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the british solution

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posted on May, 9 2004 @ 04:45 PM
As colonel O'Neill stood, still in his fishing gear, in the elevator waiting for it to stop he thought about how he had been recalled. He had been sitting fishing when his mobile started ringing so he just threw it into the water thinking that he would be left in peace. About an hour after that a black hawk helicopter bearing United States air force signs flew in and three men jumped out and said that he had been recalled back to base. "I really hate it when I try to go fishing and the good old United States of America needs his help", he thought. The men hadn't gave him a reason why he had been recalled but had just said that general Hammond needed him back at the base. The elevator stopped and a soldier in combats stepped in the elevator as the colonel stepped out he noticed that his beery was green and had a globe for a badge. The colonel looked at his rank and noticed he was a corporal. The elevator doors shut and the colonel stood there looking at the doors thinking. An airman passing by noticed the colonel. "Colonel, are you ok?" the airman asked. "What? Oh yeah just admiring the lovely elevator. Have you seen the general?" Replied the colonel. " Right sir." the airman said in a very confused voice "The general I think is in his office, sir". "Thanks" the colonel replied and with that information he carried on towards the generals office.

" Colonel welcome I have already talked to your counter parts. I left you until last because the president wants us to be more open with your country because of the current political situation, and because your country has been the most cooperative." Said general Hammond. "Thank you for sharing that with me. My superiors wanted to thank you for allowing us to have teams here." Said the heavily British sounding colonel replied. Just as the general was about to tell the colonel more there came a nock from the door "come in" the general said. Then colonel O'Neill walked in the door "hello sir, you wanted to see me?" Said the O'Neill. "Yes colonel I want you to meet colonel Collins. He is in charge of a group of teams from Britain." Said the general. The colonels both shook hands and exchanged hellos. The general's phone then rang. " Hello.Oh its you sir just a minute sir. Your dismissed colonels." Said the general.

Samantha carter sat in the cafeteria going over the results of yet another test from some experiment on the star gate then a women in combats sat down next to her and took off her berry "hi you must be major carter I'm major Ramsey," said the major as she offered her hand to cater. Carter then took the majors hand and shook it friendlily. "Hi just call me Samantha so what are you doing here major. I don't remember seeing you around." Said Samantha. "Iv just been posted here .you can just call me jenny. so what you got there." The major looked over at the results, "that just gives me a head ache looking at that wormhole stuff." Said major Ramsey. "We sent a probe through to a planet but we got some weird results back," said carter. "Hmm well you would probably want to talk to our colonel he is into that sort of thing. Real brain box he is hacked into this assholes laptop then using it he hacked into a bank company and left evidence there. Guy deserved it like, he had slept with his girlfriend when he was in Iraq."

As Dr Jackson sat reading an alien text and didn't notice a woman walk up to the door and look at the sign on the wall. The woman then stepped into Daniels' office and looked in his direction. "Um excuse me, I'm new here and I'm sorta lost which way is it to the cafeteria?". Daniel looked up and looked at the woman dressed in a green jump suit. " Emm its down on the next floor, (look I don't know where it is so please don't complain about directions), who are you anyway if you don't mind me asking?" replied Daniel. "Oh my names corporal brown, what's yours? Isn't that ancient Celtic your reading? Sorry but I cant help but being nosy". Daniel just looked at the woman in front of him she certainly didn't look like some one who was in the military, "I'm doctor Jackson and yes it is Celtic how did you know that? If you don't mind me saying you don't look like one of the regular military people we get around here. " Daniel said intrigued. "Well I don't really work for the military. I'm just a reservist. I really actually work as an archaeologist but joined the TA for some extra money. Once the mod found out about my special skills they sent me on goose chases around the world. I believe we actually met once in Egypt. You might remember me I was the one that fell down the hole and sort of smashed a piece of the floor." Daniel laughed as he remembered that little incident in Egypt. "Well I do sort of remember some English voice call out "help" and some one fall through the floor next to me." he said with a grin on his face.

