism, the role of Israel in the end times is nothing that important. The end times began in 70AD with the fall of Israel and the beginning of the Age of the Church/Gentiles. The End Times started then, and continues on until Christ returns. Everything that has happened from 70AD until now is all part of the End Time Events. The 42 months, 1260 days, etc... All relate to reign of Rome and the Papacy (which ended in 1796 with Napoleon's invasion of Rome), none of them relate to a future 7 year period.

Even John Wesley (founder of the Methodist Church), wrote about this 1260 days ending during his lifetime:

"He has not yet come, though he cannot be far off. For he is to appear at the end of 42 months of the first beast."

Meaning he knew that the first beast was wounded and the 42 months/1260 days were over back in the late 1700's.

Calvin, Wesley, Luther, and others all followed historicism...

Edit to add:

Oh, and which nation was just coming into being at the same time that Wesley wrote that, when the first beast was wounded? 1776... The USA...

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posted on Jul, 28 2009 @ 12:30 PM
Let me sum that article up a bit for you.

Basically, when the Protestant Reformation happened, you had Luther and others running around proclaiming that the Papacy was one of the Beasts/Antichrist. The Roman Catholic Church of the time, which was in political control of all of Europe, could not allow that to happen, so they did several things. First, they tried to shut up guys like Luther by killing them using the Inquisition. This did not work on Luther, as he was protected by the German Government. So Rome banned all Bibles, and made it a death sentience penalty for owning, translating, or distributing a copy of the Bible. With the invention of the Printing Press, and Luther's translation of the Bible into Common German Tongue, they knew they could not keep that up indefinitely either. The final solution was to place the Jesuit Order in charge of the Counter-Reformation, and put out competing versions of the End Time Events, which deflected accusations made against Rome to either a Period in the Past or a Period in the Future.

Jesuit Doctor Francisco Ribera came out with Futurism, which placed all the prophetic Events of Daniel, and Revelations into a future 7 year tribulation period. This is called Futurism. Spanish Jesuit Luis De Alcazar wrote a competing theory (which is still the one followed by Catholics today), which took the events of both books, and placed them in the past. This is called Preterism.

All this was done to obscure the real meaning behind the Prophetic Books, and IMHO is the “Great Deception” mentioned in the End Times.

posted on Jul, 28 2009 @ 04:40 PM
It's good that there are basic labels such as Preterism, Futurism, Symbolism, Historicism and so on to avoid confusion but it is ultimately up to the person how he/she views the end times and what it means to them.

posted on Jul, 28 2009 @ 05:51 PM
reply to post by cosmicpixie

In the early eighties there was a metal hair band named Zebra out of New Orleans that wrote a very cool song called "who's beyond the door"..."Where do they get their nerve...animals in reserve" "They watch us all they only make sure that we don't slip and fall"

Who knows we could all be an experiment on a moldy milk carton in Delbert’s laboratory!

As near as I can figure out everything is based on the Zodiac, the Sun and the progression of the equinoxes.

"Behold a man at the door bearing an earthen pitcher of water."

"I shall be with you until the end of the age"

The man with the pitcher of water is of course Aquarius and the Age of Aquarius which ends the Age of Pisces the Christian Fish. Now you know how that silly guy got in the belly of the fish!

Or it could have just been me last week throwing first one pitcher of water on my upstairs senile neighbor who just won’t stop knocking on doors, and then following it up with a second one a few minutes later when she came back to combine a second pitcher of water on her, which is just as prophecy proclaims, the man at the door combines to pitchers of water ending the Age of Pisces and ushering in the Age of Aquarius.

So I guess I should say sorry for ending the age a few years prematurely like that…but I need my beauty sleep!

Each age of man though seems to have some real goals set for it as far as human evolution. Now as to whether you are behind that, I am behind that, we all our collectively behind that, some deity is behind that, or evolved being or extra terrestrial or just a non-unionized writer is really hard to say.

What is safe to say in my humble opinion is that Rome, the City of Man/G-d owned the age of Pisces and ran and ruled it with an assist from the Habiru/Hapiri/Hebrew that owned and ruled the Age of the Ram. Now I am not sure if that was an obligation they had to assist those who were to rule the Age and they were charged with enjoining them in a collaborative effort to help share and further what had been learned as a collective conscious in the Age of the Ram or whether they were reluctant to give up complete power or Rome felt unequal to the task or both.

