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Did you know this, about the Theory of Light ?

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posted on Aug, 24 2009 @ 01:55 AM
reply to post by thedigirati

Did you take a look at the full cartoon movie on page 2 of this post ?
But take particular Note of the Last 20% regarding what science has found out regarding Light being Aware....

The accepted theory today by most, is that Light has velocity, but I beg to differ.

Most will think I have Lost the Plot... LOL,

But if they are patient, they may see another way, of understanding our experience, or in other words this Universe...

Remembering that the accepted theory, is only our understanding and interpreting the phenomena in a particular way.

Wave Length, is derived from Frequency and Frequency is derived from measuring Wave Length. ie wavelength and frequency are tied together in the equation.

But in saying this, we have to be made aware, we may be trying to use a frequency of one of lights Components, and unknowingly trying to relate it to another Component of Light, or confusing it with another...

Although we think we understand Light today, I personally beg to differ and realise, very little is actually known, in spite of other peoples views.

But Frequency does Not have to be of Velocity, as normally interpreted.

Frequency can also relate to a change in state ie between Black and White, or between any other Colours.

There is also the phenomena relating to how this is transferred. That is in the communication of Data.

But this is another story...

In the work I have been involved with, we have adopted the theory, that the frequency of Light, is the rate of Oscillation between Black & white, and Not related to a Velocity of Light...

But the wave length that appears is more to do with a range of "Gray" ie the Mixture of Black & White, seen in the fringe area caused by the Slit, or the Introduction of an edge (One Edge of the Slit).

This is the reason I believe we interpret Light, as behaving as though particles in some cases, and as waves in others.

Perhaps these two phenomena are Not of the same component of Light but are in fact different Components, of what the phenomena of Light, is actually made up of.

Later on in other threads to come, I will show why I and my colleges adopt this theory.

But this relates to a different understanding on how this Universe is Manifested than is generally accepted today....

posted on Aug, 24 2009 @ 02:12 AM

Originally posted by thedigirati
when I was in school ( many years ago in the "dark" ages befoe the ubiquitous PC), a Teacher of mine stated that light was the only substance in the universe that had both wave and particle properties.

Almost. Particles are actually made of light.

He also stated that if you could align two lasers one light year apart that the "duration" of the second photons meeting in a vacuum would not be a light year but "nil" or instantaneous.

Correct. The "zero time jail" in relativity.

to myself, this seems to imply that light moves through more than just the three dimensions allegedly photons are triangular in shape (holy trinity?).

Light itself is a dimension. The holy trinity of a photon is the E, B, and P, or electric, magnetic, and Poynting vector.

I've always been fascinated by the way we use light to measure things in the expansive omniverse.

Newsflash! We have been using the wrong stuff, because the speed of light varies with frequency and absorption/emission.

One question though, if light is "aware" would it not avoid black holes? just wondering

Light carries information. So does gravity. The speed of gravity is much greater than light. Actually gravity is light of the highest frequency, where the period approaches the Plank length. So the Schwarzschild radius is much smaller than predicted by current methods, yes?

posted on Aug, 24 2009 @ 02:34 AM
reply to post by The Matrix Traveller

MT, you have opened my mind with your thread. I hope you can make all of what you are telling us clearer so that we may see the entire scope of your thoughts.

What kind of other equipment are you using to discover all that you have discovered?

50,000 drawings are a lot of drawings.

posted on Aug, 24 2009 @ 03:02 AM
I played with a light bright as a child.
As I dredged through this thread wasting God knows how many years.
Where is the beef?
Is there a star-Flag you need?
What do you want?
How can I give it to you?
Last, but not least.Tell me what it is your trying to show me.
No I don't want wait till next month.

posted on Aug, 24 2009 @ 06:43 AM
reply to post by flyingfish

I understand you want to know right now...

But I can only show you step by step, regarding what little I do know.

It has taken me 35 years to achieve the little I know.

I have one more post in this series in this thread and I will start another thread, regarding the first chapter of Genesis.

There are many other script that tell the same story also.

But I have chosen in this case, the 1st Chapter of Genesis just for convenience sake, as it is a very simple story, Provided we break it down into steps.
In other words a Chronological structure of events.

At this stage I am only going to cover Chapter One...

Most read what they want to see in this story, rather than understand what is actually being said.

This is Not intended to be a religious exercise, but rather a different insight in a story, that humankind has both tried to leave record of, and in other cases desired to understand.

In this post coming, titled...

"A Chronicle Account of The First Book of Moses Called Genesis."

It is Not my intention to claim validity of the story, or disprove anything, but merely show that some have understood at one time, the true make up, and nature of what this universe really is.

And some insight into how it has been constructed or manifested.