As Teal'c walked towards a free firing point in the SGC firing range he heard two voices almost shouting. "Cum on just give up! You'll never get a better shot!" Teal'c peered out towards where the voices emerged. Then Teal'c heard the sound of an SA 80 being fired and the sound of laughter. "Ha ha no wonder you didn't get your snipers. You couldn't hit a 4 tonner with an l-96." "Screw you! You stupid damm rifle!" just then Teal'c saw a man appear from a firing point and leave towards the armoury then came back with an LSW. "Um look it was a joke Ali." Just then the man that held the LSW set it up at the firing point and started to load the magazine. "You want accuracy ill give YOU DAMM ACURACY!!" then the other man in the firing point jumped out of the firing point and grabbed a pair of ear defenders and hit the ground. Teal'c just looked at the man with a look of "what the hell is this guy on?" "Excuse me but why are you." he was cut off as the sound of the LSW firing madly down the range. Teal'c removed his hands from his ears and walked over to the firing point. The sight that greeted him was that of the floor covered in casings, the wall was marked where the casing had hit off it. The man unloaded the LSW and simply walked off. The man on the floor took the ear defenders off and strolled over towards the firing point and stood next to Teal'c and viewed the mess of the firing point. Teal'c on the other hand was busy looking at the target 200 metres down the range he pressed the button to recall the target. The target arrived and both of them stared at the target, at first there was no pattern but as the stepped back the noticed the bullet holes spelt something out "screw accuracy". Both men just stood and looked at the target with quiet shock and awe. "Holy shi."one air force soldier said as he peeked round from his firing point.

posted on May, 9 2004 @ 05:36 PM
Nice story Devilwasp glad to see anouther SG-1 storyand a fellow Brit around keep up the good work

posted on May, 10 2004 @ 06:11 AM
First assignment

I do not own star gate sg1 or any character, objects, ideas, places or anything from it.
Lets get this show on the road!

Opening scene:
SG3 walks towards a small encampment in the middle of a forest. Suddenly on the other side of the camp a group of soldiers wearing camouflage gear and some similar weapons walk out. Both teams stare at each other with weapons drawn. One of the soldiers then pointed at the leader of SG3 and said something to the lead person

Sg3 commander: “Private Soyors head back to the gate, make sure that its open and ready for a quick get away .I don’t like this one bit, ”

Soyors: “Sir “

The young private quickly turned and ran towards the gate. As she reached the DHD the sound of gunfire caused her to look behind her in the direction of her squad
Soyors: “sir what’s going on?”

Soyors: “ SIR! Are you there? Hello Hank are you there? Major? Any one?”

Sg3 commander: “Soyors go through the gate. Get reinforcements we’re pinned down *****(static)********* MAJOR! ON YOU’RE SIX! GET OUT OF HERE PRIVATE!!!!!NOW! *********

Soyors: “SIR? SIR? . Crap! Crap!”

She quickly punched in the code for earth on the DHD. The gate started up and activated. The private typed in the code for the SGC iris, as she was about to jump through a bunch of bullets hit the ground next to her. She dived and rolled while taking the safety off her P-90. She popped up and fired wildly at the man in combats. The man dived left out of the way allowing the private time to fling herself back into the star gate. As she hit the floor of the ramp in the SGC she then quickly picked herself up and ran towards the door to the command centre. She ran through the open door and up the stairs she then noticed the pain in her left knee she looked down to notice blood on her combats she then passed out half way across the room.

Joint briefing between SG1 and GBSG1

Carter: “general as you know we lost contact with SG3 last night. Private Soyors made it through the gate but is in infirmary due to combat injuries. We haven’t had a chance to get a full account of what happened but from what we can tell is that the team had a hostile encounter with an alien race. We wont have more information until the private wakes up.”

Fraiser: “I got the bullet out of the private. She seemed to show no other signs of injury. The bullet seemed to be similar to that of a regular assault rifle round but it was made up of several elements of unknown origin.”

Hammond: “thank you major, doctor. Now colonel O’Neill I want you and SG1 to go in with GBSG1 to find out what happened and to search for survivors. Understood?”
O’Neill: “understood sir. When do we leave?”

Scene 3 SGC infirmary
The private is being dragged in with a bandage around his right arm and left leg
Argyll: “come on doc its nothing. I mean it’s just a couple of scratches!”

Fraiser: “ well we will have to see. I still can’t believe you done that Look when you start messing around with loaded rifles that’s what happens! I mean you of all people should know not to fool around with a loaded weapon! What I don’t know is how you managed to make the bullet ricochet over the bullet guards and then miss every one and hit you.”