The Age of Pisces though appears to be an entirely Roman Story and each of the major sects of the Hebrews, Christians and Muslims each had a specific part to play in living and learning by a predetermined path and lifestyle and perspective that at the end of the age presumably the best of each would be combined and the worst of each would be forsaken from the wisdom gained through the learning.

The two key words coming out of Rome are the Sun/son, and the Holy Sea/see, the two most critical elements to life on earth.

Julius = Jesus
Brutus = Judas
Caesars 12 Lictors who carried the Fasces the Scourge and the Axes representing Roman Justice and the Law and the power of life and death = Jesus’s 12 disciples, carrying the prophecies and scriptures forward representing salvation or eternal damnation.

Same stuff, different day, different audiences, different approaches. The Roman City of Man, = Catholic Spiritual City of G-d.

Rome specialized in and was effective at divide and conquers warfare. Create divisions, the Father, Son and Holy Ghost = Rome, London and Washington D.C. in the City of Man, the three City States who operate outside of or above the laws of the land in the nations that bore them and surround them.

Rome simply kept getting people to divide and conquer.

Rome’s initial success was based off the belief that if you owned land, had no family, you had something to fight and die for and no one to live for, and you would hold your ranks and fight with discipline to the end.

They were right too, once the army was bled white, the landed class of citizenry disappeared because the corrupt senators bought up all the lands, citizens without property, citizens with families, mercenaries and slaves would in fact cut and run.

By giving every conquered nation its own illusion of independence they fought harder to at first exploit and then eliminate divisions between the states. The British fought harder thinking it was for Queen and Country, the Americans fought harder thinking it was for the Constitution and Country, the Germans fought harder thinking it was for their Fuehrer and Country and so on and so forth. They exterminated first nation’s people not bound by common monetary, religious, or legal practices. They forced migrations of populations to where they were most needed, they exterminated wholesale people’s who weren’t needed or would not fit into the Order. They wouldn’t have fought so hard or even at all had they known they were fighting for Rome and were in fact Romans.

Yet today every nation uses the same Roman Laws, the same Roman Monetary System which binds them all together and in fact binds them still to Rome in secret parts of treaties concluded in secret committees of legislatures that most treaties ending wars and establishing nations and states refer to in the main treaty as having taken place.

Ultimately Rome needs to consolidate its Age of Pisces gains into a New World Order with an open face on it and a one world government as its objective for the Age. The religious texts simply prepare people for this.

Whether the bloodlines go back to the start of the age, before the start of the age, all the way to Ur, or they are human or not are probably neither here nor there. Obviously those sticking and furthering the plan along gain riches and power, those who stand in its way end up poisoned on the Aisle of Elba muttering something in French which makes the riches and power stick with the plan thing seem pretty attractive in comparison.

There is no cavalry riding in on a white horse, the goal is to bring about a one world government and end the divisions and create a progressively collective conscious. The lessons of the known ages will all be incorporated into a philosophy that will likely be absent religion.

If G-d made humans in his own image, the goal ultimately would be for humans to grow as powerful and wise and loving as G-d. It is simply part of an evolutionary process, a species, planted and seeded and nurtured to become progressively more aware, more wise, more understanding of the universe that surrounds them and the many flowing complexities and dimensions to life.

The whole Biblical scripture thing helps put people on to that path, but ultimately holds them back as they draw a line between what is safe and sacrilegious in the terms of growth and development.

You don’t give a child a hunting rifle, you give him a cap gun, when he gets old enough you give him a .22, then when he Masters that you give him a .306, then you give him an M-60 and Liquid Gel Armor to go out and eradicate some of what sadly is deemed expendable on the path towards collective conscious.

Man is simply evolving according to a timetable according to a plan, that in his various stages of development are Age appropriate.

Sorry about bringing in the New Age early! I am still on drums!

posted on Jul, 29 2009 @ 04:10 AM
So, you think that everything that happened was because it has to in order to become collective, like the NWO is a good thing...? Or maybe I misunderstood your novel haha...

What do you think are the bloodlines then that are in control? Alien/Satan/Egypt/Atlantis/Justin Timberlake?

You guys may not want to fight back but I certainly am. Gun or no. Direct my wrath

posted on Jul, 29 2009 @ 09:53 AM
reply to post by Ridhya

I'm not sure if your post was directed at me ...but if so :

No, I don't think the NWO is a good idea

Christian Literalists think God is going to come and save the day via Jesus's second coming and replace the Satanic NWO with a divine rule over earth that will bring 1,000 years of peace. If you mention aliens and UFO's they often think these are Satan's minions, if they believe in these to start with.

