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The biggest threat to man

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posted on Jul, 22 2009 @ 05:20 AM
The history channel had a show that was 2 hours long covering various threats to man that would bring about his/the "Last days on Earth" (title of show). I like watching shows of this type because some of the events they come up with are pretty interesting such as the grey goo apocalypse. Some nanobots sent to digest the carbon based waste of an oil spill end up malfunctioning and start digesting all carbon and carbon based life forms thus leaving a grey goo behind. This show covered threats that are both natural and man-made (which is also natural as we aren't divine manipulators of the universe). /non-rant

Global Warming came in at #1 (of 7) just beating out an engineered airborne ebola virus and nuclear winter as the biggest man-made threat. Global Warming.... really? First of all, we aren't even at the highest temperatures this planet has ever seen so alittle extra heat isn't going to hurt anything. They bring up animal migration changes as a big problem of this. Have you ever moved from one house to another? Was it because the house you were previously living in threatened your existence as an organism or did you just need a change that you felt could be beneficial in the long run?

When we move, its a sign of intelligence but when other (yes other meaning we included) animals move to places they haven't been before, its because the evil actions of people are confusing their tiny little brains and because they don't possess any thinking beyond impulse, its impossible for them to make actions that are somehow thought out and with a purpose. I also like how polar bears are somehow being made out to be victims. Were they victims 100,000 years ago when they were hungry and found early man that was pre-spear or pre-club?

What is with this human idea that any type of change means something has gone wrong? We live on a rock with a special mixture of external gases and internal components thats an ideal distance away from a giant ongoing nuclear explosion. You think your insignificant contribution is going to greatly throw off that system? Just how egotistical are you? If something did go horrible wrong in that system, do you really think your little ape tools are going to be able to fix it? That giant on-going nuclear explosion could literally sneeze in our direction and cause much more damage than a 1,000 years worth of heavy driving and various other human activity in a matter of 10 minutes, 8 of which are spent on just getting here.

The real biggest threat to man is his simultaneous struggle with intelligence, ignorance and his own ego. The things we think we can't control along social lines are the only things we really can control in the big picture. We live with the belief that certain human elements will always be (war, greed) yet we also believe we can learn to alter the entire universe. So us hairless apes and our couple millenium old behaviors are institutions of the universe, but the laws and actions of the universe which have been going on for billions of years can be changed, we just need to figure out how? Sounds kind of backwards doesn't it? Let us worry about the things we can control (like our social environment) and let the universe worry about how each of us are going to die off. What it has planned isn't going to be stopped by a lot of green paper so our demise might very well be "under-funded".

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