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Understanding faith

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posted on Jul, 23 2009 @ 03:07 PM
Faith....Such a bold and very powerful word. And one that has caused many arguments here on ats, problems and disputes in life, in governments and all over the world. It has created wars, but it has also done many good things in life, faith has brought us many organizations provided to help people in need, faith has brought together countries, and individuals alike, faith has opened many peoples eyes to alot of things in life and given them hope and understanding. Now don't get me wrong im not just on about religious faith(im not overly religious in the normal sense of the word but thats a different thread) but faith in things in general.

An ancient history book states that faith is:

"Being sure of what you hope for and
certain of what you do not see."

Count Leo Tolstoy said:
"Faith is the force of life"

A line from "Miracle On 34th Street" says:
"Faith is believing in things that
common sense tells you not to."

FAITH, I believe, is something we all have, but to varying degrees. Do you have the faith to believe that there can be an all-powerful creator, or do you put your faith in science? Or do you believe in a combination of several things and/or ideas?

Do you have the faith to believe in yourself? Do you have the faith to believe in your significant other, a family member or a friend?

I believe we all do. The question is "how much faith do we allow to become reality in our life?"

Faith stagnates unless you expose yourself.

Faith is not a noun, it's a verb. Action is a critical part of faith.

Faith is in action when you make yourself vulnerable--practicing what you believe.

Faith is similar to a guidance system that NASA uses regularly.

When the space shuttle is on the launch pad, the guidance system is not activated because it's not needed. BUT, when it breaks free from the launch pad, then the guidance system kicks in. Everyone involved has to believe the guidance system will successfully guide the shuttle to the end of the mission. They have faith in the guidance system.

We have to rely on faith when all else tells us we're crazy...when there's no evidence what-so-ever...and when everything points to something else.

When you practice faith, you can count on others thinking you're out of you mind. Many times you will be ridiculed for your faith (in religion, science, others, etc.).

An Understanding

Simply put, the definition of faith--the meaning of faith is nothing more than an understanding, a belief, a thought about something, someone, some situation that cannot be proven.

Inherently, faith allows for no tangible evidence to be made available--that you know of--which would back up or support your claim, idea, theory or thought. It is simply an overwhelming understanding that, to you, is convincing.

posted on Jul, 23 2009 @ 04:21 PM
My goddess AMEN

I wish some folks would take this to heart and realize what they see as proof isn't proof to others

well done


posted on Jul, 24 2009 @ 11:19 AM
That is a true definition of faith kyozero, Faith is strong and powerful, everyone has faith in something be it faith in their god to see them through the hard times, be it faith in the next bus coming on time, faith in a scientific breakthrough that will help humanity, faith in lovers and friends.

As well as faith seeing us through good times it also causes alot of grief, take religion, 1 persons faith differs from another and causes all hell to break out in threads.

9/11 forums 1 persons faith of a particular conspiracy causes bad feeling and war on the boards.

2 very small examples.

in an ideal world it would be live and let live, on ats and in real life it seems to be my faith is stronger than yours :bash:

Remember one thing dont be clouded to much by your faith in things, because somtimes you have to look at the evidence and admit that your faith is flawed. I do it all the time, but this is called learning and adapting and evolving as a person.

And that is a very good thing

posted on Jun, 5 2011 @ 07:03 AM
i didn't want to make another similar thread about the whole faith issue so decided to res-erect an old one of mine, that has just as much meaning now as it did then, people tend to get Faith confused with god, 'because i have faith in something does not conform me into believing in god. i hope that others will grasp the words in this thread, and at least think next time they badgers someones apparent faith and label them a bible basher, having faith and having religious faith are 2 different things.

Have you ever considered what faith is? Or what process we go through to believe in something or someone? Are you aware of faith or belief in your everyday life? Think a moment about the next breath you take. Are you sure there isn't anything in the air you take into your lungs which might damage your health? Surely, if you look around your environment, you can't always see or smell any gas or fumes that might harm you. Only if a new smell was found, would you perhaps be a little worried. Would you ever consider this to be "a leap of faith"? To continue to take each breath and fill your lungs with air which your body needs?

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