Personally - and this will sound whacked - but after years of research I am starting to conclude that it is the reptilians behind the whole thing. That they are playing both good cops and bad cops , creating an "enemy" in the form of "Satan" or the NWO in order to have "the real Jesus" come and save the day.....only the "real jesus" and all the beings that come with him to wage war on the unrepentent on Earth in Armageddon are EVIL. I think the whole thing is an ingenius plan for complete takeover once 4/5 of the planet are wiped out. Think about it, with the Christians and Muslims combined there are about 4 billion religious types on earth waiting for (a) a false messiah and (b) some real messiah to come along and save the chosen humans from the evil system...that's 4 billion people clevery prepped for their own doom my opinion

I used to laugh off the reptilian stuff until I began researching ancient legends and religious texts from around the globe...I can't laugh it off anymore. Either ancient people from separate parts of the world were all lying /making stuff up or the ancient "gods" who created mankind were reptilian in appearance

posted on Jul, 29 2009 @ 05:49 PM
reply to post by cosmicpixie

The reptilian angle could be real but consider this too...

Rome made up (or so it appears to me) a diety made in man's image who had power of life and death and power beyond death to curse someone's immortal sould to eternal damnation.

Rome used it as a fear ellement and a control ellement.

So based on that is it plausible that the ancient rulers of Ur did something similiar but chose to make the dieties even more fearsome by not casting them in a human image.

When you stop to consider that many Egyptian dieties and some Greek dieties were half known animals and half human that does open the door to a very real possibility that Ur simply chose to make their control element dieties and as far as we know there is always a priestly class that uses the worship of the dieties for control, simply as fearsome as possible by making them non-human.

Now you have a reason for the depictions of reptilian dieties.

Now on a brighter note I hade geckos always have, creepy crawly bug eyed little things.

Most of my life I have lived in Southern California and Florida and geckos are everywhere...yet when a gecko gets in my house it is toast, and will die a violent and horrible death.

Maybe the geckos are spies...I can't say, but I make them suffer for the attempt.

Recently two came in the kitchen back to back through a crack in the window. After killing them I actually crucified them on popcycle sticks and stuck them on the outside window sill they crawled in through as an example to the other geckos what fate they would suffer.

Now if there are real reptilian beings my size, and you are a lizard, you are going to suffer a same fate!

When you think gecko and then add 150 pounds well there is your reptilian.

Like geckos they can be killed.

So if there are real reptilians please keep in mind reptilians what I do to your little gecko friends and know that I am going to do the same thing to you!

I hate geckos and I am still on drums, and...drum sticks do have a very noticable but messy impact on geckos!

I really would much prefer we are just evolving towards a higher collective consciousness and there are no geckos involved!

If there are...all lizards meet the same fate at my house!

posted on Jul, 29 2009 @ 10:49 PM

I really hope you're kidding about the geckos!!
Maybe it is a stupid question, but what is Ur?

posted on Jul, 29 2009 @ 11:15 PM
reply to post by Ridhya

Ur was the first recorded city/civilization it was in modern day Iraq.

The first forms of recorded writing, arithmetic, religion, science and art all came from Ur.

Including written accounts of another planet and another race, a race of reptilian dieties that they feared and worshiped.

This planet is Nibiru the infamous Planet X

Legend has it planet X or Nibiru is part of our solar system but on a very far out orbit that takes it deep into the galaxy and it appears only once every several thousand years as it passes by.

Legend has it that it actually colided with Earth also known as Tiamat and the destruction is what formed our moon which was according to this legend once apart of Earth/Tiamat.

Eventually Ur and the surrounding area became Babylon.

These are the roots of human kinds recorded history.

There is some very convincing archeological evidence that these early civilizations were far more advanced than you might think.

Primitive batteries using acidic grape juice prove that humans were using electricity thousands and thousands of years ago.

Drawings, paintings and reliefs depict what could be credibly argued to be other forms of advanced technology.

Many archeological sites within Iraq have been systematically investigated and looted by the United States Military and not just your average G.I. looking to make a buck or pick up a soveignier but Military Intelligence and there are some possibly credible reports that they have found and confiscated thousand years old technology and writings and artifacts and are intently studying them.

