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A letter to Alan Grayson from district 8

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posted on Jul, 26 2009 @ 04:44 AM
I have personally taken an interest in Mister Grayson and having voted for him I felt somewhat responsible to steer his efforts in the most beneficial direction for ALL Americans and not just we central Floridians. So, when I noticed he was signing on to help audit the Fed, I felt a spark of pride for a second. Then I realized that we are far from being out of the woods. So 20 minutes ago I wrote him a letter. Some people have suggested to me that writing to a congressman is unimportant, but I submit this letter as evidence of all that a letter can get across:

Dear Mister Grayson,

I am writing you once again from district 8. I will be as candid with you as is possible during this letter and be honest with you regarding my concerns as an American from Cntral Florida.

Mister Grayson, you have a tremendous potential to effectively lead the people of this country out of debt slavery and economic class bondage into a new era of accountability and freedom. I understand wholeheartedly that freedom does not mean immunity from consequence. As a Christian, I have come to understand that forgiveness does not take away the result of sin. I use this metaphor to elucidate for you my ideology. I am first and foremost a freethinking, freedom loving, sovereign human being from the State of Florida. I am an independent with certain Libertarian philosophies and believe without a shadow of a doubt that the government need not act as nanny to the American people.

The benevolent image of the state is rendered impotent when such perversities as forced vaccination become the norm. I have felt firsthand the effects of forced drugging in the psychiatric wards. Abducted against my will, a harm to neither myself nor anyone else, deemed by the court to be worthy of mandating forced psychotropic drugging and administered shots (Haldol) every month (Again, against my will). The result of this forced drugging was an aversion to sunlight, suicidal depression, vivid nightmares and depersonalization. Never (NOT ONCE!) were any beneficial effects of these drugs ever experienced. I have since done much research into the field of psychiatry and believe it to be an offshoot of both Project Paperclip and Project MKULTRA.

As I said, I am going to be as candid with you as is possible. Many of us (Americans) are sick and tired of being labeled "extremists" or deflected with "conspiracy theorist" disinformant blatherskite. I'm going to assume that you are familiar with much if not all of what I speak of here. Just as I did when I voted for you, I'm going to assume that you are genuinely a good person who has only our best interest at heart here in District 8. I can tell you, there are a lot of people supporting what you're doing right now and so long as you do not fall prey to Washington's insider games, allowing the Pharmageddon to continue, stuffing Merck and Pfizer kickbacks into your pocket in exchange for the liberty of Central Floridians or Americans altogether for that matter; We shall continue to support you. As our representative we expect certain things. There is no backlash to be expected for failure to meet our expectations. There is nothing for you personally to fear. It is our country's (indeed our world's) future at stake here. We tire of seeing the mass media disinformation. For weeks now Michael Jackson psyop propaganda has been dominating the news. Yet the internet exists and such sites as blacklisted news or even youtube will clue us in to the real situation and individuals of a free inclination will disseminate this information to any and all people who display a desire to know the truth. Even the layman can watch a segment of Headline News and discern the truth; That we are being lead down the garden path to the slaughterhouse. I'm not sugarcoating it. It may be funny to an extent, but only to the extent that the CFR and SPP think they will get away with the robbery.

posted on Jul, 26 2009 @ 04:45 AM
Honorable mention; Thank you for laughing at Ben Bernanke like the antiquated farm equipment that he is.
I have nothing to hide Mister Grayson. The last president that I gave a # about, Mister John F. Kennedy, died trying to get the US out of Vietnam and abolish the Fed. There is a very big difference between conspiracy theory and conspiracy fact. 9/11 truthers who suggest that 9/11 was an inside job would probably at this point be labeled as conspiracy theorists as in some cases they lack the credible evidence to verify that claim. I'm of the opinion that 9/11 was a sideways job. Who's at fault is not clear and what to do about it is likewise unclear. I'll leave the decisions regarding that up to you. I will say the vast majority of people I speak to regarding the 9/11 issue are skeptical (at best) of the official story and desire an independent investigation, but I'll digress so as not to make this a diatribe.
We, the people, are tired of the farce. Money is defined as the root of all evil by many of us and we are recognizing in ever increasing numbers that it is an instrument of debt and thereby slavery and we are not interested in the theft, slavery or murder that that false, wicked institution causes. We are waking up in droves to the potential of the government to track us (Real ID) and spray our food with Roundup/Agent Orange/Etc (Codex Alimentarius) and the possibility of forcibly innoculating us against our will with President Obama's new Healthcare plan combined with past legislation and executive orders under the Bush administration which could target dissidents found wrongly on government watch lists categorized as domestic extremists for the non-crime of having a Ron Paul bumper sticker. We're God Damned sick of it and we expect better from this country. The people are going to tire of acting like Ghandi while the men in charge act like Hitler. Here is a short list of our expectations here in district 8. I speak for many who haven't the ability to word such a letter in an eloquent fashion.