I am hoping it won't get into a debate involving Religion, but purely remain an account, that may shed some understanding on the make up of this experience we are in.

After this new thread ( "A Chronicle Account of The First Book of Moses Called Genesis." ).

I will get into my explanation of the structure and workings of what we identify as, the interaction between the human form and its environment.

Following this Thread, I will move on, to showing the Full Construct and its processing system of both the Soul and also The Mind.

I know the buzzards are circling, waiting for a corpse to feed on, but It is my intention to pass on, what I and some others have discovered.

I don't want to waist any more time, having to justify repeatedly what knowledge I have stumbled upon, but just to document a little, perhaps involving a few thousand diagrams, so that others can, if they so desire to, add further research, that will lead into many other fields of technology, in the future.

It is Not my intention to prove anything, or start a new religion, as some would accuse me of as this would be totally contrary to my desires....
In spite of the beliefs of some regarding myself...

Myself is Not important...

But it is the knowledge that we have stumbled upon, that is Important....

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posted on Aug, 25 2009 @ 03:14 AM
Hello again Matrix Traveller

Earlier I mentioned three dimensional mathematics (3dm). 3dm also states that the universe might/must be setup within a pixel style format. Personally I have never liked that concept, but I must admit that it may in fact exist. However, there is no way to know for sure with 3dm at what dimensional level that pixilation occurs. If I am understanding your statements correctly, you believe your studies have discovered this answer. I am most interested. 3d mathematics demands that space/time cannot be bent without affecting the whole universe… unless… there is some style of pixilation… The problem I have always had with that concept, both mathematical, conceptual, and experimental is this, what’s behind the pixel curtain?

To help people wrap their minds around this concept, and because I like to keep things simple. A body of water can only exist one drop at a time. Or how about this. As a god you never have to worry about time or space, and because you are bored, you get an idea to empty out the Pacific Ocean on drop of water at a time. You use a standard five drop dispenser… return four drops, and each remaining drop is exactly the same every single time. Because you are a god you suspend each drop of water in the air, one right next to the other. Because that seems tacky and because that does not suit your godlike tastes, you create a wooden bookshelf that stretches for as far as you can imagine, plus twenty shelves high. After many many years you are finished. That very same day a fellow ATSer decides to step away from his computer and go outside. The first words out of his mouth is, “where the hell is my ocean, I was only on the computer for a few minutes…” To which you reply. “It’s right here,” as you point to your twenty level high bookshelf that seems to go on forever. The End.

My mind knows what the truth must be, but getting my mind to believe it is something entirely different. Because even though I can wrap my mind around and entire ocean that is emptied one drop of water at a time, I cannot get my mind around what is between the drops… If the universe is in fact one giant ocean of pixels and each pixel is independent of the other, then what exists beyond the pixel if space/time can in fact be bent?

Example: The space you exist within is exactly the same space that is one trillion light years away. Three dimensional mathematics demands, if you bend even one cubit centimeter of space in your area of the universe, then all the space in the universe will be affected. Now the further you move away from the affected area the less you will notice and perhaps feel the change, and the longer it lasts the harder it will become to detected it still. Even though all of space is affected by whatever you do in your area of space. However, 3D mathematics also suggests if space is in a pixilated state, depending at what dimensional level that pixilation begins, then that may not be the case. But here is the problem. Using my ocean drop visualization mentioned above, lets say you squeezed all those ocean drops together, thereby giving our fellow ATSer his ocean back, however because you are still a god you now see and understand the ocean is nothing but a sea of drops. You then decide to bring one side of a single ocean drop over to the other side of that same ocean drop. However, because each pixel/ocean drop exists completely separate from the other, what fills in the space that continues to separate all the other drops from filling in the whole left in the space vacated by you squeezing one ocean drop of water together? Or to bring in back out into space. If space is a giant pixel, and space can in fact be bent, what is behind the pixels? The quick answer is nothing, (I even wrote a poem about this several years ago, I could post it if anyone is interested.), or membranes, which I also completely reject but for a host of other reasons. What does your experiment have to say about what is behind the curtain, more light? How is light created from nothing?

3D mathematics also talks about the duality of time, and about other dimensions and how we co-exist with them, they aren’t way over there btw, in reality we co-exist with them, they are right at the end of our noses/ we walk within them always… 3D mathematics allows us to see them, mathematically at least. There are some other things you have stated your experiments proves or suggests that seems to mimic what 3D mathematics states as well, but I have already taken up to much of your time so those questions will have to wait.

--Charles Marcello

posted on Feb, 28 2010 @ 09:35 AM

Note; Black & White are Opposites !

They are no opposits. white is the absence of color, black is the absence of light.

where are you going with this? whats your theory?

The accepted theory today by most, is that Light has velocity, but I beg to differ.