Ur was the first civilization.

Edit to add: I really am at war with the geckos and yes I really did crucify the last two that got in the house and displayed their corpses as a warning to other geckos

None have tried to get in the house since then. I think they got the message.

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posted on Jul, 29 2009 @ 11:29 PM
reply to post by cosmicpixie
If Israel was implicated in the 9-11 attacks it could happen.

Go to google video and watch "Empire of the City"

posted on Jul, 30 2009 @ 09:05 AM
reply to post by ProtoplasmicTraveler

You do give me a good chuckle , but how can you kill geckos, they are so cute

I've read alot about how Jesus was likely an invented person and the reasons why Christianity was invented so I'm with you on that one. Going further back though, cultures across the world spoke of the reptilians and they were usually associated with flying around in sky chariots/ships that had weapon capabilities that were sometimes used. When you have cultures the world over talking about the same thing, I find it hard to believe every one of those cultures made these beings up . I've just finished a very eye opening called "Flying Serpents and Dragons-The Story of Mankinds Reptilian Past", by R Boulay ...Link. This has been the book that has kind of capped off all the other pieces of the jigsaw I've put together over the years , especially in light of some more recent research I came across by Wayne Herschel (link to book)

He has looked into what he calls "star maps" that can be found all over the world found in ancient city/temple layouts, on sculptures, disks, drawings in caves and a host of other stuff, all seemingly connected to beings from the sky who came/come from the vicinity of the Orion constellation. I've done my own independent research into this after reading his work and he is definately onto something. Often the beings these star maps and codes were refrerring to are the same gods the ancients described as being reptilian looking - that's not a connection he himself makes but when you know the gods of the cultures who depicted star maps , you can glean some insights as to how these gods were described in terms of their looks and how they got about by reading their ancient texts, and it all ties in.

Across the world a variety of different cultures have described beings who came from non-earthly realms, who flew about in ships, who had terrible weapons, and who looked reptilian. The ancient Indian texts are very descriptive, well worth a read.

I've read and studied enough to be convinced off world beings had a hand in our creation and more recently have been trying to figure out where they might have come from, what they looked like, etc. There is plenty of info out there, it's just a case of having enough hours to do the research and follow the trails left by various writers and other researchers. I work from home so have alot of free time and often take whole weeks off to research this kind of stuff. I'm able to clock up around 25 hours of reading most weeks and would never have found so many clues had I not had that time to READ. I'm just saying that my conclusions "thus far" have only come after hundreds and hundreds of hours of research, my beliefs are not the result of reading one blockbuster book . I didn't come to the reptilian conclusion lightly, it was something I used to raise my eyebrows at and think ridiculous, probably for the simple reason that I found it hard to imagine ETs as looking like the creatures from "V", it all seemed so "science fiction". I'm still looking into it but so far it's making alot of sense.

Anyway, that's enough rambling for the day. Be nice to the Geckos now, tsk tsk.

posted on Jul, 30 2009 @ 11:39 AM
reply to post by cosmicpixie

As I said I sure wouldn't rule out a reptilian off world race being involved at some point and time or capacity.

Beyond the geckos, the stray Iquana and monitor lizzard to be found in South Florida where I live, I have not run accross any reptilians or off worlders that have exposed or identified themselves to me.

The Geigo Auto Insurance Gecko is cute but I can assure you a 8 inch long gecko taking on the color of a wet and rotten wooden window sill it lived for years in before encountering a protoplasmic traveler to it's deadly surprise is not cute but down right ugly enough to ruin your appetite for days.

Lets think then about the Geigo Gecko a cute lovable lizzard, no reason to be afraid of reptiles.

Some lizzards are actually deadly and in remote island situations where some species weigh up to several hundred pounds and hunt in organized packs and will hunt humans in organized packs are very deadly to the point that even a well armed lone human is probably going to not escape with his life.

If there is a reptilian race then geckos and other lizzards would in fact have to be their kissing cousins.

They might seem mindless and utterly harmless but how hard would it then be for an advance race of reptilians who can use mental telepathy as well as machinary to access their limited brains to use them as a spying form of visual and vibrational monitoring on humans and other things?

I appreciate you appreciate my humor as I do have a very twisted and black humor that not everyone can decipher or appreciate...

Yet having said that I have always from first encounter had a naturual aversion and dislike of all reptiles. I will chase snakes with my lawn mower a garden hoe or a machete and kill them if I can. I will kill any lizard no matter how big or small that runs across my path regardless of its status as a species protected or otherwise.