1. Real ID must NOT be enforced in Florida. Many of the young men and women in this state are Christians and feel that the Real ID act is in direct opposition to the Christian faith as marking an individual with a number is heretical to Christians. For far too long the people have had to make the tough choice of whether to risk defying their God or drive to work in order to support a family. Social Security numbers are likewise in sharp contrast to Christian ideology and we are beyond tired of compromising our moral integrity in order to function in society. We view Real ID as an ex post facto law that specifically targets Christians as it hinders their religious practices in the extreme while causing them much suffering and effecting them in this negative fashion predominantly. I'm certain with your legal background you know of many supreme court decisions which support this conclusion. We expect that our children will have their names written in proper English with all grammatical punctuation in the proper order and manner on all documents regarding us and our children. We are NOT corporate fictions and refuse to be relegated to such status. We refuse to allow the government to float our birth certificates to the Federal Reserve as collateral for fiat money that the congress should be minting and issuing in the first place. We demand a potent congress. Please visit

2. Codex Alimentarius must NOT be enforced ANYWHERE in the United States of America thereby implementing further beaurocracy in the food and agriculture sectors. Genetically modified organisms are unhealthy and we will not settle for this PERVERSION! I am a human being. Not a Democrat, nor Republican, nor Libertarian and certainly not a Statist. As a human being I know certain things are good for me and others bad for me.

posted on Jul, 26 2009 @ 04:47 AM
I do not always make the best decision, but it helps when information is readily available. The mainstream media should be ASHAMED of itself for keeping such information as Monsanto's manipulation of the food industry a secret. Then again, anything involving industry is a giant red flag anyway as monopolies are bad for humankind. No longer will we, the people, settle for milk containing bovine growth hormones or food filled with free radicals. The days of the microwave are numbered, as we are waking up to the fact that it was the most atrocious form of monetary opportunism and corruption since psychiatry introduced electric shock therapy and is on par with it's levels of quackery as well. Much like the tape recorder, it is an obsolete form of technology and it's use ought be discouraged as being a health hazard. Moreover, countless individuals the land over are growing their own food as the food sold in stores is in most cases unfit for human consumption. The big chain grocery stores market long term storable food (foods prepared with preservatives to ensure a long shelf life) as every day food items. This is unhealthy in the extreme and has decreased the average life expectancy of the American people exponentially. Thus, many of us are turning to gardening and are growing as a people more and more independent of this corruption. Yet in our bid for freedom we have discovered that many challenges may face us in the future. Every day planes fly overhead here in district 8 and spray a barium filled agent in the air known as a "chemtrail". These chemtrails cause tic-tac-toe style grids to form in the sky and rain down upon us all and we are becoming increasingly aware of their existence and the inevitability of such activities possibly being used as a method of controlling the American populace by way of spraying a chemical or biological agent upon the people or a chemical like Monsanto's Roundup (Agent Orange?) on our crops to deter us from growing our own food. In combination with HAARP's weather manipulation, unnatural agricultural complications arise. We expect to be able to grow food without fear of covert manipulation of our crops. We also expect that herbal, nutrient and vitamin products and/or supplements remain unregulated and require no prescription. No government, society, business or organization has a right to quarantine the people from any natural plant or resource on this planet. We feel that Codex Alimentarius is a coup of American sovereignty aimed to perpetrate eugenics under the UN's Agenda 21 campaign. This information and much much more is in the public domain. The protester may be silenced, but the protest goes on.

3. Forced vaccination must NOT occur under ANY circumstance. Vaccine companies are not even liable for any damages that occur from the dissemination of their products (as I'm sure you know, being a lawyer) and we will not settle for payouts from the profits rifled from the American taxpayer's pocket and being required to take the matter before a supra-constitutional vaccine court. It is nothing short of a conspiracy that these vaccines are portrayed as being safe and effective forms of medication and we have traced this practice back to the self-serving private interest groups in control of Washington and we REFUSE to submit to vaccination. Again, we are the people. An uneducated 51% does not have the right to nullify the rights of the educated 49% minority. We would not force our decision not to vaccinate upon them and we expect that their decision to go along with the program not be forced upon us. We reserve our right to self-shield. Please support our decision to self-shield as any forced vaccination will be considered an out and out usurpation of American sovereignty, civil rights, unalienable rights and will result in chaos in this country similar to what recently took place in Shishou China. I am certain you are familiar with what I speak of.

posted on Jul, 26 2009 @ 04:47 AM
Though the mainstream media has dropped all mention of Iran, spoken not a word of Greece and shuddered at the thought of telling us about Shishou. The truth gets out regardless.

Mister Grayson, if you take the time to read this letter, allow me to say thank you. The first time in my life that I voted, I checked your name on the ballot. Some people have suggested to me that writing to my congressman is a worthless pursuit and that I would be better off spending that time writing to someone who doesn't know what it is that I know. Well, I hope you prove them wrong, at least in this one case and I'll continue to investigate and elucidate for the American people.


without prejudice ucc1-308
-(My name, agent)

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