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Swine flu: Up to 160 Britons held in quarantine overseas

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posted on Jul, 24 2009 @ 11:29 AM

At least 160 Britons are in quarantine worldwide because of swine flu, the Foreign Office said today.
A spokeswoman said assistance was being given to people in China, Singapore, India and Egypt.
Not all will be suffering from the virus. Some will have been quarantined after being in contact with people who are.
The spokeswoman said there were likely to be other people abroad being kept in quarantine who had not sought help from the Foreign Office.
It comes as experts said children under the age of 14 have become 'super-spreaders' of the virus, leaving England battling a raging epidemic.

160 Britons Held in Quarantine Abroad

I wasn't aware of this, and it is very possible there are other Britons, and similar cases of young people being held in quarantine in other countries because of the swine flu.

I wonder how long these children are going to be held in detention, I mean quarantine.

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