My dislike of reptiles is ingrained and people who are into the metaphysical tell me I have an old soul. Why is it ingrained.

People who are into the metaphysical and new age thinking are actually in awe by some of my naturally occuring experiences with the spiritual, dimensional, and phsycic, metaphysical realms where just through thinking and actions I arrived at naturally resulted in experiences some study under Masters for a lifetime and still can not effect or achieve.

I actually know some of the Powers that Be, have done business with them, dined with them, been to their Clubs and Socials as their guests, seen powerful cabinet level politicians and political appointees I have also done business with refer to the same people who are in fact mutual associates as the Powers that Be while careful never to speak their names but tacitly admitting that they are carrying out instructions from them in their government offices using their government authority and power, while the people who direct them are not in government, elected or appointed in any capacity.

It's a rarified atmosphere most people of my social and ecnomic and educational background never get to witness or be privy too.

The point being that even in my very candid conversations with those that I know are Powers that Be none of them have ever hinted or divulged an alien influence and they have devulged many things to me about their networks, their logistical ellements of control, and their pecking order to such an extent divulging an alien presence would be no more shocking, damning or incriminating than what they have confided in me.

So I must say, I truly don't know.

Many of the symbolisms of all religious cults are cross cultural, whether it's because ancient trade routes were far more extensive than we believed or where led to believe, or similiar groups of humans struck on similiar themes in trying to figure out the nature of their existence and their relationship in and to the universe is hard to say.

I will rule nothing out and in part that is what has allowed me to have a sponge like mind that soaks in knowledge that made me a formidable enough intellect at a point to have a value to the Powers that Be even lacking social standing, a traditional educational pedigree or economic stature.

I have in this fashion actually witnessed and learned many things first hand that many people on ATS simply theorize about.

You can tell them you have been there, done that, bought the T-shirt and fill in the blanks or take away the incorrect ellements of their theories and they still would rather in most cases cling to their theories for the simple sake that it's their theory and they have never witnessed the events or know the people they theorize about first hand or personally to accept a definitive truth of whats occuring to the extent they could or would abandon their own personal theories, yet at the same time they lack a vehicle or mechanism for actually being able to prove their theories through first hand interaction with the people and events they theorize about.

You can lead a horse to water but you can't make them drink.

Crucifying a gecko on the other hand is relatively easy and serves as a warning to other geckos that they do seem to take note of, it is the Roman way.

Reptilian beings could exist I will not rule them out, but if they do exist they are outside of my full realm of first hand interaction and knowledge of and there is very little that transpires on the earth that is outside of my realm of first hand interaction and knowledge with.

Nothing surprises me and I will not dismiss anything out of hand no matter how far fetched or implausible it might be until I have absolute evidence of what does exist and what doesn't exist and I have no absolute evidence Reptilian Beings do exist or don't exist so all I can do is suspend judgement until that day I have one or the other and my mind is fairly and impartially open to one or the other.

Do keep in mind how far and wide the sects of Abraham have travelled through divide and conquer warfare and the cicular rise and falls of civilizations, how history is rewritten to obscure many facts, and then promote many falsehoods.

The reptilian cults and a control system similiar to the Abraham sects could have spread in a similiar fashion and when that system fell much of it's history was lost or obscured by those who implemented and ruled the next purely fictional faith based fear based hope based control system.

Today everyone in the world knows who Jesus is whether they believe or not or it makes sense for their cultural roots and traditions.

The same could have happened with reptilian cults or they could be very real beings.

I can fight against what I can see and encounter and do, Geckos beware!

I can't fight against what I can't see and encounter but I keep my eyes and ears open and remain vigil always for anything that develops.

From an old soul wanderer perspective and origin it is entirely possible I have as a part of the one, and the law of one been fighting against the reptilians for hundreds of thousands of years which accounts for my ingrained death to all reptiles natural instincs.

I have had significant other realm experiences, I have on multiple occassions hooked in completely to the Universal Stream pixie.

I have during those times though frightened and nothing on earth frightens me and the only times I have ever known true fear is when hooked directly into the universal stream, was in a state where my veil of confusion dropped away and I realized an inherent knowledge in me that when later discussing it with those credible people who are Masters in the occults and metaphysical phsycic world were in awe of and would not refute or even attempt to minimize the experiences or knowledge gained from it but just display no small amount of envy that these things occured to me and not to them.

