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What we dream about may have a bearing in the world of reality.

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posted on Jul, 24 2009 @ 05:41 PM
In the story bernie quotes "There are many things we don't know about ourselves. But there is another part within us, which knows. That part which knows speaks to us through our dreams".

Dreams direct, warn and help us in a manner entirely different from our waking self, throwing light on an existing dilemma or a future event. The old adage, sleep over it, is based on the belief that sometimes having gone to sleep with indecision or anxiety, we wake up remarkably clear headed and full of hope. This happens because our dreaming intelligence has offered us a convincing point of view, which, without known why, we can trust implicitly. It is now recognized that the purpose of sleep is not only to rest the mind and body, but also to dream.

Radhika has a horror of bats. Twice she dreamt of thousands of bats lifting her off the ground. She awoke in complete fright. Nightmares may well be a way of drawing our attention to an emotionally charged situation in our lives.

Dr. Manju Mehta, a clinical psychologist at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, India, says: "We dream much more when we are upset. Our mind is active and looking for a solution. Our dreaming mind keeps us in touch with thoughts and feelings which we may normally not acknowledge. In dreaming about them, we ventilate our deepest emotions and purge ourselves of many disturbing feelings."

Dreams not only tell us about our fears, but also help in conquering them. African tribes use dreams for this purpose. A fearful youngster is expected to go to sleep visualizing a hunt, lucidly imagining how he will vanquish the animal. For a few nights nothing may happen. Then if he dreams of charging, spear in hand, and killing the animal, he would be cured of all his earlier fears

That is what lucid dreaming has been used for in recent times, to help control and conquer fear and anxiety. Lucid dreaming is realizing that you are dreaming. Apart from the dreamers knowing that they are dreaming. Another characteristic of lucid dreaming is that the colors and details are far more vivid than when you are awake. It is often the fantastic nature of the imagery, which causes the dreamer to exclaim: "This is impossible. This must be a dream."

And it is to these dream we turn to for answers. For our conscious mind can reason with our problems only upto a point. To look for real solutions we have to call upon that deep power within us which holds the answer.

Heres a story you might like.

A man dreamt that he was continuously being prodded in the lower part of his left lung. A month later doctors found a lesion at exactly the same spot. Kasatkin has found that people who undergo surgery may have had warning dreams at least two weeks earlier. It is as though the knowledge of the boy's imbalance has already registered somewhere within us, and our dreams attempt to bring this to our awareness.

Heres a link on the

So to alot of people dreams may be just that, dreams. To many they mean nothing and are just collective throughts from what we have did throughout the day.

How many people have had dreams similar to this? Who have seen stuff only to have later had it happen. And how many believe dreams really can tell us what may come to happen?

posted on Jul, 24 2009 @ 06:08 PM
i feel the same way.
Sometimes i go to sleep and i dream and i think nothing of it, but at certain points in my life i tend to look more into them and to try and understand them better. I also frequently practice lucid dreaming and have had OBE's before.

I believe that some dreams are just dreams,
but sometimes they can help you understand more about yourself, and things around you.

posted on Jul, 24 2009 @ 06:10 PM
I definetly agree. Dreams can really offer a helping hand in understanding yourself and the things around you. Ive never had a lucid dream or OBE before and im not even sure on how to do it. But alot of people love it so I think I might try it sometime.

posted on Jul, 24 2009 @ 06:58 PM
Hello, your post caught my attention because a few days ago I literally became fully conscious within a dream state, even more than a lucid dream that I have experienced this was different rather than waking inside the dream I became consciousness underlying the dream...

The trigger in the dream was an elderly woman that I observed and then I recognized that she had forgotten who she really is, and then her consciousness became One with mine and I had an awakening. Difficult to put into words but I felt this shift in consciousness was related to this reality, that it was a precursor to the awakening consciousness within this dimension.

It is deep I know but these are deep times, I once had an awakening where I became fully conscious, felt One, where I literally stared at others and saw only myself and knew that to be Unconditional love. The peace was profound, nothing to fear, no seperation and incredibly funny because it is so simple.

I knew that this awakening would return and feel in many ways it has already happened. I saw an old lady a few days later on the street and it suddenly returned, I was awake and recognized her soul as ancient and as my Self, the unconditional love returned. So this recent dream was consciousness coming through the dream state I feel, perhaps in preperation for awakening in this dream we are sharing right now. I am of to sleep again now, sorry if it was a bit of a rant the reality between the dream world and this almost seem to be merging and and your post points to this.

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