Ah I see, Intresting! But what you suppose is therefore that time is meaningless. Your theory questions accepted age of the universe itself,
says the doppler effect may be bunkum. I hope you have more than crude diagrams of elementary school experiments?

Can you tell me the speed of dark? must be faster than light cause it gets there first, no?

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posted on Feb, 28 2010 @ 01:31 PM
reply to post by wayaboveitall

Well these are your Beliefs... accepting what you are led to believe by humanity, but this does Not prove that "human understanding" is necessarily correct..

The Only fact is that this is what you have been taught and you believe...

But that is absolutely normal in your world...

The reason for my simple drawings is so you may understand...

I could provide a complete detailed thesis, but this would take some thousand pages an may be beyond your scope ???

Not doubting your ability to understand but rather the problem being at present you are convinced the Human Primate is Correct..

But you only have to look around you to realise the human species doesn't know much at all

But then the Scientific world realise we are hardly at the begging of understanding anything.....

It is the Media that makes wild claims about science and NOT the Scientific Community...

I am responding to all levels on ATS to introduce questions about the accepted Theories...

I have no need to convince you, but hope you question humanities beliefs about LIGHT...

When you look at human development we are Not as advanced as some would have you believe, or you and I would not be here but travelling through your Little Universe crossing Galaxies in minutes of human time...

The Fact is we are NOT and are Earthbound with all the problems of humanity in their struggle against LIFE ???

Where am I going with this???

This is only a very, very small part of the overall...

The human theory of Light is the Core that Human based Scientific understanding is based on...

Humanity has to review their understanding of LIGHT, or the human races will become extinct, it is just a matter of Time...

But Time is only a human measurement of the rate of change based on Human understanding and the rules based on that understanding...

Time does Not exist.... as all both Past, Future, and now is The PRESENT !

All has been Manifested in something that has No Size or Shape and its Construct is based on Concepts....

The First Algorithm to know is the Construct components of the Paradox (Example) Nothing and Something and its behaviour....

Science which is Required is changing... Which it always has and is Healthy..

But Science is still searching... Why because it does NOT profess to know but offers theories to explain their observations of the End result in the Manifestation of all.

But this is NOT the way to find the underlying systems that produce what you experience.

What you experience in the form of the Story is much different than what produces this Story of you and your environment you believe to be your Universe...

posted on Feb, 28 2010 @ 08:39 PM
I meant, can you summerise with simple example how you theorise light behaves? You beleive there may be no velocity involved at all, and this is interesting concept, but I dont understand how you theorise that works.
Is it simple a human visual misconception? Are you saying light is not energy form or what exactly?
Im not a scientist. I understand your drawings I think and the theory of wavelengths visible etc, but your white light, black/white=grey part is confusing?

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posted on Feb, 28 2010 @ 09:13 PM
so what exactly are you trying to point out to us here....

posted on Feb, 28 2010 @ 09:37 PM

Originally posted by PPGrocks
so what exactly are you trying to point out to us here....

That the status Quo is Not necessarily Correct and I see huge holes in the accepted theory within the public domain ???

posted on Feb, 28 2010 @ 09:48 PM
reply to post by wayaboveitall

Thank you for your Posts...

Please forgive me for my dreadful English communication skills...

I will think about you answers and questions and get back to you again soon, in a day or two.

posted on Feb, 28 2010 @ 09:49 PM
Man this thread is indeed a gem of understanding of what really is true knowledge and understanding. As the Op advocates and alludes to we must indeed re-evaluate what we think we think we are thinking we know to be correct and true in light of what we have been told to think about thinking of light.
Hence I understand darkness is simply the absence of light. So then switching on a Light makes the darkness vanish yeah. Like an illusion yeah?

posted on Feb, 28 2010 @ 10:12 PM
reply to post by Epsillion70

Its all a bit of a fickle isn't it ???

Hell how am I to work it all out??? LOL

That Algoritm ???

As a Species we have to get to grips with it if we are to go anwhere...

Fact is Far, Far stranger than Fiction....

posted on Feb, 28 2010 @ 11:10 PM
No, he can't summarize quickly and in a suitably Americanized way. Science isn't on demand for us, people. There's a little thing called scientific method it requires testing and observation. Besides if he did dump it all on you at once you probably wouldn't be able to make heads or tails of it and just write him off as some nut case.

As things stand I think he's doing an admirable job of illustrating his theory using the most common type of evidence, the empirical kind.

posted on Mar, 1 2010 @ 02:37 AM
Im Not american, and I only ask the theory be summarised for understanding, Im not asking for scientific documentation or proof.
In anycase, What empirical evidence? Apparently I missed it.