I am here in this point of space and time in this lifetime for a real reason.

I really am on drums!

Geckos really should beware.

The New Age is really upon us and my role in that will not be a small nor insignifant one as I am one.

One with a sense of humor, but a wanderer with a mission none the less, and geckos and all reptiles as despots and tyrants should all beware for I am aware.

Life is an adventure Pixie, careful what you wish for, you just might get it!

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posted on Jul, 30 2009 @ 10:21 PM
You sure you're the same Protoplasmic Traveler? One I talked to before never claimed the metaphysical trips and knowing shadow government people.
And guilty by association? Always defending Palestinians should not be killed because of what the minority does. But geckos! Their evolved alien-demon-whatever cousins do wrong and suddenly the geckos take the heat!
I must be your opposite I have always loved reptiles and insects and the things everyone else hate. And my one zodiac is the serpent. I used to hate it because I wanted the dragon!

The giant lizard you are thinking of is komodo dragon and they do not hunt in packs. Reptiles are solitary animals. Komodos are not leopards. They have very low metabolism and can not run much. They rely on making a wound and letting the bacteria in their saliva finish off. Then they look for the body.

Will you not share what you learn from the officials? And who they are?

posted on Jul, 31 2009 @ 12:43 AM

Originally posted by Ridhya
You sure you're the same Protoplasmic Traveler? One I talked to before never claimed the metaphysical trips and knowing shadow government people.
And guilty by association? Always defending Palestinians should not be killed because of what the minority does. But geckos! Their evolved alien-demon-whatever cousins do wrong and suddenly the geckos take the heat!
I must be your opposite I have always loved reptiles and insects and the things everyone else hate. And my one zodiac is the serpent. I used to hate it because I wanted the dragon!

The giant lizard you are thinking of is komodo dragon and they do not hunt in packs. Reptiles are solitary animals. Komodos are not leopards. They have very low metabolism and can not run much. They rely on making a wound and letting the bacteria in their saliva finish off. Then they look for the body.

Will you not share what you learn from the officials? And who they are?

Thanks friend, Cosmic Pixies threads are more of a spiritual metaphysical nature. Usually you encounter me on Middle East Issues and Political Threads. I try to stay on topic with them, but I will sometimes post and respond to threads in the Grey Area and Metaphysical Threads if it's an interesting topic.

I am a staunch defender of the Palestinians. Talk about being in the wrong place at the wrong time. I have been doing my best to champion and advocate for them since the first Infadada in the early 1980's. Their bravery and suffering and the over whelming odds stacked against them really touched my heart.

As a human being, and an American, a nation founded on seperation of church and state I respect any person of any faith who is true to their faith even though I don't share it.

In reality even the most zealous Islamic extremist, is no more extreme or dangerous than the most zealous, Christian, Hebrew, Hindu, etc., etc., extremist.

In my humble oppinion there is though a difference between those extremists looking to conquer and oppress and those extremists looking to make a political statement because of the injustices visited upon their nation, people, family or faith.

For instance the Buddist monks who emoluated themselves and burnt themselves alive as a protest against American involvement in Vietnam.

That's a political statement. Small low yield seldom lethal or damaging home made rockets a political statement. What's being done to the Palestinians though is genocide and in a world of dual standards, double speak and hypocrites someone has to advocate for those whose only real crime is the crime of misfortune of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

While many Hebrews refuse to accept that I am actually trying to save them too from the scourge of Zionism, I actually am in my harsh admonisments and condemnations of Israel and the Zionists because I do believe the average Hebrew, as misguided as they might be is also being tricked in to the wrong place at the wrong time through the appeal to create and maintain an Israeli State at any cost.

I do believe that the Hebrews have been manipulated by Rome, their own Elders and the Zionists to disasterous consequence for many Hebrews for a very long time but are simply too vein and arrogant and stubborn to see it or believe it.

Rome wrote the Bible and while many people believe the Roman Empire is dead and the Holy Roman Empire is dead, I do not believe it is. Rome is in our archeticture and government edifices. Rome is in our money, Rome is in our law, Rome is in America's most popular religion. Rome has never stopped conquering the world and the crowning moment of achievement and success in Rome conquering the world will be laying waste to the nation of Israel just like Rome wrote in the plan to conquer the world a book I call Operation New World Order, but most people call the Holy Bible.