Fraiser starts to look at the wound

Argyll: “Emm well stuff happens! Look how was I supposed to know that would happen!”

Fraiser: “well I’ve bandaged it up and you should be ready to leave by tomorrow. Lucky they were just glancing blows to you now excuse me I’ve got paper work to do.”

Argyll: “thanks doc feels good as new. I think I can walk so that must mean I can leave.”

Fraiser: “private there are two security guards down the corridor you wouldn’t get very far. So just stay here and rest”

Fraiser left the room in search of her paper work. The air force nurse came up behind and told the private to lie down on the bed. The private grudgingly made his way to the bed.

Argyll looks over to the next bed and sees a young female air force soldier sitting reading a book
Argyll: “so what you in for? Names Alistair Argyll by the way.”

Soyors: “I got shot.” she snapped back at him angrily “if you wouldn’t mind I’m trying to read here!”

Argyll: “ok calm down I’m just trying to help. You got shot too how was that? I didn’t see on the range. What’s your name if you don’t mind me asking?”

Soyors: “look I got shot on a mission and the rest of my team is presumed dead. Ok! Just leave me alone I don’t need help especially form some hotshot Brit. so just go away”

Argyll: “wow sorry I didn’t know. Look how about we just start this conversation again I mean we got off on the wrong foot. Hmm? “

Soyors: “just who the hell are you anyway? And what are you doing talking to me? I mean who do you think you are?”

Argyll: “look I’m Alistair I know your pissed off at losing your team but lying there feeling sorry for yourself wont get you far. I’m trying to help and I’m not moving until you tell me who you are and what is wrong with being a hot shot and British ”

Soyors: “well Alistair I’m amber and frankly I hate hot shots like you and you british seem to think your so great just because you had and empire so what were the super power now so ha laughs on you”

Argyll: “actually I don’t like the fact we had an empire. We Scottish were part of it so we hated it but frankly I think we should fight this some other time. Any way if you yank’s call this country a super power your talking bollocks just because you’ve got lots troops, boats tanks aircraft and you cover a quarter of the globe doesn’t mean you’re a super power. If you have lots of troops that doesn’t mean you will win. I mean you guys need to work on your accuracy and friendly fire don’t get me started there.”

Just as the pair was about to continue arguing two nurses came to their beds. Each nurse had a very large and filled syringe.

Argyll: “Emm excuse me but what is that?”

Nurse: “don’t worry its nothing bad its just that you two wont shut up and the fact that every one else here is annoyed at you.”

The first nurse came over and quickly jabbed the syringe into Alistair. Alistair just looked at the syringe currently attached to his leg.

Argyll: “oh crap you wouldn’t!”

The nurse just gave a nod and injected the liquid inside it into Alistair. The reaction was almost instantaneous. He just stared at the nurse then went “uh oh” and fell back into his bed. The second nurse just gave Amber a look and quickly injected the liquid into her

As colonel Collins came round the corner he noticed colonel O’Neill quietly sneak into the generals office.

Collins: “hmm wonder what he wants to talk to the general about?”

Collins sneaks up to the door and takes a quick look around then places his ear against the door…

Hammond: “colonel what is it you wanted to talk about?”

O’Neil: “sir I’d like to talk about the rescue op sir. Frankly why do we need to have the British on this mission I mean we can handle this on our own. I mean we would be babysitting these guys sir. If you want we can take SG2 sir”

Hammond: “colonel you haven’t even seen these seen these people in action. I’m not changing my mind live with it.”

O’Neil: “ fine then sir.”

Collins quickly snuck away and went to reflect on his newly acquired information.

Corporal brown strolled down to the SGC’s training room as she stepped inside she noticed a man doing a workout on the weights but the thing that she noticed was the fact that he had the weights on full and wasn’t breaking a sweat. ‘What the hell is this guy on!’ she thought.

“Shocked yet? Yeah I vas when I virst arrived.” A voice said from the pull up bar
She looked towards the bar and seen a young blonde woman doing pull ups on the bar

Brown: “ who are you? Yeah I’m pretty shocked at seeing a man do that and not break sweat.”

Leyna: “I’m Starshina Leyna. And you are?”

Brown: “corporal brown. âàø èç Ðîññèè?” (You’re from Russia?)