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posted on Mar, 15 2010 @ 04:45 PM
reply to post by wayaboveitall

Hi wayaboveitall,

Thank you for your Post.

I don't mean to come across as being arrogant...

Humankind has very little understanding of the true origin or its true nature.

I will get back into this thread sometime and answer your questions

I have used simple drawings in this thread to try and show others right across the spectrum of interest, and get them to ask more questions regarding the Human understanding of Light.

I realise Science has only scratched the surface regarding the subject of LIGHT...

Science will continue to make new and exciting discoveries regarding LIGHT in the Future, which will have a huge affect regarding understanding on all Sciences.

I will get into why I say that LIGHT does Not have Velocity, but this inolves a huge subject on its own...

I may get into this though, if this thread comes alive again ???

I in No way think I have all the answers...

Far, Far, from it, but I have found some interesting matters in my work, regarding another Project I have been on now for more than 16 years full time.

Your reference to Time....

My understanding....

It is always NOW never yesterday or tomorrow.

Think about it... Now is also called the PRESENT if you get my meaning?
(Present as in the Gift... LOL)

What we see as the illusion of Time i.e. The human measurement in the rate of change in things can be likened to the situation regarding a CD or DVD...

As you know a CD or DVD Contains a story whether in the form of a Movie or Music and contains, The Beginning, The End as well as the Story between these 2... (Beginning and End)

The illusion of Time appears when the CD or DVD is placed in a Player an enabled. Yet the whole Story still exists on the Disc.

So it is with your experience. Your experience of your human form and Universe you know is the Product of a Processing System involving Program Books. All the Possibilities of your experience have been Pre Written but this produces what can be a very Complex Tree in other words What you can choose as you call it free will is presented in the form of a directory Tree.
You can only do the things that are contained within the boundaries of the Choices within your pre written Program...

If you are Interested.... Check out the description containing Drawings of the Processing system of the Soul on one of my other threads..

Does anyone actually Know what the Soul is?

Link below...

In the last few pages I have decided to document a Full Explanation of what I have found as a result of Full Time R&D over the last 16 years or more.

This involves the Lattice Work of Light.

Make sure you look through these Drawings from page 13 onwards in this thread to understand what I am showing..

Does anyone actually Know what the Soul is?

If you are still interested then feel free to U2U me....

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posted on Mar, 16 2010 @ 08:26 PM
thank you for your post The Matrix Traveller.
I love scientis but not scientists.
Ask a scientist what gravity is and he will tell you!
“the pull of the earth. Apples falling”
But you and he still does not know what it is!
They just tell you they know things,
Until some other scientist comes up with a better idea.
They just make you believe in them.
I am not saying I dont like you.
Is what you say true or are we just convince’t by you.

this is some thing I came up with.
When light hits a blue card (what we say is blue) all the red light is absorbed by the card. So the card is red!
Does it take red out of the light? A atom of red is destroyed!?
Like when sound hits harp string.
The string vibrates at its note. So the card has a note.
Funny that a photon can travel at light speed or slower! And if it hits you there is very very little damage.
Like it only hits one atom. Well it is that small.
But! A particle accelerator hits with so much power that they bounce off each other?
So why does light not do this?
huh! are you not convince’t by me :-)

posted on Mar, 16 2010 @ 08:54 PM
reply to post by buddha

Hi buddha,

"wormwood squirm" Placed a cartoon animation on my second page of this thread....

You may find this interesting, especially near the end of the movie... Where it is reported that science has noted that LIGHT may be Aware, or it

appears that LIGHT may be Aware???

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posted on Mar, 17 2010 @ 03:16 AM

Originally posted by wayaboveitall
Im Not american, and I only ask the theory be summarised for understanding, Im not asking for scientific documentation or proof.
In anycase, What empirical evidence? Apparently I missed it.

This thread is in the Science and technology forum and since science and technology are based on proof why shouldn't we ask for proof here? There are plenty of other forums on ATS where you can post metaphysical stuff where proof isn't expected. But science is based on proof so I don't think anyone should be afraid to ask for proof of anyone posting things in a science forum.

Sure some of the concepts in science are flawed and have been proven wrong in the past, and will be proven wrong in the future, but that happens how? with proof. So if mainstream science is wrong, then prove it. If there's no proof then why is this thread in the science forum?

The OP was explained by chiron613 on the first page and here we are on page 6 and I still haven't seen any proof presented of why the mainstream explanation by chiron613 on the first page is wrong and why the illustration in the OP poses any lack of understanding by mainstream science. Instead I've seen a lot of metaphysical claims with no proof.

As far as I can tell this thread might be a better fit in the Philosophy and Metaphysics Discussion Forum:

since it contains more metaphysics than physics.

I'm not saying metaphysics is wrong, I'm just saying it's metaphysics, not science.

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