Of course Hebrew scripture does not call for or envision such a fate or end just Christian scripture, so they discount it, and basically provide Rome with everything it needs to fulfill the plan...dumb, dumb, dumb.

If I were a Hebrew Salt Lake City or Buenos Aires would sound a lot safer to me.

They all seem determined to die though, and ultimately their best chance to live is to make peace with Palestine, pull back to borders that keep them out of Jerusalem, and grant the Palestinians there proper and promised 52% of the land, and under no circumstance build a third Temple, most especially by destroying the Dome of the Rock.

They really don't see how saving Palestine, and treating them as humans with dignity and honoring their original agreements and treaties works out to their benefit in the longrun so the best thing that can be done is to concentrate on saving and helping the Palestinians since they at least would like to be saved and are willing to help themselves to the extent that they can.

My agenda is actually anti-Rome and Roman puppets like Zionism and the Rome corrupted City State Centers of London and Washington.

Many people wonder why the United States acts like the world's policeman and the answer is quite simple, the Thirteen Colonies were set up to be Caesar's very own 13th Legion. We are Rome's army. The Statue of Liberty is not a clarion call to freedom, it's a Military recruiting sign.

London is Rome's Treasury, the depository for it's wealth.

The Vatican puts a Holy Roman face on thing keeping the Trinity of the City States complete to the discerning eye...

Yet a tiny little known and oft maligned and made fun of by those who are familiar of it Sovereign and Independent Principality of Seborga hardly much bigger than a small ocean side town is the location of the most sacred and holiest site of the fabled Mount Olympus, and the well hidden hill off of the coast is home to an Abbey that Christened the Original 8 Poor Knights of Christ, later known as the Knights Templar, the Imperial Roman Sceptre and the Holy Sepuchulre as well as tens of thousands of cave drawings and reliefs depicting every diety in Roman Pantheon including Christ and has never stopped being a Roman State from the earliest days of founding of the Republic right on up to today.

Rome lives, and thrives and has never died, and the Roman conquest of the world is all but complete, and the land of Israel will be toastier than a marsh mellow over a campfire when Rome comes out of the Shadows and declares its conquest complete and reveals all the contracts it has with the nations of the world.

Caesar is the anti-Christ, more aptly put the opposite of Christ, and his ghost is far more powerful and it's shadow rules most of the known world today.

The shadow of a plan to conquer the world using nothing but sheer arithmetic divide and conquer, divide and conquer until all the divisions boil down to just one.

I am guilty of many things my friend, most of all caring. I know many people who do not care. Some of them are the powers that be, but the truth is that indiffernce, selfishness, greed, arrogance, vanity, deciet and deception is rife though every strata and segment of society from the few surviving monarchs right down to the poorest and most destitude vagrant on the street.

The difference between the average persons dysfunctionality and inhumanity towards their fellow human being is just the sheer scope and effort they put in to it, and their individual tallent and aptitude for it.

You see that most evident in Palestine and in the strife caused by and between the three religions. People who hug their kids, and kiss their wives, and revere their mother, and respect their father, and pat themselves on the back as being good and right, who do not loose one wink of sleep, shed a tear or even care except for the occasional cheer when a small Palestinian child is killed by a rubber bullet or a 500 pound bomb.

Everyone on this planet needs to learn and trust more in the power of love, truth, tollerance, and wisdom.

I nor anyone else become less guilty because someone else is more quilty.


We just are really accomplished at feigning innocense!

Caesar is legion and has many names. Who did what, when, where and how is no more important than who allowed and tolerated and accepted who, what, when and where and how and did nothing but turn a blind eye or a cold heart.

Once again Palestine is a prime example of that.

The question ultimately boils down to is what will a person stand for and what will they lie down to.

The Powers that Be and the Shadow Government exist for one reason only, and that is no one really does stand for the things they say are important to them and they have faith and believe in. They will accept less of themselves, do less, expect less, and lie down.

They simply take what becomes theirs because no one wants to stand, they prefer to lie down and sleep.

In many ways that is the battle between light and darkness. Those who wish to burn bright never reaching a zenith, and those that prefer a good long nap. To live or not to live.

To be or not to be...that is the question that leads to being a Power that Be.

I am in fact myself a Power that Be, I have inherent power as do we all and I choose to be.

