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Iran will strike Israel nuclear sites if attacked

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posted on Jul, 25 2009 @ 05:21 PM

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Iran will strike Israel nuclear sites if attacked

(AFP) – 12 hours ago

TEHRAN — Iran has the capability to strike arch-foe Israel's nuclear sites firmly and will do so if it comes under attack, the head of the elite Revolutionary Guards Corps said on Saturday.

Asked by Iran's Arabic language television channel Al-Alam whether Iran has the ability to strike Israeli nuclear sites, Mohammad Ali Jafari said: "Yes, definitely we have this capability because of the advances we have made in the past two years to carry out such a task."

"We have said that all of Israel's soil is under the coverage of our missiles. We have such capability and can certainly respond to any attack" by Israel.

Jafari said Iran will give a "firm and precise" answer if attacked by Israel.

"We are not responsible for this regime and other enemies' foolishness. If they strike Iran, our answer will be firm and precise. They will have no answer when Iran bombards them and sends several of its missiles."

I would guess that if Israel was prepared to make peace with countries of the Middle East and the Palestinians like it did with Egypt, the entire region would have been a peaceful and prosperous region with Israelis travelling where ever they want in total safety. Instead it has decided to run riot over the region, bombing and besieging, unleashing assassination squads, marauds the region in nuclear armed submarines and provoking the US to invade countries.

Now Israel is pushing hard for Iran to be the next Iraq, but the Iranians are promising to retaliate against Israel this time and may actually have the means to do so.

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