Leyna: “da da. âàø èç Âåëèêîáðèòàíèè?”(Yes yes. your from Britain?)

Brown: “ da. Your from the Russian teams here right?”

Leyna: “yes. I didn’t know they had stationed British teams here. Well if you ever need some explosive expertise then come to me”

Brown: “ oooook I’ll remember that.”

Gate room ,sg1 stands as usual at the bottom of the gate wearing normal combats ,waiting for UKSG1 to arrive.

O’Neil: “sir ,can we leave their late as it is?”

Hammond: “colonel.” Hammond gave O’Neill a look that said ‘stop it and behave’

O’Neill just nodded and scowled just then the door to his left opened to reveal UKSG1.Jackson tried not to laugh at the combat smocks they were wearing each had cam cream smeared over their faces and they looked like walking bushes. Definitely not like lean mean heavily armed killing machines.

O’Neill: “nice gear. So you guys haven’t heard the saying then.”

Collins: “well no point in not being prepared. Anyway you wouldn’t want to be babysitting us would you? .”

Hammond: “teams you have a go.”

Collins: “ Sar!”
Collins snapped a quick salute
The gate started to dial up.

Operator: “ chevron 2 locked!”

O’Neill: “Collins just to get this strait I think you guys are ok but I still think WE should go find out what happened. We have the most experience. No offence meant”

Operator: “chevron 4 locked!”

Collins: “ well no offence taken. But frankly I wouldn’t worry about US. We’re more worried about you lot aiming straight. No offence meant.”

Operator: “chevron 7 engaged!”

The blue burst of the wormhole made most of the UKSG1 flinch.

O’Neill: “shall we?”

With that the two teams from both sides of the Atlantic walked through the gate.

posted on May, 13 2004 @ 11:22 AM
i need a few characters for UKSG2 and SG2
so please email me wi ur character and weapon of choice and wanted rank plz

posted on Oct, 28 2004 @ 12:38 PM
Planet fall

The bright blue almost whitish flash took most of UKSG1 by surprise while SG1 just treated it as the norm.

SG1 stepped out of the gate and looked around. ‘No bad guys? Oh well must be busy with SG3’ thought O’Neil. Just then the rest of their assignment came through and shook off the adrenaline rush they all shared, well all except Collins.

Collins: “well colonel looks safe. I’ll send Ramsey ahead first. Ramsey! Go and scout ahead of us and don’t get shot.”

O’Neill: “carter! Go with her and make sure she doesn’t get shot”

Carter + Ramsey in sync: “sir!”
And with the duo sprinted off towards the direction of the last know position of SG3.

Collins: “Argyll what was the stunt you pulled on the range today? I heard you got hurt?”

Argyll: “well you see sir I was kind of checking out one of their new guns and I sort of accidentally fired it and the bullet ricocheted off the guard and then hit the wall and hit me then rebounded back and hit me in the leg and then hit the guard again which stopped it.”

Collins: “…………………………….ok then. Try not to do it again.”

Argyll: “I wont sir.”

O’Neill: “well if you look after the gate me and the team will go look for SG3. Ill just call Hammond and get Soyors through.”

Collins: “why don’t I send Argyll in place of your Daniel, no offence Daniel but I think it would be safer for the mission.”

Jackson: “ this is a completely new race of people here, jack I have to come so I can try and set up relations.”

O’Neil: “don’t worry Daniel. Colonel can I speak with you privately?”

Collins just nodded and the pair walked a short distance off.

O’Neil: “colonel I pick my team NOT you understand that? MY team will go and get SG3 while your team secures our six! Do you understand me?”

Collins: “colonel firstly we are the same rank so you cant order me, secondly I was just stating a fact that this is a search and rescue operation NOT a political relations mission. If you don’t want us there then fine we will guard the gate, but don’t blame me if anything goes wrong.”
O’Neil: “I’M in charge of the mission. Yes this is search and rescue operation but we need Daniel with us to be a translator as well. Now get your team ready cause we’re moving out.”

With that both colonels just stared at each other with cold hard stares then suddenly walked off in different directions and immediately started getting their teams in order.

Major’s carter and Ramsey slowly crept forward through the bush towards the supposed village.

Ramsay: “Sam what do you think of the colonel?”

Carter: “umm Collins or O’Neill?”