We are in fact all Powers that Be, some just choose not to exercise that power, to not be, what they expect others to be, and because the others they expect to be are not what they are expected to be, it is they then that become guilty in the person's eyes who did lie down and chose not to be, even though they themselves are as guilty of the same thing they indict and condem others for.

I was born in the Year of the Dragon. a fire breathing cave dweller. Dragons despite this have always been fond of pixies!

It's why I stopped by!

Time to go pick on some Zionists.

Hail Caesar!

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posted on Jul, 31 2009 @ 02:46 AM
I think guilty of complacency is a better term. Like the lyrics of the song Vicarious by Tool. The greatest band to ever grace this planet.

Extremism on every side is the real enemy. It is like Nikola Tesla said if everyone would use his defensive shield there will be no need for offensive weapons, and every country will be in peace. But instead of defensive we act offensive and invade. Not noble in the slightest.

I agree too that the Bible is Satan's plan rather than prophecy, so I see it come true, it is not proof of God, there is proof around enough, but fulfilment is just proof in the same way I say I will slap you in 5 seconds! How ever could I have predicted?
It took me much searching to come to that conclusion too.

There really is a simple solution to the Middle East problem and the world in general. But lucky for the evil people in charge I do not have the power to implement. All needed for peace is compassion and selflessness. For example the Israelis do not seem to realise the checkpoints and such just create more extremist. Throwing liquid fuel onto the fire in hope it will drown it.

I used to think the Jews threw around the term scapegoat to deflect question but now I see they actually ARE scapegoats, not of the world, but of the zionists, who in turn are scapegoats of the Satanists. They abuse Judaism and 'anti-semetism' to get away with their plans and to convince actual Jews that they need to follow. And I do believe Israel will be implicated in 9-11 in time. Any time the Satanists can be found out there is thrown another enemy for everyone to focus on while in the corner of your eye they steal more money and commit more atrocities. Nazis and commies and terrorists and muslim fundamentalists and socialist and atheists and the religious... whenever it suits them. Next on the list: muslims then atheists then jews. Christianity the final hurdle.
I do think they will eventually say to the world the Jews actually are to blame, and all will be guilty by association, and the world will be happy, complacent in it, and think they found the 'real' enemy, the new enemy. And they will be willing to rally against anyoone who has 'proven' to do them wrong. So easily manipulated.

It seems to me this is always how it goes, the satanists prop up a respected group, then turn the world against them, and thinking evil has been vanquished everyone drops their guard again.

Maybe I am naive but I do not believe I am guilty by association. I will fight to the death against injustice and that is my nature. I would rather live righteous and die impoverished for others than live in power and wealth by doing evil. There is no failure in it. You live to fight another day, or you die to bring light to others. Victory or Valhalla.

posted on Aug, 1 2009 @ 12:02 AM

Originally posted by Ridhya
I used to think the Jews threw around the term scapegoat to deflect question but now I see they actually ARE scapegoats, not of the world, but of the zionists, who in turn are scapegoats of the Satanists. They abuse Judaism and 'anti-semetism' to get away with their plans and to convince actual Jews that they need to follow.

I think that's really insightful.

At first, I didn't get your point. But then, when I reread it and thought about it - it made perfect sense! If you think about it: what better way to undermine/discredit/demoralize a movement than to put 'infiltrators' into said movement and push it towards a different agenda? Especially when the movement is based, almost entirely, on a moral basis. Destroy the moral basis and you destroy the movement.

If Satan is the smartest entity next to God (presumptively), then he must be aware of the fact that one of the best tactics is not to fight your enemy openly - but to infiltrate them and undermine their morale. Turn their strengths against them. Make them lose faith. Dishearten them. Then they have nothing.

If Sun-Tzu could come up with it, it only stands to reason that Satan himself could have thought of it. Spread dissension in the enemies' ranks. Sow confusion and disorder.

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posted on Aug, 1 2009 @ 10:07 PM
reply to post by passenger

Exactly - as I like to say why kill two birds with one stone when you can make the birds kill each other?
The people in power are cowards and instead of fighting choose to manipulate others, making Christians Muslims Jews atheists all despise each other even though every religion preaches love and tolerance and most atheists are good people. They corrupt the morality.

I believe the pedophiles in Catholicism were infiltrators... I have never met a priest who would do such a thing... and it takes a ton of commitment and learning to gain the title. I think simple pedophiles would just hang out at a school. They must have dedication to undertake - dedication to satan I presume. Best way to disillusion people is to discredit what they hold dearest, the faith.

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