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Weather Modification a probability in march 1975

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posted on Jul, 27 2009 @ 08:02 AM
We actually have an agreement on the subject... check this out... Haarp is more than a conspiracy... dont you think...?

March 1975... Canada - United States of America...

Agreement relating to the exchange of information on
weather modification activities. Signed at Washington
on 26 March 1975
Authentic texts: English and French.
Registered by Canada on 18 August 1975.

386 United Nations — Treaty Series • Nations Unies — Recueil des Traités 1975
The Government of Canada and the Government of the United States of
Aware, because of their geographic proximity, that the effects of weather modi
fication activities carried out by either Party or its nationals may affect the territory
of the other;
Noting the diversity of weather modification activities in both Canada and the
United States by private parties, by State and Provincial authorities, and by the
Federal Governments;
Believing that the existing state of knowledge warrants the expectation of fur
ther development over a period of time in the science and technology of weather
Taking into particular consideration the special traditions of prior notification
and consultation and the close cooperation that have historically characterized their
Believing that a prompt exchange of pertinent information regarding the nature
and extent of weather modification activities of mutual interest may facilitate the
development of the technology of weather modification for their mutual benefit;
Recognizing the desirability of the development of international law relating to
weather modification activities having transboundary effects;
Have agreed as follows:
Article I. As used in this Agreement:
(a) "Weather modification activities", means activities performed with the in
tention of producing artificial changes in the composition, behaviour, or dynamics
of the atmosphere;
(o) "Weather modification activities of mutual interest" means weather
modification activities carried out in or over the territory of a Party within 200 miles
of the international boundary; or such activities wherever conducted, which, in the
judgment of a Party, may significantly affect the composition, behaviour, or dyna
mics of the atmosphere over the territory of the other Party;
(c) "Responsible agencies" means the Atmospheric Environment Service of
Canada and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration of the United
States, or such other agencies as the Parties may designate;
(rf) "Reporting requirements" means the requirements established by the
domestic laws or regulations of the Parties for reporting to the responsible agencies
information relating to weather modification activities by persons or entities en
gaged in weather modification.
Article II. (1) Information relating to weather modification activities of
mutual interest acquired by a responsible agency through its reporting requirements
or otherwise, shall be transmitted as soon as practicable to the responsible agency of
1 Came into force on 26 March 1975 by signature, in accordance with article IX.
Vol.977, 1-14202
197? United Nations — Treaty Series • Nations Unies — Recueil des Traités 387
the other Party. Whenever possible, this information shall be transmitted prior to
the commencement of such activities. It is anticipated that such information will be
transmitted within five working days of its receipt by a responsible agency.
(2) Information to be provided by the responsible agencies shall include copies
of relevant reports received through the reporting procedures after the effective date
of this Agreement, and such other information and interpretation as the responsible
agency might consider appropriate.
(3) Nothing herein shall be construed to require transmission to the other re
sponsible agency of information, the disclosure of which is prohibited by law, or of
information which, in the judgment of the responsible agency, is proprietary infor
Article HI. The responsible agencies shall consult with a view to developing
compatible reporting formats, and to improving procedures for the exchange of in
Article IV. In addition to the exchange of information pursuant to Article II
of this Agreement, each Party agrees to notify and to fully inform the other concern
ing any weather modification activities of mutual interest conducted by it prior to the
commencement of such activities. Every effort shall be made to provide such notice
as far in advance of such activities as may be possible, bearing in mind the provisions
of Article V of this Agreement.
Article V. The Parties agree to consult, at the request of either Party, regard
ing particular weather modification activities of mutual interest. Such consultations
shall be initiated promptly on the request of a Party, and in cases of urgency may be
undertaken through telephonic or other rapid means of communication. Consulta
tions shall be carried out in light of the Parties' laws, regulations, and administrative
practices regarding weather modification.
Article VI. The Parties recognize that extreme emergencies, such as forest
fires, may require immediate commencement by one of them of weather modifica
tion activities of mutual interest notwithstanding the lack of sufficient time for prior
notification pursuant to Article IV, or for consultation pursuant to Article V. In
such cases, the Party commencing such activities shall notify and fully inform the
other Party as soon as practicable, and shall promptly enter into consultations at the
request of the other Party.
Article VII. Nothing herein relates to or shall be construed to affect the ques
tion of responsibility or liability for weather modification activities, or to imply the
existence of any generally applicable rule of international law.
Article VIII. Each Party shall conduct an annual review of this Agreement
while it remains in force, and shall inform the other of its views regarding the Agree
ment's operation and effectiveness and the desirability of its amendment to reflect
the evolution of the science and technology of weather modification and of interna
tional law. The Parties shall meet periodically, by mutual agreement, or at the re
quest of either, to review the implementation of this Agreement or to consider other
issues related to weather modification.
Article IX. This Agreement shall enter into force upon signature. It may be
amended by mutual agreement of the Parties and may be terminated by either Party
upon six months written notice to the other Party.
Vol. 977,1-14202
1975 United Nations — Treaty Series • Nations Unies — Recueil des Traités 391
IN WITNESS WHEREOF the Representatives of the two Governments have signed
this Agreement.
DONE in duplicate at Washington this twenty-sixth day of March 1975 in
English and French, each version being equally authentic.

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