Ramsay: “both.”

Carter: “well Collins seems quiet and sort of cold, and jack is well just jack.”

Ramsay: “I see……… how long have you had a crush on the colonel?”

Carter almost dropped her rifle at that statement and turned to look at the major

Carter: “what! I don’t know what your talking about.”

Ramsay: “ha I was only kidding as well, you’ve just been caught Sam. Anyhow where is this village anyhow?”

Carter: “look I don’t know what you talking about me and ja…I mean the colonel just work together and are good friends that’s all. The village is just ahead. Hey look isn’t that an empty casing?”

Ramsay picked up the empty pistol case and looked around.

Ramsay: “must have been pushed back, look.”

There were casings all over the ground: some P-90 casings, some M-16 casing and some she didn’t recognise. They picked up some casing and bagged them for later.

Carter: “sir we’re almost at the village looks clear except for some 203 damage and some casings.”

O’Neill: “roger that carter stay out we’re coming in, any signs of civilians?”

Carter: “roger sir, no I can’t see any civilians or local inhabitants. We’ll wait here for you.”

**************SGC COMAND*****************

Sergeant: “sir incoming wormhole”

Hammond: “close the iris”
The iris closed over the gate and a pop up screen appeared on the screen in front of the sergeant. It read “SG1”

Sergeant: “sir its SG1’s signal”

Hammond: “open the iris”

O’Neil: “command you there?”

Hammond: “yes colonel we read you, what is it? What’s the progress of the mission?”

O’Neil: “ we we’re about to head off I would like Soyors to come through sir. Also do we really need to have the brits along sir?”

Hammond: “yes you do colonel it helps our political relations with them, why are you asking?”

O’Neil: “well sir I don’t like their commander and they always seem to be trying showing us up. I personally think their commander is an ass sir”

Collins: “Uhh colonel you do realise we are on the same communications channel, right? Also thanks for the compliment colonel O’Neill.”

O’Neill: “hey what are you doing listening to our communications? Sir I request that SG2 be assigned to this operation.”

Hammond: “ request denied, we’re sending the private through in5 minutes. Oh and colonel?”

O’Neil / Collins : “sir?”

O’Neill: “stay off the com’s Ramsey he was talking to me, sir what is it you wanted?”

Collins: “don’t order me yank boy!”

O’Neil: “shut it limey!”

Collins: “that’s it your ass is getting kicked right now!”

O’Neill: “oh yeah bring it on!”

Hammond: “SHUT UP THE PAIR OF YOU!! Now do the dam mission and get back here before I send sg4 and 7 to come through there and bring you back for brig time. Do you understand me?”

O’Neil “ sir.”

Collins: “yes sir”

O’Neil: “limey asshole ”

Collins: “At least I shoot straight.”

Hammond: “Colonels! Don’t make me come through that gate and kick both your sorry Asses!”

With that they all closed the communications channel.

O’Neil: “send Soyors up when she comes through, I’ll send Ramsey back once we meet up with the pair. If we’re not back in 24 hours head back and get reinforcements. Oh and try not to lose the gate, ok?”

Collins: “right, try not to shot your own team mates colonel.”

With the ceremonial exchanging of the showing of the finger or fingers SG1 walked off towards the village.

posted on Dec, 5 2004 @ 11:18 AM

As SG1 walked off towards the village the pair of majors sat quietly eating some chocolate bars from their MRE’s or some “scran” as they’re called in Britain. They sat in a small gully just inside the tree line before the site where SG3 and the OPFOR fought.

Ramsey: “so, you use a P-90, huh?”

Carter: “yeah, it’s a good gun. You’re using an l-96, not bad. Never tried one.”

Ramsey: “yeah it’s a bitch to carry around and has a bit of a kick but gets the job done. Where the hell is that colonel of yours?”

Carter: “ah he’ll be along, he’s never on time.”

Ramsey: “sounds like a certain corporal I know.”

Carter: “yeah?”

Ramsey: “you hear what he done on the range yesterday?”

Carter: “no, what?”

Ramsey: “well he fired off one of your rifles and it ricochet every where, it even hit him and almost hit 3 guards.”

Carter: “…wow…”

Ramsey: “typical jock, crazy buggers.”

Carter: “jock?? I didn’t know he was a pilot.”

Ramsey: “pilot? What you on about?”

Carter: “that’s what a jock is, a pilot.”

Ramsey: “no it’s a guy from Scotland.”

Carter: “you serious that’s what you call them? Weird.”

Just then colonel O’Neill appeared from behind some trees about 30 yards from their position. The pair got up and moved towards the colonel.

Carter: “sir, we’ve spotted the village but no bodies but there is some damage on the ground. Blast damage and scorch marks even some small craters.”

O’Neill: “right, thanks carter, Ramsey get your ass back to the gate and meet up with your squad.”

Ramsey: “sir.”

With that Ramsey ran off into the bushes her camouflaged cape flowing behind her.

O’Neill: “right, lets get started.”

****Back at the Star Gate****

The gate became active and UKSG1 took up positions around it facing both outwards and inwards. Senior airman Soyors appeared from the gate holding her M16 cautiously and looked around.

Colonel Connors slowly stood up walked towards the young woman.

Connors: “Soyors, colonel O’Neill needs you up the front. Think you can manage it alone or want one of us to come along?”

Soyors: “I can manage it, sir. Where are they?”

Connors: “they’re just at the contact site. Now get moving,”

Soyors immediately ran off towards the site, after she was out of hearing Connors clicked his fingers at Argyll and pointed towards her.

Connors: “follow ‘er. Makes sure she gets there aright.”

Argyll: “sir.”

Argyll stood up and silently followed her from a distance.

Connors then went back to his “bivie”, small tent, and took up his position again. S he looked around he remembered the terrain. The gate was in a forest and had one path leading up to it. The path although old was well worn, suggesting frequent use.
The gate was in a small depression in the land and behind the gate, 30 or 20 feet back a sheer cliff face ran along.

The colonel’s position was just to the left of the gate slightly in front of it. As he lay there he saw a figure running towards the gate, it was Ramsey. ‘At last.’ He thought as she approached and ran to her Bergen.

Connor flicked on his radio to squad radio.
Connor: “Ramsey, everything go ok?”

Ramsey: “sir yes sir, that red neck colonel didn’t seem happy to see me though.”

Connor: “he thinks we’re trying to show them up.”

Ramsey: “ that wouldn’t be hard. Sir.”

Connor: “get your position set up on the opposite side of the gate I’m on the left you go on the right.”

Ramsey: “right sir.”

****En route to SG1’s position***

As Soyors walked she kept looking around, expecting on of the aliens to jump out at her from behind a tree. She kept her M16 at low port of arms but with the safety off. She walked along an embankment next to a small stream in a bank.

As she walked she remembered the path and suddenly she heard the voices and the gunshots over the radio of her squad under attack. She suddenly started running and felt the need to get back to her warm house safe from aliens.

She kept looking behind her and thought she saw one of the aliens, as she looked behind her she didn’t see a large branch and tripped over it. She tripped and fell head first into the ground her rifle clattered to the ground and she rolled away from it down the bank into the stream.

Although not deep it was freezing cold. Causing her to let out a scream.

As Argyll crept along behind Soyors he noticed her looking around a lot then start to sprint. As he sped up to chase her he saw her look behind, he instantly ducked losing site of her for but a moment. He looked up out of the small puddle he had jumped in and saw her nowhere to be found, but her M16 lay on the ground.

He stood up and looked around then heard a scream from the stream ahead of him. He sprinted up and got within 8 yards of the embankment then raised his MP5 submachine gun to eye level and walked quickly but carefully to the top of the embankment. As he looked down, instead of a squad of enemy troops he saw one very wet and very scared looking young Soyors.

He lowered his weapon and walked down the embankment and kneeled next to the airman.

Argyll: “you ok?”

Soyors didn’t answer but did reach for her pistol and drew it and pointed it at his face.

Argyll: “whoa, hey put that thing away.”

Soyors didn’t respond only seemed to take aim, although at 4 yards it wouldn’t take a marksman to hit him and move her finger to the safety catch.

Argyll: “look calm down its me ok? Me Argyll remember the British one? The one you snapped at in the infirmary.”

Her eyes though were glazed over, and didn’t seem to look at him but rather straight through him. The sound of the safety being clicked off could be heard. Her trigger finger tighned on the trigger. A gunshot resounded throughout the forest.

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